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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Alleria-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Saremy All Night LongAlleria-EU118Not updated
2Zélicow  Alleria-EU102Not updated
3Ohmmi The DaysleepersAlleria-EU99Not updated
4Ronarion Varieté ObscurAlleria-EU95Not updated
5Sêna  Alleria-EU94Not updated
6Isdochegal Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU93Not updated
6Ragbart AscensionAlleria-EU93Not updated
8Jaizeara Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU92Not updated
9Niriah  Alleria-EU90Not updated
9Xashija Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU90Not updated
9Smeragol AscensionAlleria-EU90Not updated
12Ashurek Madig und VerfaultAlleria-EU88Not updated
12Barbisia EldunariAlleria-EU88Not updated
12Chainbrain The DaysleepersAlleria-EU88Not updated
15Cijoo Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU87Not updated
15Abraham Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU87Not updated
15Nokela All Night LongAlleria-EU87Not updated
15Prosica All Night LongAlleria-EU87Not updated
19Komimasa Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU86Not updated
20Beutju  Alleria-EU85Not updated
21Zethar PatheticAlleria-EU84Not updated
21Korsyn  Alleria-EU84Not updated
23Shamydeluxe RejectedAlleria-EU82Not updated
23Arrowii AscensionAlleria-EU82Not updated
23Araca ElysionAlleria-EU82Not updated
23Plötzlich The DaysleepersAlleria-EU82Not updated
23Maldo MetacortexAlleria-EU82Not updated
23Cathalyna Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU82Not updated
29Talmai  Alleria-EU81Not updated
30Vargoth HordenbrecherAlleria-EU80Not updated
30Svaela Anges NoirsAlleria-EU80Not updated
30Callius Anges NoirsAlleria-EU80Not updated
33Rayvin vom Blute des DrachenAlleria-EU79Not updated
33Palatinus All Night LongAlleria-EU79Not updated
33Thunderant HordenOldiesAlleria-EU79Not updated
33Kampfmöhre funky monkeyAlleria-EU79Not updated
33Price Goblin Gumbo GangAlleria-EU79Not updated
33Quiri  Alleria-EU79Not updated
39Cheryl  Alleria-EU78Not updated
39Dryko Kings XAlleria-EU78Not updated
39Isharie eXCidiumAlleria-EU78Not updated
39Verulon Bad Boys and BabesAlleria-EU78Not updated
43Koori AscensionAlleria-EU77Not updated
43Heini Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU77Not updated
43Nefay Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU77Not updated
43Roselyyn AscensionAlleria-EU77Not updated
43Serazwtf  Alleria-EU77Not updated
43Shkova StormshadowAlleria-EU77Not updated
43Hossum Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU77Not updated
43Méménto EgalAlleria-EU77Not updated
51Knochenluder GanzMieseSchlägertruppeAlleria-EU76Not updated
51Pluti Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU76Not updated
51Korytan StormshadowAlleria-EU76Not updated
51Laranta C o r eAlleria-EU76Not updated
51Díago HordenbrecherAlleria-EU76Not updated
51Mortico AscensionAlleria-EU76Not updated
51Syrilliana  Alleria-EU76Not updated
51Itzii  Alleria-EU76Not updated
51Pocketmonk All InAlleria-EU76Not updated
60Selendia PATRATORAlleria-EU75Not updated
60Kalandon OpferAlleria-EU75Not updated
60Infy MiracleAlleria-EU75Not updated
63Djari AscensionAlleria-EU74Not updated
63Sixa Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU74Not updated
63Varik  Alleria-EU74Not updated
63Shakti Swords of LightAlleria-EU74Not updated
63Trümmerelse Wild und behaartAlleria-EU74Not updated
63Tülor  Alleria-EU74Not updated
63Xark Burning SunAlleria-EU74Not updated
63Spinelly Rechte Hand der HordeAlleria-EU74Not updated
63Bladez  Alleria-EU74Not updated
63Namaliz SpiritOfTheDeadCookieAlleria-EU74Not updated
73Moonrise AscensionAlleria-EU73Not updated
73Isandriel Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU73Not updated
73Gringer ObscuritasAlleria-EU73Not updated
73Dalgiera RAAlleria-EU73Not updated
73Keashaa Licht des MorgensAlleria-EU73Not updated
73Gilbor Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU73Not updated
73Naihlâ  Alleria-EU73Not updated
73Kâlândon OpferAlleria-EU73Not updated
73Yagami Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU73Not updated
82Kibà Pugnas RacheAlleria-EU72Not updated
82Murphic All Night LongAlleria-EU72Not updated
82Grimo Krieger der ApokalypseAlleria-EU72Not updated
82Larissia Royal WarriorsAlleria-EU72Not updated
82Taylana Nor Ishura EthalaAlleria-EU72Not updated

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