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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Balnazzar-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Sponsored  Balnazzar-US91Not updated
2Kaluupanda  Balnazzar-US79Not updated
3Skitzo Raid NightBalnazzar-US76Not updated
4Bludwarder  Balnazzar-US75Not updated
5Zulario Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US72Not updated
5Kavirin  Balnazzar-US72Not updated
7Bulleta Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US69Not updated
8Fyrefox  Balnazzar-US66Not updated
9Mizzu Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US65Not updated
9Persephoné League of JusticeBalnazzar-US65Not updated
11Moonflash  Balnazzar-US63Not updated
12Cuddle Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US62Not updated
13Mamazla CAP ClanBalnazzar-US61Not updated
13Licks Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US61Not updated
13Wiggzie  Balnazzar-US61Not updated
13Whippingboy  Balnazzar-US61Not updated
17Dryzm  Balnazzar-US60Not updated
17Kreonus Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US60Not updated
19Roquefort  Balnazzar-US59Not updated
19Pödz The Fearsome FairiesBalnazzar-US59Not updated
19Sialeeds  Balnazzar-US59Not updated
19Basura  Balnazzar-US59Not updated
19Jeffersonn  Balnazzar-US59Not updated
24Biltmore Sticky KeysBalnazzar-US58Not updated
25Daerys  Balnazzar-US57Not updated
25Terdnugget  Balnazzar-US57Not updated
27Achren Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US56Not updated
27Lorazepam  Balnazzar-US56Not updated
29Andeh  Balnazzar-US55Not updated
29Javedrood  Balnazzar-US55Not updated
31Milkmaker Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US54Not updated
31Druidganker  Balnazzar-US54Not updated
31Darlá  Balnazzar-US54Not updated
31Ileria  Balnazzar-US54Not updated
31Roare League of JusticeBalnazzar-US54Not updated
36Jahbless Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US53Not updated
36Stakked Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US53Not updated
36Divineheart  Balnazzar-US53Not updated
36Beklek The Knights Who Say NeeBalnazzar-US53Not updated
36Zentro  Balnazzar-US53Not updated
36Dinx Das LegendBalnazzar-US53Not updated
36Schyria  Balnazzar-US53Not updated
36Zarazin  Balnazzar-US53Not updated
36Priestatute  Balnazzar-US53Not updated
36Mazami  Balnazzar-US53Not updated
46Shenghuo Death To All OutcastBalnazzar-US52Not updated
46Keinelust Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US52Not updated
46Incredigood Taste the RainbowBalnazzar-US52Not updated
46Toomuchbooty Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US52Not updated
46Jeraz Knights OF LegendsBalnazzar-US52Not updated
46Thetouch CAP ClanBalnazzar-US52Not updated
52Manix Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US51Not updated
52Tusker Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US51Not updated
52Lowetech League of JusticeBalnazzar-US51Not updated
55Harleyrider  Balnazzar-US50Not updated
55Rigormortis GiardiaBalnazzar-US50Not updated
55Kamzilla Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US50Not updated
55Stunomagic Rebirth of the SlayersBalnazzar-US50Not updated
59Bubblepop Womens IntuitionBalnazzar-US49Not updated
59Marclar Twisted MercenariesBalnazzar-US49Not updated
59Fentoozler FusiønBalnazzar-US49Not updated
59Vaunt Knights OF LegendsBalnazzar-US49Not updated
59Barnak M F KBalnazzar-US49Not updated
59Selàn Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US49Not updated
59Eclair  Balnazzar-US49Not updated
59Bluebomber  Balnazzar-US49Not updated
59Handlebars Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US49Not updated
59Kickaapoo  Balnazzar-US49Not updated
59Toofast  Balnazzar-US49Not updated
70Leoben Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US48Not updated
70Thyroid Real Men of GeniusBalnazzar-US48Not updated
70Yazzlefritz CAP ClanBalnazzar-US48Not updated
70Hearthaden The Iron ThroneBalnazzar-US48Not updated
70Missurd The Shoe FactoryBalnazzar-US48Not updated
75Smoo Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US47Not updated
75Locolobo Rebirth of the SlayersBalnazzar-US47Not updated
75Blackbaldy KVWN News TeamBalnazzar-US47Not updated
75Judin  Balnazzar-US47Not updated
75Manndrath Rebirth of the SlayersBalnazzar-US47Not updated
75Shamerific Wicked DragonBalnazzar-US47Not updated
75Darkshadozz  Balnazzar-US47Not updated
75Darlingrave DollhouseBalnazzar-US47Not updated
75Sideðfbeef Bring Me A ShrubberyBalnazzar-US47Not updated
75Kkyle  Balnazzar-US47Not updated
75Cyclonez  Balnazzar-US47Not updated
75Meriell  Balnazzar-US47Not updated
87Juubi Carebear SnobsBalnazzar-US46Not updated
87Necrolagnia  Balnazzar-US46Not updated
87Merdep  Balnazzar-US46Not updated
87Shroomkin FusiønBalnazzar-US46Not updated
87Jezzibel Tamers Of The HordeBalnazzar-US46Not updated
87Zulele Half Baked LegendsBalnazzar-US46Not updated
87Kkyyllee  Balnazzar-US46Not updated
87Flossbolt  Balnazzar-US46Not updated
87Greenthumb  Balnazzar-US46Not updated
87Rhuín  Balnazzar-US46Not updated
87Kramter Grip and SipBalnazzar-US46Not updated
98Pardem  Balnazzar-US45Not updated
98Terramooca Death To All OutcastBalnazzar-US45Not updated
98Krongle Twisted MercenariesBalnazzar-US45Not updated

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