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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Antonidas-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Razzukyo PureAntonidas-US96Not updated
2Sharknastyx  Antonidas-US93Not updated
3Valenyr  Antonidas-US92Not updated
4Saza  Antonidas-US90Not updated
4Strawberrie PureAntonidas-US90Not updated
6Purge PureAntonidas-US89Not updated
7Zaxx PureAntonidas-US86Not updated
8Pandakun West Koasta NostraAntonidas-US85Not updated
9Ashel FablesAntonidas-US83Not updated
10Gabool  Antonidas-US80Not updated
10Dannyb PureAntonidas-US80Not updated
10Sylvain Pirates of the Short BusAntonidas-US80Not updated
13Krematoria PureAntonidas-US77Not updated
14Xiel AxiomAntonidas-US76Not updated
14Valetide  Antonidas-US76Not updated
14Valetail  Antonidas-US76Not updated
14Ntherfed  Antonidas-US76Not updated
18Crythias PureAntonidas-US75Not updated
18Minkk PureAntonidas-US75Not updated
20Sliceoflife FablesAntonidas-US74Not updated
20Bujin West Koasta NostraAntonidas-US74Not updated
22Kalistaa PureAntonidas-US73Not updated
23Vaana AxiomAntonidas-US72Not updated
24Eatmysheep  Antonidas-US71Not updated
24Popatopaless Dies IraeAntonidas-US71Not updated
24Sharwin  Antonidas-US71Not updated
24Huntalla NarcissusAntonidas-US71Not updated
28Ferrett PerditionAntonidas-US70Not updated
28Snowfawn The Imperial OrderAntonidas-US70Not updated
28Meneldill Dark PhoenixAntonidas-US70Not updated
28Brennter AxiomAntonidas-US70Not updated
28Haruthesmily PureAntonidas-US70Not updated
33Biopsy New ReignAntonidas-US69Not updated
33Fidelity Belligerent FuryAntonidas-US69Not updated
33Jasette  Antonidas-US69Not updated
36Glynixger Knights and SavioursAntonidas-US68Not updated
37Epia New ReignAntonidas-US67Not updated
37Phie  Antonidas-US67Not updated
37Drkestshadow FablesAntonidas-US67Not updated
37Ryssi BourneAntonidas-US67Not updated
41Crutons  Antonidas-US66Not updated
41Kurpow PureAntonidas-US66Not updated
41Thejudaskiss Knights of NiAntonidas-US66Not updated
44Vainsouly  Antonidas-US65Not updated
44Torrential  Antonidas-US65Not updated
44Juliaward Reign of MercenariesAntonidas-US65Not updated
44Natasiasi  Antonidas-US65Not updated
44Meryt PureAntonidas-US65Not updated
44Rakazä RidiculousAntonidas-US65Not updated
50Ellgar PureAntonidas-US64Not updated
50Solstice Scorched TreacheryAntonidas-US64Not updated
50Kornjin PHOSUCAntonidas-US64Not updated
50Fragmore Forge of SoulsAntonidas-US64Not updated
50Sonuvahlich Almost FerociousAntonidas-US64Not updated
55Dzidzius PureAntonidas-US63Not updated
55Ccookiee PureAntonidas-US63Not updated
57Kungfuthor  Antonidas-US62Not updated
57Vahlii PureAntonidas-US62Not updated
57cytôx  Antonidas-US62Not updated
57Waltyn AllureAntonidas-US62Not updated
61Solarissa PureAntonidas-US61Not updated
61Mikadolol PureAntonidas-US61Not updated
61Frostfiend Cool TabardAntonidas-US61Not updated
61Tobìnfrost Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US61Not updated
61Khutulun PureAntonidas-US61Not updated
61Atanatar  Antonidas-US61Not updated
67Alakazoo PureAntonidas-US60Not updated
67Celeste PureAntonidas-US60Not updated
67Terranis PerditionAntonidas-US60Not updated
67Frostgemm PHOSUCAntonidas-US60Not updated
71Nonako PureAntonidas-US59Not updated
71Tony No FuryAntonidas-US59Not updated
71Athenâ FrostAntonidas-US59Not updated
71Missdotsalot No DramaAntonidas-US59Not updated
71Dergonslayer  Antonidas-US59Not updated
71Gingerstorm Carnage IncarnateAntonidas-US59Not updated
71Teleka  Antonidas-US59Not updated
78Nardale PureAntonidas-US58Not updated
78Bulletstorm TributusAntonidas-US58Not updated
78Zanimal Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US58Not updated
78Xaveor Dark Souls EliteAntonidas-US58Not updated
78Semantha FOSUCAntonidas-US58Not updated
78Uchitoru Pirates of the Short BusAntonidas-US58Not updated
78Misjudgement JudgementAntonidas-US58Not updated
78Facebookbrb  Antonidas-US58Not updated
86Flashe No FuryAntonidas-US57Not updated
86Jeshuo No FuryAntonidas-US57Not updated
86Venjin The Brethren CourtAntonidas-US57Not updated
86Silvernail  Antonidas-US57Not updated
86Narezza New ReignAntonidas-US57Not updated
86Stagerunna  Antonidas-US57Not updated
86Gazou Dark Souls EliteAntonidas-US57Not updated
86Neala Core RaidersAntonidas-US57Not updated
86Adventurous Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US57Not updated

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