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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Area 52-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Fusobeah  Area 52-US119Not updated
2Sèsshoumaru  Area 52-US115Not updated
3Ashlysex LegitimateArea 52-US111Not updated
4Meerti GiggityArea 52-US104Not updated
5Ginatonic Cut the Blue WireArea 52-US103Not updated
6Lilgushy Casual AchievementArea 52-US100Not updated
6Sourfae Five Minute BreakArea 52-US100Not updated
8Exegguttor  Area 52-US99Not updated
9Ukø  Area 52-US98Not updated
10Smútt Ladies OnlyArea 52-US97Not updated
10Spoody  Area 52-US97Not updated
12Mozim RefinedArea 52-US96Not updated
12Hate  Area 52-US96Not updated
14Pfhatie  Area 52-US95Not updated
14Jazko  Area 52-US95Not updated
16Minawa Shots FiredArea 52-US94Not updated
16Meteordeath  Area 52-US94Not updated
16Adamoo Children of KaulArea 52-US94Not updated
19Dd Defiant UnityArea 52-US93Not updated
19Ilúvatar  Area 52-US93Not updated
19Sharpbladez Alpha TrionArea 52-US93Not updated
19Callypsa  Area 52-US93Not updated
23Vilesilencer ConvictionArea 52-US91Not updated
24Taõth Alpha TrionArea 52-US89Not updated
24Pïnký Royal ClubArea 52-US89Not updated
26Spw Chain ReactionArea 52-US88Not updated
26Hansul RefinedArea 52-US88Not updated
26Blaznfattys At least we got stablesArea 52-US88Not updated
26Alikhan AnguishArea 52-US88Not updated
26Syrúp  Area 52-US88Not updated
31Zendee Shots FiredArea 52-US87Not updated
31Bomblast CausticArea 52-US87Not updated
31Elemnia GiggityArea 52-US87Not updated
31Dizzd Primary TargetArea 52-US87Not updated
35Lifebløøm Cut the Blue WireArea 52-US86Not updated
35Ipickflowers Legacy RebornArea 52-US86Not updated
35Gerreth WreckëdArea 52-US86Not updated
35Alexzandriah ImminentArea 52-US86Not updated
35Krool ScourgeArea 52-US86Not updated
35Rainbowmes ShadowFlame IncArea 52-US86Not updated
41Shasz Grey EminenceArea 52-US85Not updated
41Gèm ArtificeArea 52-US85Not updated
41Crovax SleepArea 52-US85Not updated
41Ozko ImminentArea 52-US85Not updated
41Jeanna VindicationArea 52-US85Not updated
41Deftshaman  Area 52-US85Not updated
47Kaliene  Area 52-US84Not updated
48Mordecays A Coterie Of CasualsArea 52-US83Not updated
48Absumo Team ShadowknightsArea 52-US83Not updated
50Nh GiggityArea 52-US82Not updated
50Oriune Completely DifferentArea 52-US82Not updated
50Sidir Knows NothingArea 52-US82Not updated
50Inflexible VirtueArea 52-US82Not updated
50Thêorc  Area 52-US82Not updated
55Kurísu GiggityArea 52-US81Not updated
55Fnfal Shots FiredArea 52-US81Not updated
55Lsia  Area 52-US81Not updated
55Rikapi Shots FiredArea 52-US81Not updated
55Tavillo Flawless LogicArea 52-US81Not updated
55Toowired Something EpicArea 52-US81Not updated
55Sunstripe Redwall AbbeyArea 52-US81Not updated
55Druggernawt LegitimateArea 52-US81Not updated
55Jackjumpper Guild of the OutcastsArea 52-US81Not updated
55Hemoegoblin ArgyllArea 52-US81Not updated
65Cisada Twisted DynastyArea 52-US80Not updated
65Kysiris  Area 52-US80Not updated
65Pandanka Fallen ShadowArea 52-US80Not updated
68Riddiçk Stockholm SyndromeArea 52-US79Not updated
68Dyson CausticArea 52-US79Not updated
68Asava RetrogradeArea 52-US79Not updated
68Aryptonix French TaunterArea 52-US79Not updated
68Capy Chosen ExileArea 52-US79Not updated
68Fuzzyfray  Area 52-US79Not updated
68Starliss A Coterie Of CasualsArea 52-US79Not updated
68Phetustein LegendaireArea 52-US79Not updated
68Mordbat  Area 52-US79Not updated
68Watolar SeraphimArea 52-US79Not updated
78Xath  Area 52-US78Not updated
78Perriwinkles High FiveArea 52-US78Not updated
78Nikai The Dead Parrot SocietyArea 52-US78Not updated
78Wulfkiller Lincoln Wìped On OperaArea 52-US78Not updated
78Voidmog RebôrnArea 52-US78Not updated
78Kallipsa Cut the Blue WireArea 52-US78Not updated
78Aysei Exiled RenegadesArea 52-US78Not updated
78Tatertoes GiggityArea 52-US78Not updated
78Khalifrio Forces of NatureArea 52-US78Not updated
78Dracobringer SemanticsArea 52-US78Not updated
88Synthpop DivinationArea 52-US77Not updated
88Dyes MindscapeArea 52-US77Not updated
88Liiukang DecepticonsArea 52-US77Not updated
88Garrazo Chocolate Bunny MeltdownArea 52-US77Not updated
88Deysona ImminentArea 52-US77Not updated
88Zairy Knights of ArcaniaArea 52-US77Not updated
88Lurgo Natural SelectionArea 52-US77Not updated

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