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Arygos-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Elaisa RisingArygos-EU125
2Nandra BreakpointArygos-EU106
3Blanket  Arygos-EU105Not updated
4Fire BreakpointArygos-EU104
5Lycía PanicArygos-EU102Not updated
6Kharom noxaArygos-EU101
7Ra nopeArygos-EU91Not updated
8Finichan  Arygos-EU90Not updated
9Kugluck RisingArygos-EU89
9Thenameless noxaArygos-EU89Not updated
9Sayagina  Arygos-EU89Not updated
12Strïp BreakpointArygos-EU87
13Karateftl no averageArygos-EU86
14Yakomi  Arygos-EU85Not updated
15Hybra RisingArygos-EU83
15Iskarîot SubjektArygos-EU83Not updated
15Phórx  Arygos-EU83
18Híggíns BreakpointArygos-EU82
18Quila BreakpointArygos-EU82
20Amosina Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU81
20Sherentras GesangsvereinArygos-EU81
20Amyra PantheonArygos-EU81
20Yunalevska  Arygos-EU81Not updated
24Tumy no averageArygos-EU80Not updated
25Immortalia ExecuteArygos-EU79
26Sathela BreakpointArygos-EU78
26Anelle no averageArygos-EU78Not updated
26Jubbel  Arygos-EU78Not updated
29Désp BreakpointArygos-EU77
29Lisira RisingArygos-EU77Not updated
29Noujou Lion WarriorArygos-EU77Not updated
29Evilbrother no averageArygos-EU77Not updated
33Andûin RisíngArygos-EU76
33Esperanto  Arygos-EU76Not updated
35Oraia noxaArygos-EU75
35Ëlyna SternenstaubArygos-EU75Not updated
37Stormsn BreakpointArygos-EU74
37Zaora BreakpointArygos-EU74
37Icewarrior PurityArygos-EU74
37Moòn noxaArygos-EU74
37Selfiê Rat PackArygos-EU74Not updated
42Jailia RisingArygos-EU73
42Skaraba nakamaArygos-EU73
42Levy BreakpointArygos-EU73Not updated
42Shiryuu  Arygos-EU73
42Rosarae  Arygos-EU73Not updated
47Zasz ZergschwarmArygos-EU72Not updated
47Moonp  Arygos-EU72Not updated
49Guderia BreakpointArygos-EU71
49Pyrî Feder und SchwertArygos-EU71
49Signatura SubjektArygos-EU71Not updated
49Avytus  Arygos-EU71Not updated
49Moôn Fighter of DarknessArygos-EU71Not updated
54Fagander Schwarze BrigadeArygos-EU70
54Victis  Arygos-EU70Not updated
56Risingsdruid nakamaArygos-EU69
57Kezo Das kleine LebenArygos-EU68
57Pitbûll Mystic DragonsArygos-EU68
57Lîu Feder und SchwertArygos-EU68
57Ðøtîçlølzðxç nakamaArygos-EU68Not updated
61Nalaria Rat PackArygos-EU67
61Tødylicious noxaArygos-EU67
61Suprdog RisingArygos-EU67Not updated
61Frostbêule EmbassyArygos-EU67Not updated
61Badcòókie  Arygos-EU67Not updated
66Gabriêl nakamaArygos-EU66
66Síven  Arygos-EU66Not updated
66Mephor YumiArygos-EU66Not updated
66Nüü Carpe DiemArygos-EU66Not updated
70Strattos BreakpointArygos-EU65
70Monlu  Arygos-EU65Not updated
70Aganubon Fußgänger der ApokalypseArygos-EU65
70Morlego  Arygos-EU65Not updated
70Hél  Arygos-EU65Not updated
75Eladorna Arygos GoldstückeArygos-EU64
75Kordan PantheonArygos-EU64Not updated
75Tâzz HurricanArygos-EU64Not updated
75Imodorala BreakpointArygos-EU64

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