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Arthas-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Annamay InfernôArthas-US112
2Blenryth  Arthas-US101
3Yacoub ClarityArthas-US99
4Zardock RazziaArthas-US98
5Hitmonk Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US97
5Ifi Standing in FireArthas-US97Not updated
7Edjy RazziaArthas-US96
8Fayia Standing in FireArthas-US92
9Pilate  Arthas-US90Not updated
9Kaeliara Horde Rock CaféArthas-US90Not updated
11Xèrt MagikArthas-US89
12Darthn StaticArthas-US88Not updated
13Asinthe Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US87
13Turkin The Short BusArthas-US87
13Xtal  Arthas-US87Not updated
13Khepprii TornArthas-US87Not updated
17Ulrìk Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US86
17Enigmatiks SpardaArthas-US86
19Athasi DowntimeArthas-US85
20Drxlord  Arthas-US84Not updated
21Ketsuki StaticArthas-US83
21Morphetus UnhumanArthas-US83
21Felte Old School HooligansArthas-US83Not updated
21Sjokz The Laughing CoffinArthas-US83
25Zigpep Make Love and WarcraftArthas-US82
25Cheeserollz Emporium and WarehouseArthas-US82Not updated
25Senjinn  Arthas-US82Not updated
25Naptíme W R A T HArthas-US82Not updated
29Falaenx Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US81
29Onatala The Seven WarlordsArthas-US81Not updated
31Tyralis RazziaArthas-US80
31Kristaria UnhumanArthas-US80
31Slenderfugi Escaped from ArcatrazArthas-US80
31Killtumyeto AnguishArthas-US80
31Umbreon rbg gangstasArthas-US80
31Razzuby AdelanteArthas-US80
37Lifebløøm ClarityArthas-US79
37Angelflavor Ward of DawnArthas-US79
37Bugsbolt Sad PandäArthas-US79
37Supplies FlashedArthas-US79
37Cerpico Forgotten HeroesArthas-US79Not updated
37Mubu NoBigDealArthas-US79Not updated
37Dobbu  Arthas-US79Not updated
37Zoddy AttritionArthas-US79Not updated
45Lleyla Bone BrigadeArthas-US78
45Gatorjuice Positive EnergyArthas-US78
45Marru ProzacArthas-US78
45Brolest AdelanteArthas-US78Not updated
49Cipher SkillArthas-US77
49Nekronic PurityArthas-US77
49Markovnox PurityArthas-US77
49Deamia SYArthas-US77
49Krewella Forward Unto DawnArthas-US77Not updated
54Raín AnguishArthas-US76
54Perfectguns RazziaArthas-US76
54Mojomagik STRENGTHArthas-US76
54Infernalruby Tea PartyArthas-US76
54Annaes JãløüsìëArthas-US76Not updated
54Terawâtt The RepørtedArthas-US76
54Crocjuice Forgotten HeroesArthas-US76Not updated
61Madryel RazziaArthas-US75
61Moritsume From The InternetArthas-US75
61Nomar  Arthas-US75Not updated
61Youraang InappropriateArthas-US75Not updated
61Femmina TGArthas-US75Not updated
61Angelldust BloodthirstyArthas-US75
67Tokudred AdelanteArthas-US74
67Lanfeär Matt DamonArthas-US74
67Shockfoo UnhumanArthas-US74
67Metafrolic StaticArthas-US74
67Stárlight Marshmallow CupcakesArthas-US74
67Amonsatan Hell CastleArthas-US74
67Smurrfetteqt From The InternetArthas-US74
67Thist FlashedArthas-US74
67Ssiard  Arthas-US74Not updated
67Ferres Bless the MartyrArthas-US74
67Muxx Utile DulciArthas-US74Not updated
67Brontupisto DSLBArthas-US74Not updated
67Contrabon Picked LastArthas-US74Not updated
67Spitefullady Forgotten LegionArthas-US74Not updated
81Jayken StaticArthas-US73
81Rtrain ClarityArthas-US73
81Xyrmfu ImperviousArthas-US73
81Seôk PurityArthas-US73
81Oni Villains on VacationArthas-US73
81Cheynna DeliriumsArthas-US73
81Hansulrich BismuthArthas-US73

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