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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Balnazzar-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Thearbor Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU72Not updated
2Ameggy Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU59Not updated
3Bladex Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU58Not updated
4Impatience Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU57Not updated
5Lleps Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU56Not updated
6Inpence Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU52Not updated
7Dimpelainen Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU51Not updated
8Gabbz Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU49Not updated
9Hilda Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU48Not updated
10Karthax Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU41Not updated
11Thalron Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU39Not updated
12Ninjabjarne Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU38Not updated
12Absinthium Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU38Not updated
14Drazius Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU36Not updated
14Dreambone Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU36Not updated
14Supasneak Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU36Not updated
17Conis Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU35Not updated
17Rawrpewpew Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU35Not updated
19Darkgaia Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU34Not updated
20Yalirien Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU33Not updated
20Littlegnome Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU33Not updated
22Leowulf Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU32Not updated
22Asclepíus Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU32Not updated
22Terreur Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU32Not updated
22Nirmiel Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU32Not updated
26Doriath Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU30Not updated
26Dodecagoon Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU30Not updated
28Lusker Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU29Not updated
28Frontline Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU29Not updated
28Ufearmee Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU29Not updated
28Serencai Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU29Not updated
28Caiseren Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU29Not updated
33Gebrikilov Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU28Not updated
33Zidan Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU28Not updated
35Linebeck Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU27Not updated
36Proudmore Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU26Not updated
36Galladrial Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU26Not updated
36Leasher Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU26Not updated
39Jûmazz Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU24Not updated
39Valari Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU24Not updated
39Gimelie Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU24Not updated
42Atéli Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU23Not updated
42Yukiya Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU23Not updated
44Derice Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU22Not updated
44Pheonixy Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU22Not updated
44Charobnica Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU22Not updated
44Mabetix Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU22Not updated
44Soleea Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU22Not updated
44Liniz Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU22Not updated
44Ectar Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU22Not updated
51Kokosas Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU21Not updated
51Kinso Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU21Not updated
53Beirut Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU20Not updated
53Torrboll Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU20Not updated
55Poio Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU19Not updated
55Deetjuh Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU19Not updated
55Dreammoon Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU19Not updated
55Ástrix Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU19Not updated
55Militz Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU19Not updated
55Catch Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU19Not updated
55Zauberer Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU19Not updated
62Navaroth Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU18Not updated
62Aulina Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU18Not updated
64Brutosh Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU17Not updated
64Aylwen Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU17Not updated
64Feraline Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU17Not updated
64Urshilaku Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU17Not updated
64Xunarian Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU17Not updated
64Cardea Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU17Not updated
70Lunawow Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU15Not updated
71Muertada Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU14Not updated
71Earz Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU14Not updated
73Missblack Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU13Not updated
73Muradids Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU13Not updated
75Keenan Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU12Not updated
75Worgenius Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU12Not updated
75Byggarenbob Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU12Not updated
75Lólladinis Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU12Not updated
75Shielai Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU12Not updated
80Repower Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU11Not updated
80Vinkie Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU11Not updated
80Icelava Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU11Not updated
83Saihtam Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU10Not updated
84Cradja Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU9Not updated
84Enöga Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU9Not updated
86Groulus Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU8Not updated
86Dierenvanger Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU8Not updated
86Kilmax Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU8Not updated
89Tranoz Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU7Not updated
90Diied Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU6Not updated
90Sofoxquex Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU6Not updated
90Khaneye Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU6Not updated
90Fáde Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU6Not updated
94Bloodthírst Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU5Not updated
94Pärinäperse Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU5Not updated
94Jamestors Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU5Not updated
94Darkneesed Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU5Not updated
94Strongface Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU5Not updated
94Misseleanor Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU5Not updated
94Jukafix Alliance RebornBalnazzar-EU5Not updated

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