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Argent Dawn-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Whíst BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US97
2Ninali Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US95
3Druidxoxo Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US94
4Iziel Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US90
5Pythe House of ArathorArgent Dawn-US89
6Tizaria Niveus LepusArgent Dawn-US88
7Móntish FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US87
7Warwolfe for HordeArgent Dawn-US87
9Odok Winter WolvesArgent Dawn-US85
9Walizzit Death by DesignArgent Dawn-US85Not updated
11Bevee FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US83
11Catalyst FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US83
11Miisa Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US83
11Valandra  Argent Dawn-US83Not updated
15Eillaura Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US82
15Ilyenna Questionable IntentArgent Dawn-US82Not updated
17Aludian RadiumArgent Dawn-US81
17Kitetsuna BaconArgent Dawn-US81Not updated
19Hanodar Natural OrderArgent Dawn-US80
19Tigrao FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US80
19Eluniar Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US80
22Nivros BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US79
22Marusia Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US79
22Kotaro Great Old OnesArgent Dawn-US79
25Nintarien  Argent Dawn-US78Not updated
26Aydryan Niveus LepusArgent Dawn-US77Not updated
27Gliondel Gnomes Will Eat YouArgent Dawn-US76
27Malhavoc Obsidian Reaver ClanArgent Dawn-US76Not updated
27Bjorrn House of ArathorArgent Dawn-US76
27Romana Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US76Not updated
27Arilith GameArgent Dawn-US76
32Aileen House of ArathorArgent Dawn-US75
32Baraka Kalimdor Cut ThroatsArgent Dawn-US75
32Mishnie Lascivious CadreArgent Dawn-US75Not updated
35Justyna Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US74
35Prospero Circle of FearArgent Dawn-US74
35Jaenelle Burnt Out RaidersArgent Dawn-US74
35Timtom Great Old OnesArgent Dawn-US74Not updated
39Faid Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US73
39Samfeng Silver DawnArgent Dawn-US73Not updated
39Taylorswiftx ShamelessArgent Dawn-US73
42Luminous FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US72Not updated
42Urukshock Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US72Not updated
44Etna BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US71
44Vivienne Natural OrderArgent Dawn-US71Not updated
44Devela Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US71
44Tallbot House of ArathorArgent Dawn-US71Not updated
44Icè  Argent Dawn-US71Not updated
49Zachs BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US70
49Tookans Lascivious CadreArgent Dawn-US70Not updated
49Maube Winter WolvesArgent Dawn-US70
49Pahonix Natural OrderArgent Dawn-US70
49Initiator DevastationArgent Dawn-US70Not updated
49Avrey Warriors of Lost FateArgent Dawn-US70
49Raztoka The Wobbly GoblinsArgent Dawn-US70
49Veshanna The CoreArgent Dawn-US70
49Istel Cloak and DaggerArgent Dawn-US70
49Kungpaonao PowerslavesArgent Dawn-US70Not updated
49Caita Black PhoenixArgent Dawn-US70Not updated
49Shadeaukatt Questionable IntentArgent Dawn-US70Not updated
49Durmm Niveus LepusArgent Dawn-US70Not updated
62Kamagna Circle of FearArgent Dawn-US69
62Skariet Winter WolvesArgent Dawn-US69
62Askevar Single Abstract NounArgent Dawn-US69
62Razzberi Force ReconArgent Dawn-US69Not updated
62Melyprie House StalwartArgent Dawn-US69Not updated
67Klarisse  Argent Dawn-US68
67Desmona Fates UnforgivenArgent Dawn-US68
67Erixi KindredArgent Dawn-US68Not updated
67Krellien Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US68
67Calypssai Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US68Not updated

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