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Arathor-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Cyanara Expect No MercyArathor-US100
2Nokster NocuousArathor-US95
3Rayo WrathArathor-US88
4Todesblatt HalcyonArathor-US85Not updated
5Alyiana NocuousArathor-US83
5Excalibur HalcyonArathor-US83Not updated
7Nakahito Death OmenArathor-US80Not updated
8Krewlife The Horns of AzerothArathor-US78Not updated
9Chilipepper Epic Holdings IncArathor-US77Not updated
10Brishka  Arathor-US76Not updated
11Satiro ObsidianArathor-US75
11Valiar Press Hard Five CopiesArathor-US75
13Rendishen NocuousArathor-US74
14Falerin HalcyonArathor-US73
14Clyponyx NocuousArathor-US73
14Cwutididthur NocuousArathor-US73
14Wolverrinne HalcyonArathor-US73Not updated
18Gnayami Crux of HumanityArathor-US72Not updated
19Snake The Heroes of OraziosArathor-US71Not updated
19Mysticscribe Friendship is MagicArathor-US71Not updated
19Lorwen HalcyonArathor-US71Not updated
19Révelatíons  Arathor-US71Not updated
23Borra Baddies IncArathor-US70
23Karottop Friendship is MagicArathor-US70Not updated
23Anaida HalcyonArathor-US70Not updated
26Aedpriest NocuousArathor-US69
26Quenthal HalcyonArathor-US69Not updated
28Calest WrathArathor-US68
28Zedak NocuousArathor-US68
30Lanni Crux of HumanityArathor-US67
30Sellena WrathArathor-US67
30Agithas AscentArathor-US67Not updated
30Arcades FRIENDS UNITEDArathor-US67Not updated
30Taurenheaded  Arathor-US67Not updated
30Chilibean Epic Holdings IncArathor-US67Not updated
30Velourea HalcyonArathor-US67Not updated
37Symphany GambitArathor-US66
37Taiss Crux of HumanityArathor-US66
37Punchcatface LFRArathor-US66Not updated
37Velvetwulf ObsidianArathor-US66Not updated
37Idontbite EquinoxArathor-US66Not updated
37Ticka HalcyonArathor-US66Not updated
37Grymslayer  Arathor-US66Not updated
44Veeks Baddies IncArathor-US65
44Lyycann Crux of HumanityArathor-US65
44Draal NocuousArathor-US65
44Babybel NocuousArathor-US65
44Maka NocuousArathor-US65
44Suika ObsidianArathor-US65Not updated
44Lohtog NocuousArathor-US65Not updated
44Jonlo HalcyonArathor-US65Not updated
52Galoras WrathArathor-US64
52Stormtrooper  Arathor-US64Not updated
52Kyriss Panda ExpressArathor-US64
52Vaelestra  Arathor-US64Not updated
52Squishypoo AscentArathor-US64Not updated
57Convyr Bad KarmaArathor-US63
57Spottedcrow Baddies IncArathor-US63
57Musashiden Savage DarknessArathor-US63
57Totemmasterr HalcyonArathor-US63Not updated
61Hannibull Baddies IncArathor-US62
61Missdita Royal House of AzerothArathor-US62
61Khaari The UndergroundArathor-US62
61Salexya AscentArathor-US62Not updated
61Inkiepie Friendship is MagicArathor-US62Not updated
61Slipshot  Arathor-US62Not updated
67Acanarina WrathArathor-US61
67Tomute Savage DarknessArathor-US61Not updated
67Violina Friendship is MagicArathor-US61
67Eiriel MoonShadowArathor-US61Not updated

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