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Azgalor-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Ooftrellen Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US98Not updated
2Contestical Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US97Not updated
3Grimhoof Virtual Dragon SlayersAzgalor-US95Not updated
4Krang InfinitiAzgalor-US91
5Kazeijin  Azgalor-US89Not updated
6Plork Celestial DarknessAzgalor-US84
6Pwrwordhoof Virtual Dragon SlayersAzgalor-US84Not updated
8Monk Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US83Not updated
9Pandagram Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US80Not updated
10Formidabull InfinitiAzgalor-US76
10Hemlock Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US76
10Tehkayo OmnipotentAzgalor-US76
10Capfrekiamaz RottenAzgalor-US76Not updated
14Somebeach Anti SobrietyAzgalor-US75Not updated
15Drazgalor GenesisAzgalor-US73Not updated
16Ugetnobubble Like A BAWSEAzgalor-US72Not updated
17Pyrefly Anti SobrietyAzgalor-US71
17Fadetooblack Social ButterfliesAzgalor-US71
19Calipsae Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US70Not updated
19Kvelden Resilience Will Fix ItAzgalor-US70Not updated
19Masochist TrademarkedAzgalor-US70Not updated
19Capamaz Zero ToleranceAzgalor-US70Not updated
23Shellina  Azgalor-US69Not updated
23Darksaviour GooniesAzgalor-US69
23Rucatar Not a Big DealAzgalor-US69Not updated
23Fraudy  Azgalor-US69Not updated
27Hunding  Azgalor-US68
27Avendahl Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US68Not updated
27Grymlockus Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US68
27Kriibaer GenesisAzgalor-US68Not updated
27Sewious Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US68Not updated
32Infidel Celestial DarknessAzgalor-US67Not updated
33Luzar DARK LEGIONAzgalor-US66Not updated
33Boraicho ëxtinctAzgalor-US66Not updated
33Mossaxe Virtual Dragon SlayersAzgalor-US66Not updated
33Teddii Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US66Not updated
37Sharkcopter ëxtinctAzgalor-US65Not updated
37Jden  Azgalor-US65Not updated
37Misanth Shadows of LightAzgalor-US65Not updated
37Syzu  Azgalor-US65Not updated
37Bané  Azgalor-US65Not updated
37Exìle Righteous DawnAzgalor-US65Not updated
43Tinykitten Anti SobrietyAzgalor-US64
43Vannaa Social ButterfliesAzgalor-US64Not updated
43Psh Virtual Dragon SlayersAzgalor-US64Not updated
46Apathy Resilience Will Fix ItAzgalor-US63Not updated
47Sauren Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US62
47Sélene  Azgalor-US62Not updated
47Kumorì House SoleAzgalor-US62Not updated
47Averigity Righteous DawnAzgalor-US62
51Umbranecros Black Dragon ClanAzgalor-US61
51Kojobo Kill OrderAzgalor-US61Not updated
53Nothoward OmnipotentAzgalor-US60
53Sassycow Not a Big DealAzgalor-US60Not updated
53Shotspally Just Too EpicAzgalor-US60
53Hajah Yolo Swag TeamAzgalor-US60
53Methedras Celestial DarknessAzgalor-US60Not updated
53Sonoshee OmnipotentAzgalor-US60
53Anara Like A BAWSEAzgalor-US60Not updated
53Rhumplette MaelströmAzgalor-US60Not updated
53Gribbvader  Azgalor-US60Not updated
62Unholydiver InfinitiAzgalor-US59
62Vjash Anti SobrietyAzgalor-US59
62Firecrackar Dancing QueensAzgalor-US59Not updated
62Kayleefrye Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US59Not updated
62Conora House SoleAzgalor-US59Not updated
62Jellybrah  Azgalor-US59Not updated
62Yonster PRlNCESSAzgalor-US59Not updated
62Sweetprayer IrreducibleAzgalor-US59Not updated
62Model Like A BAWSEAzgalor-US59Not updated
62Sieb Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US59Not updated
62Pantherr  Azgalor-US59Not updated
62Pallydorg Virtual Dragon SlayersAzgalor-US59Not updated
62Ailey  Azgalor-US59Not updated
75Maggarr Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US58Not updated
75Bloodswãp House SoleAzgalor-US58Not updated
75Swmonk Bo Chi LamAzgalor-US58Not updated
75Syion Allegiance RebornAzgalor-US58Not updated
75Bigmamadrama  Azgalor-US58Not updated
75Kriibarre  Azgalor-US58Not updated
75Ennazus DARK LEGIONAzgalor-US58Not updated
82Kamandra AnimosityAzgalor-US57
82Rahmkota OmnipotentAzgalor-US57
82Giott Anti SobrietyAzgalor-US57Not updated
82Grigatsu The WreckersAzgalor-US57Not updated
82Standingbull Just Too EpicAzgalor-US57Not updated
82Merle Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US57
82Bibby Like A BAWSEAzgalor-US57Not updated
82Reisen Celestial BeingsAzgalor-US57Not updated
82Helloimperry  Azgalor-US57Not updated
82Penelopaw The Usual SuspectsAzgalor-US57Not updated
82Lanco Darkest DawnAzgalor-US57Not updated
82Kreebáre  Azgalor-US57Not updated
82Siegmund The DefiantAzgalor-US57Not updated
95Gophernut Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US56
95Addonexus Black Dragon ClanAzgalor-US56
95Holkan Dark Order of ChaosAzgalor-US56
95Lethuin Righteous DawnAzgalor-US56
95Roadapples The WreckersAzgalor-US56Not updated
95Effy Squirrel PongAzgalor-US56Not updated

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