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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arak-arahm-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Draghnela Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU98Not updated
2Steewy Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU89Not updated
3Pëwpew Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU88Not updated
4Darhul Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU87Not updated
4Blocdebéton  Arak-arahm-EU87Not updated
6Sliva Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU85Not updated
7Kaylin Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU83Not updated
8Boulé Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU80Not updated
8Kelldorna A G G R OArak-arahm-EU80Not updated
8Crakinette Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU80Not updated
11Kamatø Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU79Not updated
12Atøg Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU77Not updated
13Pachinko OuikinisArak-arahm-EU75Not updated
14Amonrha Vox HeredisArak-arahm-EU74Not updated
14Syltia Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU74Not updated
16Ðragh Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU73Not updated
17Wxrlust Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU72Not updated
17Spectrum OuikinisArak-arahm-EU72Not updated
17Calÿpsó Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU72Not updated
17Johnlerouge Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU72Not updated
21Boumbackstab Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU70Not updated
21Tekï moshi moshiArak-arahm-EU70Not updated
23Shaølïn Slash FearArak-arahm-EU67Not updated
23Keez ÐeitiesArak-arahm-EU67Not updated
25Nefita Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU66Not updated
25Kzool Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU66Not updated
25Wickerwoomen AdjaydjayArak-arahm-EU66Not updated
25Thorrgal Ars MagnaArak-arahm-EU66Not updated
29Blackraven OdysséeArak-arahm-EU65Not updated
29Nifflette Chuck Norris Fan ClubArak-arahm-EU65Not updated
29Farcryisback Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU65Not updated
29Gryzo Xtrem LimitArak-arahm-EU65Not updated
29Nemya  Arak-arahm-EU65Not updated
34Tia Gød øf WarArak-arahm-EU64Not updated
34Shads Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU64Not updated
34Gabjî  Arak-arahm-EU64Not updated
37Huntilitslip Gød øf WarArak-arahm-EU63Not updated
37Wuhduu  Arak-arahm-EU63Not updated
37Xarros Ars MagnaArak-arahm-EU63Not updated
37Vâlfurion  Arak-arahm-EU63Not updated
37Llewn  Arak-arahm-EU63Not updated
37Reagnox Bloody TearzArak-arahm-EU63Not updated
43Nazhgul WarlordsArak-arahm-EU62Not updated
43Droofy CasualityArak-arahm-EU62Not updated
43Käiri UtopiaArak-arahm-EU62Not updated
43Biken AloneArak-arahm-EU62Not updated
47String Gød øf WarArak-arahm-EU61Not updated
47Høtwings Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU61Not updated
47Thèmis Noobs SpottedArak-arahm-EU61Not updated
47Keï  Arak-arahm-EU61Not updated
47Druidedox  Arak-arahm-EU61Not updated
52Rhogar Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU60Not updated
52Elmaxo Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU60Not updated
52Stquencica DarkOver PïnkArak-arahm-EU60Not updated
52Kohen Chuck Norris Fan ClubArak-arahm-EU60Not updated
52Vitalia Noobs SpottedArak-arahm-EU60Not updated
52Cartoush  Arak-arahm-EU60Not updated
52Maumau La Brigade Des LøupsArak-arahm-EU60Not updated
52Tõw InstinctArak-arahm-EU60Not updated
60Blork Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU59Not updated
60Mécrèant Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU59Not updated
60Anaphalis Chuck Norris Fan ClubArak-arahm-EU59Not updated
60Zapping SynÐKArak-arahm-EU59Not updated
64Tods Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU58Not updated
64Arnyca Knockout FeverArak-arahm-EU58Not updated
64Archangèle Bloody TearzArak-arahm-EU58Not updated
64Ciska Ars MagnaArak-arahm-EU58Not updated
68Isnot L armée des ténèbresArak-arahm-EU57Not updated
68Hoka VaevictisArak-arahm-EU57Not updated
68Kagefuma Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU57Not updated
68Fraidobear  Arak-arahm-EU57Not updated
72Kornoth Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU56Not updated
72Slykouille Freak Me OutArak-arahm-EU56Not updated
72Rdeuddeu AdjaydjayArak-arahm-EU56Not updated
72Nkrid  Arak-arahm-EU56Not updated
72Cïdou  Arak-arahm-EU56Not updated
72Larss Undying PriestsArak-arahm-EU56Not updated
72Lodanuum OuikinisArak-arahm-EU56Not updated
72Crakii  Arak-arahm-EU56Not updated
72Gromash  Arak-arahm-EU56Not updated
72Santaronga A G G R OArak-arahm-EU56Not updated
72Taihanna  Arak-arahm-EU56Not updated
72Samanthad OdysséeArak-arahm-EU56Not updated
84Alfònsio Cranium BasherArak-arahm-EU55Not updated
84Felfette  Arak-arahm-EU55Not updated
84Kaïas Noobs SpottedArak-arahm-EU55Not updated
84Eleonorum A G G R OArak-arahm-EU55Not updated
84Iffic La meute d IfficArak-arahm-EU55Not updated
84Pravial OuikinisArak-arahm-EU55Not updated
84Bàstien A G G R OArak-arahm-EU55Not updated
84Leucothea OrientArak-arahm-EU55Not updated
84Radma A G G R OArak-arahm-EU55Not updated
84Harpagon A G G R OArak-arahm-EU55Not updated
84Vicca OuikinisArak-arahm-EU55Not updated
84Êsp OsirisArak-arahm-EU55Not updated

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