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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Antonidas-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Nanael ScythexAntonidas-EU135Not updated
2Estresse AtmosphereAntonidas-EU121Not updated
3Semtex Northern SkyAntonidas-EU117Not updated
3Smudda Irae AoDAntonidas-EU117Not updated
3Coldaz SeriouZAntonidas-EU117Not updated
6Wallshok Irae AoDAntonidas-EU112Not updated
7Saph  Antonidas-EU110Not updated
8Câron Defender of the CrowAntonidas-EU109Not updated
9Myukii  Antonidas-EU107Not updated
10Cailyne Loaded DiceAntonidas-EU106Not updated
11Kuraghata  Antonidas-EU105Not updated
11Nadoqt  Antonidas-EU105Not updated
13Cranberryz FrankoniaAntonidas-EU102Not updated
14Aenaxx Northern SkyAntonidas-EU101Not updated
15Darayon ist gestörtAntonidas-EU99Not updated
16Solva CyborgAntonidas-EU97Not updated
16Cyne KingsfallAntonidas-EU97Not updated
16Narashz Irae AoDAntonidas-EU97Not updated
16Sylvànas Eos AuroraAntonidas-EU97Not updated
16Zyriâ CairdeasAntonidas-EU97Not updated
21Donnerzorn Ad ActaAntonidas-EU96Not updated
21Fadmaschosch Eternal CrusadersAntonidas-EU96Not updated
23Snipy Mementõ moriAntonidas-EU94Not updated
23Xérwo Irae AoDAntonidas-EU94Not updated
23Darksui  Antonidas-EU94Not updated
26Nandira KingsfallAntonidas-EU93Not updated
26Saliany Living LegendsAntonidas-EU93Not updated
26Moppikawoppi  Antonidas-EU93Not updated
26Tîerlieb For the LightAntonidas-EU93Not updated
30Taeyowl  Antonidas-EU92Not updated
30Nayfal PantheônAntonidas-EU92Not updated
30Dârkara NecromongerAntonidas-EU92Not updated
30Nokhi  Antonidas-EU92Not updated
34Marila I am MurløcAntonidas-EU91Not updated
34Dadalyn Akte XAntonidas-EU91Not updated
34Raibachyo DrunkenStylerAntonidas-EU91Not updated
34Noraline TwixAntonidas-EU91Not updated
34Shocked NástrandirAntonidas-EU91Not updated
34Ropold Cow Trading CompanyAntonidas-EU91Not updated
34Bonaqua  Antonidas-EU91Not updated
41Dhanya YpsiloNAntonidas-EU90Not updated
41Zebi Insane PainAntonidas-EU90Not updated
41Madyness DeliratioAntonidas-EU90Not updated
44Feuerfinsch Irae AoDAntonidas-EU89Not updated
44Sniijin Defenders of the ShireAntonidas-EU89Not updated
44Vang  Antonidas-EU89Not updated
44Elurr aXaAntonidas-EU89Not updated
48Dryane Ad ActaAntonidas-EU88Not updated
48Annacondaa ResistanceAntonidas-EU88Not updated
48Diethx Amissa SpeAntonidas-EU88Not updated
48Druffí InsideAntonidas-EU88Not updated
52Meløg Patch me if you canAntonidas-EU87Not updated
52Zíra YpsiloNAntonidas-EU87Not updated
52Aphoria In flagrantiAntonidas-EU87Not updated
52Jondala UnléashedAntonidas-EU87Not updated
52Indiri ContumaciaAntonidas-EU87Not updated
52Cupcakez Ad ActaAntonidas-EU87Not updated
58Edelweîß Lordaerons RevengeAntonidas-EU86Not updated
58Abira Legacy of HeavenAntonidas-EU86Not updated
58Chinami Organized ChaosAntonidas-EU86Not updated
58Arjabas EiswindAntonidas-EU86Not updated
58Tumlok NovumAntonidas-EU86Not updated
58Diwari  Antonidas-EU86Not updated
64Lilbangrico Ghost DragonsAntonidas-EU85Not updated
64Niarando CyborgAntonidas-EU85Not updated
64Eltucanis ALIRA Die KönigsflammeAntonidas-EU85Not updated
64Valandría Ave LetumAntonidas-EU85Not updated
64Morulak Opposing ForceAntonidas-EU85Not updated
64Segamine  Antonidas-EU85Not updated
64Dynaswipe eXclusiveAntonidas-EU85Not updated
64Nereyza AB GamingAntonidas-EU85Not updated
64Malicemorn rudeAntonidas-EU85Not updated
73Rin CyborgAntonidas-EU84Not updated
73Oxzy DropKickAntonidas-EU84Not updated
73Spitzelchen Stark IndustriesAntonidas-EU84Not updated
73Kimuh  Antonidas-EU84Not updated
73Americium Gottes verlorene KinderAntonidas-EU84Not updated
73Seras  Antonidas-EU84Not updated
73Arley  Antonidas-EU84Not updated
73Vyrac  Antonidas-EU84Not updated
81Malamadre Eastern SunAntonidas-EU83Not updated
81Esmeraldine KingsfallAntonidas-EU83Not updated
81Cubia TwixAntonidas-EU83Not updated
81Shikumi Flammen des HimmelsAntonidas-EU83Not updated
81Kikaninchen The Warrior of LightAntonidas-EU83Not updated
81Iskarîot Krümelmonster incAntonidas-EU83Not updated
81Fupanda SanctuaryAntonidas-EU83Not updated
81Northernlîte  Antonidas-EU83Not updated
89Vitheo Mementõ moriAntonidas-EU82Not updated
89Löckli Aqua RegiaAntonidas-EU82Not updated
89Evia DrachengoldAntonidas-EU82Not updated
89Røxa IllustrisAntonidas-EU82Not updated
89Lâvendêl Amissa SpeAntonidas-EU82Not updated
89Grigal PatrizierAntonidas-EU82Not updated
89Grimpal HuntersAntonidas-EU82Not updated
89Nayden Clan of ImmortalAntonidas-EU82Not updated
89Trycér ScythexAntonidas-EU82Not updated
89Cunning  Antonidas-EU82Not updated
89Wulong Das Wahre TribunalAntonidas-EU82Not updated
89Saio ParamountAntonidas-EU82Not updated

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