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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azralon-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Infinithum Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US58Not updated
2Animamundi Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US40Not updated
3Crazycop Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US37Not updated
3Hozzy Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US37Not updated
3Meninasexy Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US37Not updated
3Ravanex Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US37Not updated
7Meumachoo Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US35Not updated
8Ephinne Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US34Not updated
9Sarard Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US33Not updated
9Dipp Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US33Not updated
9Khara Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US33Not updated
12Lisafilth Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US31Not updated
13Kadaverous Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US29Not updated
13Zighty Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US29Not updated
13Taka Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US29Not updated
13Sesshõmaru Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US29Not updated
13Químico Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US29Not updated
13Soulleecher Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US29Not updated
19Smiglor Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US28Not updated
20Uglachel Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US27Not updated
21Shagrol Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US26Not updated
21Aerdor Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US26Not updated
23Ivoholanda Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US25Not updated
23Zegeraldo Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US25Not updated
23Swordstorm Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US25Not updated
26Shymn Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US24Not updated
27Buffus Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US23Not updated
27Dazzlee Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US23Not updated
27Kongming Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US23Not updated
30Violädor Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US22Not updated
30Rudá Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US22Not updated
30Methusael Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US22Not updated
33Zpike Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US21Not updated
34Zaitsev Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US20Not updated
34Dtroll Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US20Not updated
34Havatar Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US20Not updated
34Seilaentende Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US20Not updated
38Niiky Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US19Not updated
38Infernaus Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US19Not updated
40Alandron Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US18Not updated
40Tenebrra Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US18Not updated
40Pipoplay Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US18Not updated
40Forjaardente Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US18Not updated
44Piurigueti Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US17Not updated
44Octogon Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US17Not updated
44Mioloduro Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US17Not updated
47Bloodlessftw Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US16Not updated
47Dooug Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US16Not updated
47Asgardian Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US16Not updated
47Bacillus Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US16Not updated
47Pançudinho Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US16Not updated
47Wazeh Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US16Not updated
53Khaoshyetos Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US15Not updated
53Krozarus Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US15Not updated
53Impressora Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US15Not updated
53Longemoco Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US15Not updated
57Eol Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US14Not updated
57Malévolos Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US14Not updated
57Starmage Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US14Not updated
57Ghoratrix Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US14Not updated
57Prepona Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US14Not updated
62Shananke Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US13Not updated
62Alka Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US13Not updated
62Vegoth Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US13Not updated
62Rhellz Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US13Not updated
62Vetran Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US13Not updated
62Mootilador Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US13Not updated
62Ofabulozø Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US13Not updated
62Cerebellum Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US13Not updated
62Mickaela Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US13Not updated
62Aech Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US13Not updated
72Jäeger Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US12Not updated
72Bwolf Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US12Not updated
72Cukinha Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US12Not updated
72Naïve Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US12Not updated
72Freestyler Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US12Not updated
72Diakar Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US12Not updated
72Trompz Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US12Not updated
72Xumbreguete Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US12Not updated
72Monknator Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US12Not updated
81Dragunno Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US11Not updated
81Mirrus Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US11Not updated
81Vingadór Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US11Not updated
81Galakthar Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US11Not updated
81Knowns Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US11Not updated
81Reefus Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US11Not updated
81Darkvito Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US11Not updated
81Torns Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US11Not updated
81Midroll Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US11Not updated
90Wølfgang Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US10Not updated
90Jüllynha Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US10Not updated
90Sheevaliny Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US10Not updated
90Grimdolphin Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US10Not updated
90Odaka Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US10Not updated
90Vintibusca Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US10Not updated
90Vynlørian Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US10Not updated
90Kallïope Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US10Not updated
98Yoshiy Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US9Not updated
98Redsufering Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US9Not updated
98Wÿlla Sons øf AnarchyAzralon-US9Not updated

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