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Barthilas-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Executiepie syndicate of sinisterxBarthilas-US131Not updated
2Bilko NMBBarthilas-US111
3Yogoberry Hordeland SecurityBarthilas-US110Not updated
4Stylist The Stylish FewBarthilas-US108
4Grimflamenco ROHBarthilas-US108Not updated
6Tydi Blue LabelBarthilas-US100
7Gongala Play SchoolBarthilas-US99
7Jesscat GigantorBarthilas-US99Not updated
9Warnipple RevereBarthilas-US98
9Ajunta GigantorBarthilas-US98Not updated
11Ruro Months BehindBarthilas-US92
11Shynqq Months BehindBarthilas-US92Not updated
13Marssyy AscensionBarthilas-US91
13Naixia Blue LabelBarthilas-US91
13Haisithan DevourBarthilas-US91Not updated
16Savïour Earl GreyBarthilas-US90Not updated
17Pominator  Barthilas-US89
17Hiade SuperStarsBarthilas-US89Not updated
19Valdro Blue LabelBarthilas-US88
20Krapple HeroismBarthilas-US87
21Firao RatsBarthilas-US86
22Avath AscensionBarthilas-US85
23Rensy  Barthilas-US84Not updated
23Luxypie GreenLynxsBarthilas-US84
23Kataliana Premature HeroismBarthilas-US84Not updated
23Hysteresis  Barthilas-US84Not updated
27Alessandro VortexBarthilas-US83
27Uji  Barthilas-US83Not updated
27Chuckles AscensionBarthilas-US83
27Meixi  Barthilas-US83Not updated
27Turtalz  Barthilas-US83Not updated
27Missyoulove GigantorBarthilas-US83Not updated
33Caddarly Nocturnus VexillariBarthilas-US82
33Miranora  Barthilas-US82Not updated
33Rudek BigBossBarthilas-US82Not updated
33Sëraphia VillainBarthilas-US82Not updated
37Abusedgoat AscensionBarthilas-US81
37Itoku UnboundBarthilas-US81
37Tyrion WhiplashBarthilas-US81Not updated
37Killer BloodlustBarthilas-US81Not updated
37Mimby GigantorBarthilas-US81Not updated
42Salv Burn PhaseBarthilas-US80
42Raphx When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US80
42Labiana Blue LabelBarthilas-US80
42Martencar DevourBarthilas-US80
42Cailyn  Barthilas-US80Not updated
47Rosarita VortexBarthilas-US79
47Wigss Well EquippedBarthilas-US79
47Syntak Play SchoolBarthilas-US79
47Yvn  Barthilas-US79Not updated
51Josemourinho RatsBarthilas-US78
51Azymage CollusionBarthilas-US78Not updated
51Peki RatsBarthilas-US78
51Innershadow Broke Back MoonkinBarthilas-US78
51Endos Instant KarmaBarthilas-US78Not updated
51Baelyn BAD WOLFBarthilas-US78Not updated
51Hellday  Barthilas-US78Not updated
58Bashugood  Barthilas-US77
58Kiruna Electric Lady LoungeBarthilas-US77
60Tidalstriker RevereBarthilas-US76
60Idiot  Barthilas-US76Not updated
60Goldash Dark Passenger IIBarthilas-US76
60Calleigh MinigameBarthilas-US76
60Whillow Blue MoonBarthilas-US76
60Kaluu  Barthilas-US76Not updated
66Amaliaa MinigameBarthilas-US75
66Nippslol AscensionBarthilas-US75
66Owari PrimalBarthilas-US75
66Lindoulea Relinquish the LootBarthilas-US75
66Delmortis AscensionBarthilas-US75
66Squishykilla Blue LabelBarthilas-US75Not updated
66Lilah AsterixBarthilas-US75
66Zuldo Creative JuicesBarthilas-US75
66Denaeryis InsurrectionBarthilas-US75
66Delauren AscensionBarthilas-US75Not updated
66Ashlynnbrook ExemplarBarthilas-US75Not updated
77Raiden AsterixBarthilas-US74Not updated
77Fearghail Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilas-US74
77Spotti Autobads RolloutBarthilas-US74
77Bennz RatsBarthilas-US74
77Bropocalypse AscensionBarthilas-US74
77Miriis Brave New WorldBarthilas-US74
77Absëÿ Well EquippedBarthilas-US74Not updated

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