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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ambossar-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Niranok Pinky PandasAmbossar-EU106Not updated
2Kirsche böhse hordelzAmbossar-EU95Not updated
2Trayan blacksnowAmbossar-EU95Not updated
4Cloudo nOObAmbossar-EU89Not updated
4Nyrade RenegadesAmbossar-EU89Not updated
6Raivén D e s t i n a t i o NAmbossar-EU85Not updated
6Statsplz nOObAmbossar-EU85Not updated
6Jealouz  Ambossar-EU85Not updated
6Kayoz  Ambossar-EU85Not updated
10Neribàs AversioAmbossar-EU82Not updated
11Fakku LUNARESAmbossar-EU81Not updated
11Môe B L O O D P A C TAmbossar-EU81Not updated
11Sonnentänzér VipeRAmbossar-EU81Not updated
14Phaar AversioAmbossar-EU78Not updated
15Aelyvz  Ambossar-EU76Not updated
15Merilin  Ambossar-EU76Not updated
15Euklid LøstAmbossar-EU76Not updated
18Congeries Church of ViolenceAmbossar-EU74Not updated
19Littlemiss Ronin AzerothsAmbossar-EU72Not updated
19Equx Das UltimatumAmbossar-EU72Not updated
21Ritterutran SacrificeAmbossar-EU71Not updated
21Waldschrat Ronin AzerothsAmbossar-EU71Not updated
21Rishelchen encoreAmbossar-EU71Not updated
24Aeonass Fallen AngelsAmbossar-EU70Not updated
24Pandarix AversioAmbossar-EU70Not updated
24Neytiiri I am so HordyAmbossar-EU70Not updated
24Enasphie SacrificeAmbossar-EU70Not updated
28Frièdél SacrificeAmbossar-EU69Not updated
28Nyrza  Ambossar-EU69Not updated
28Badaboom SacrificeAmbossar-EU69Not updated
28Denhunta  Ambossar-EU69Not updated
32Scv SacrificeAmbossar-EU68Not updated
32Adrán FeârAmbossar-EU68Not updated
32Tarinjâ  Ambossar-EU68Not updated
32Kohos encoreAmbossar-EU68Not updated
32Leviathan  Ambossar-EU68Not updated
32Sechmoo SacrificeAmbossar-EU68Not updated
38Klotho SacrificeAmbossar-EU67Not updated
38Tuireann encoreAmbossar-EU67Not updated
38Avang AversioAmbossar-EU67Not updated
38Celestîa RenegadesAmbossar-EU67Not updated
38Nikaz  Ambossar-EU67Not updated
38Nokra  Ambossar-EU67Not updated
44Knarfie Bloody AngelsAmbossar-EU66Not updated
44Crassko consortio contineoAmbossar-EU66Not updated
44Lynck AversioAmbossar-EU66Not updated
44Nonamefound  Ambossar-EU66Not updated
44Shaelle Allianz der SchwerterAmbossar-EU66Not updated
49Kîrito SacrificeAmbossar-EU65Not updated
49Orodreth OFE LtdAmbossar-EU65Not updated
49Avadia SacrificeAmbossar-EU65Not updated
52Moregana VipeRAmbossar-EU64Not updated
52Murtagh consortio contineoAmbossar-EU64Not updated
52Besizwerg Ronin AzerothsAmbossar-EU64Not updated
52Cyaron  Ambossar-EU64Not updated
52Sersch Primrose PathAmbossar-EU64Not updated
52Turut E n l u s i oAmbossar-EU64Not updated
52Rái Steaks aus DonnerfelsAmbossar-EU64Not updated
59Leamen SacrificeAmbossar-EU63Not updated
59Pranxter AuctoritasAmbossar-EU63Not updated
59Avíendha D e s t i n a t i o NAmbossar-EU63Not updated
59Rodoc  Ambossar-EU63Not updated
59Genisis ExordiumAmbossar-EU63Not updated
59Yvain encoreAmbossar-EU63Not updated
59Iskrystoll Corvus CoraxAmbossar-EU63Not updated
59Sturmhexer  Ambossar-EU63Not updated
59Grünerball AmazingAmbossar-EU63Not updated
68Lyriska The NamelessAmbossar-EU62Not updated
68Deamonheart Azeroth SecurityAmbossar-EU62Not updated
68Ambula AversioAmbossar-EU62Not updated
68Dirinal  Ambossar-EU62Not updated
68Aråziel Rostige RitterAmbossar-EU62Not updated
68Hochhaus Evolution of HateAmbossar-EU62Not updated
74Paulporter The NamelessAmbossar-EU61Not updated
74Latizia DebuffAmbossar-EU61Not updated
74Feardde NephilimAmbossar-EU61Not updated
74Nyantiger D e s t i n a t i o NAmbossar-EU61Not updated
74Nêver Ronin AzerothsAmbossar-EU61Not updated
74Paian AversioAmbossar-EU61Not updated
74Jadekralle OFE LtdAmbossar-EU61Not updated
74Sulmiria Allianz der SchwerterAmbossar-EU61Not updated
74Sherca I am so HordyAmbossar-EU61Not updated
74Tyokratar Fast and DeadlyAmbossar-EU61Not updated
74Onkelvictor The NamelessAmbossar-EU61Not updated

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