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Anetheron-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Kimey organised confusionAnetheron-EU124
2Fire odiumAnetheron-EU104
3Wani  Anetheron-EU102Not updated
4Centri Dark CrusadersAnetheron-EU99Not updated
5Fëanor Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU95
6Sladana odiumAnetheron-EU93
7Grommash Die eisernen HerzenAnetheron-EU90Not updated
7Uageu  Anetheron-EU90Not updated
9Veash Voice of NeltharionAnetheron-EU89Not updated
9Marthinchen KLÄNAnetheron-EU89Not updated
11Pandaziege Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU87Not updated
11Dripper  Anetheron-EU87Not updated
13Taroi organised confusionAnetheron-EU84
14Ragnar purityAnetheron-EU83
14Todesazzin  Anetheron-EU83Not updated
16Garlesch organised confusionAnetheron-EU82
16Ozara organised confusionAnetheron-EU82
18Lyranie odiumAnetheron-EU81Not updated
18Reynolds organised confusionAnetheron-EU81Not updated
20Âve organised confusionAnetheron-EU80
20Ashigaru xDAnetheron-EU80
20Romie odiumAnetheron-EU80
20Sherezada  Anetheron-EU80Not updated
20Luti Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU80
25Yasîra organised confusionAnetheron-EU79Not updated
25Ot Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU79
25Zarlanii Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU79Not updated
28Kaylín xDAnetheron-EU78
28Karazorel  Anetheron-EU78Not updated
30Jassim Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU77Not updated
31Packnum xDAnetheron-EU76
31Jenewein Still AliveAnetheron-EU76
31Tunoto RetiredAnetheron-EU76Not updated
31Aquíla Schwarze DrachenAnetheron-EU76Not updated
31Xanjii  Anetheron-EU76Not updated
31Nurd KLÄNAnetheron-EU76Not updated
37Ladira odiumAnetheron-EU75
37Sentient Verplant und paniertAnetheron-EU75
37Moniry xDAnetheron-EU75Not updated
37Bambus organised confusionAnetheron-EU75
37Yanina Dark SocietyAnetheron-EU75Not updated
37Shizenchiyu Nice OneAnetheron-EU75Not updated
37Nawakimonk  Anetheron-EU75
37Cherublol  Anetheron-EU75
45Ávè organised confusionAnetheron-EU74
45Damada odiumAnetheron-EU74
45Isandja InsidiousAnetheron-EU74
45Alená Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU74Not updated
49Blodstorm organised confusionAnetheron-EU73
49Zamra  Anetheron-EU73
49Thrilla organised confusionAnetheron-EU73
49Eylol Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU73Not updated
49Klauserus Rising PhönixAnetheron-EU73Not updated
49Trollinhô Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU73Not updated
49Merayami  Anetheron-EU73Not updated
49Tripwarri organised confusionAnetheron-EU73Not updated
57Reyrey ist verwirrtAnetheron-EU72Not updated
57Teshkul Bambi Klopfer und CoKGAnetheron-EU72Not updated
57Kazeshînî Project XAnetheron-EU72Not updated
60Ryò purityAnetheron-EU71
60Crâzý CarnivøresAnetheron-EU71
60Muuhlu  Anetheron-EU71Not updated
60Trillían Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU71Not updated
60Sniperdan ALLA MACH YALLAAnetheron-EU71Not updated
60Sanglie Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU71
66Xanthyos odiumAnetheron-EU70
66Käthé organised confusionAnetheron-EU70Not updated
66Frôzentear NephilimAnetheron-EU70Not updated
66Letalîs Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU70
66Zippy KLÄNAnetheron-EU70Not updated
66Deadlystorm Pain IncAnetheron-EU70
72Seeti Never to dieAnetheron-EU69
72Toadisritter JuggernautAnetheron-EU69Not updated
72Avandra Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU69
72Shylyaqt  Anetheron-EU69Not updated
72Reeaver Never to dieAnetheron-EU69
72Ryopan  Anetheron-EU69Not updated
72Schlüppatron  Anetheron-EU69Not updated
79Cage ShadowStoneAnetheron-EU68
79Littlebig ShadowStoneAnetheron-EU68
79Hailk Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU68
79Götebach  Anetheron-EU68Not updated
79Lirani hominis noctisAnetheron-EU68Not updated
79Nadiqt  Anetheron-EU68Not updated
79Tower  Anetheron-EU68Not updated
86Vâlky organised confusionAnetheron-EU67Not updated
86Favien Never to dieAnetheron-EU67
86Kasparhauser HoffnessAnetheron-EU67
86Paktaii  Anetheron-EU67
86Wooster Legends Never DieAnetheron-EU67Not updated

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