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Alonsus-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Amaryliss Slaves of AmaryAlonsus-EU103
2Enla AscendanceAlonsus-EU99
3Renlia AscendanceAlonsus-EU98Not updated
4Azuresong AscendanceAlonsus-EU97
5Phantomká The Guild MusketeersAlonsus-EU94Not updated
6 AscendanceAlonsus-EU89Not updated
6Egocentric OriginAlonsus-EU89Not updated
8Karsi AscendanceAlonsus-EU86
9Arasaya  Alonsus-EU84Not updated
10Undistallion FamousAlonsus-EU82
10Hínky AscendancéAlonsus-EU82
10Genlea  Alonsus-EU82Not updated
13Alecsandra  Alonsus-EU81
14Qbic EclipseAlonsus-EU79
14Hardtoplay  Alonsus-EU79Not updated
14Nodacrux  Alonsus-EU79Not updated
17Smotsi RoutaAlonsus-EU78
17Rubyfoprez OriginAlonsus-EU78Not updated
19Disaray FrequencyAlonsus-EU77
19Alysis FrequencyAlonsus-EU77
19Paddíngton  Alonsus-EU77Not updated
19Oldgizer FrequencyAlonsus-EU77Not updated
23Evenuel OriginAlonsus-EU76
24Caller EclipseAlonsus-EU75
24Valandil AscendanceAlonsus-EU75
26Toobashed FrequencyAlonsus-EU74
26Ashkazar  Alonsus-EU74Not updated
28Jonny FrequencyAlonsus-EU73
28Smotch RazeAlonsus-EU73
28Lheea RazeAlonsus-EU73Not updated
28Avalaria Royal Teldrassil RangersAlonsus-EU73Not updated
28Vallock ElitésAlonsus-EU73Not updated
28Clynamen AscendanceAlonsus-EU73
28Mephy The Elysian TemplarsAlonsus-EU73
35Jadin VengeanceAlonsus-EU72
35Griswold FamousAlonsus-EU72
35Shadowtáil KamikazeAlonsus-EU72
35Saintofwar GoingDutchAlonsus-EU72
35Hairystabber GoingDutchAlonsus-EU72Not updated
40Osírís EclipseAlonsus-EU71
40Liish FamousAlonsus-EU71Not updated
40Shichibukai PREMIUMAlonsus-EU71Not updated
40Xaui AscendanceAlonsus-EU71Not updated
40Pattiswag  Alonsus-EU71Not updated
45Anemelech Tactical Nuclear PenguinAlonsus-EU70
45Harei FrequencyAlonsus-EU70
45Cyworg VeritasAlonsus-EU70
45Notatank Sargeras CouncilAlonsus-EU70
45Drunaveil  Alonsus-EU70Not updated
45Kalomira Looking For GroupAlonsus-EU70Not updated
51Yuwie FamousAlonsus-EU69
51Tidalwave Kikass ClanAlonsus-EU69
51Selyne SoulboundAlonsus-EU69Not updated
51Miniphant  Alonsus-EU69Not updated
55Longalex  Alonsus-EU68Not updated
55Hezdroon AscendanceAlonsus-EU68
55Martp DoMiNeNcEAlonsus-EU68Not updated
55Darkflight  Alonsus-EU68Not updated
59Numnier EclipseAlonsus-EU67
59Fènrir GoingDutchAlonsus-EU67
59Jolinari AscendanceAlonsus-EU67Not updated
59Holymuffin  Alonsus-EU67Not updated
59Tonymanero  Alonsus-EU67Not updated
64Cheeki FrequencyAlonsus-EU66
64Cyberion EclipseAlonsus-EU66
64Deímos EclipseAlonsus-EU66
64Trent AscendanceAlonsus-EU66Not updated
64Discobiscuit  Alonsus-EU66Not updated
69Màili EclipseAlonsus-EU65
69Timetokill RazeAlonsus-EU65Not updated
69Surtur Sword and SpellAlonsus-EU65
69Nidromel AscendanceAlonsus-EU65
69Crazylucky Eternal FíreAlonsus-EU65Not updated
69Serìqt VincibilityAlonsus-EU65
69Bein  Alonsus-EU65Not updated
69Aizelle UniqueAlonsus-EU65Not updated
77Silvestina FamousAlonsus-EU64
77Pat EclipseAlonsus-EU64
77Sarmis AscendanceAlonsus-EU64
77Cleo  Alonsus-EU64
77Sendara FamousAlonsus-EU64Not updated
77Ynyteen The Elysian TemplarsAlonsus-EU64
77Gregoryhouse OriginAlonsus-EU64Not updated
77Siferia EclipseAlonsus-EU64Not updated
77Vykina  Alonsus-EU64Not updated
77Tiderunners  Alonsus-EU64Not updated

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