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Al'Akir-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Biocide DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU74
2Monoksy DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU60
3Samathi DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU53
3Mozzah DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU53
5Upsurd DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU52
6Atentator DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU51
6Pymak DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU51Not updated
8Braìnsick DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU50
9Treebeard DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU49Not updated
10Mitichen DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU46Not updated
11Kamel DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU43Not updated
11Naskaev DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU43
11Selika DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU43
11Leepailong DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU43Not updated
15Andarielo DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU42
15Zloba DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU42Not updated
15Aksiniq DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU42
15Domata DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU42Not updated
19Brika DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU41
20Izvinqvai DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU38Not updated
20Niktos DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU38Not updated
20Stareca DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU38Not updated
23Dana DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU37Not updated
23Chichomitko DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU37
25Ravmonk DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU36Not updated
26Sevmar DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU35
26Omahum DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU35
26Jenami DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU35Not updated
29Dips DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU34
29Trana DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU34Not updated
31Gelebg DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU32Not updated
31Omgfatpanda DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU32Not updated
33Atilabg DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU30
33Bobche DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU30
35Penko DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU29
35Kafu DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU29
35Argentum DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU29Not updated
38Summera DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU28
39Deatherka DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU27Not updated
39Caduceus DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU27
39Hamthal DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU27Not updated
42Bulgar DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU26Not updated
43Shtanga DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU25Not updated
43Kkofa DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU25Not updated
45Dushko DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU24Not updated
45Fixy DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU24Not updated
45Ekatherine DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU24Not updated
48Catanna DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU23
48Shishkoto DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU23
48Vanbasten DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU23Not updated
51Lovjiika DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU22
51Yovobg DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU22
51Extended DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU22Not updated
54Dkinsane DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU21
54Supercop DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU21
54Joing DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU21Not updated
57Sallina DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU20
57Grebloto DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU20
57Gadabg DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU20
57Ikakku DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU20Not updated
61Nomet DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU18Not updated
61Masselements DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU18
63Lyulin DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU17
63Tilane DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU17
63Morideen DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU17Not updated
66Sindrome DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU15
66Nanna DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU15
68Ghostshell DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU14Not updated
68Palalina DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU14Not updated
70Bluwolf DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU13
70Hollywoodd DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU13
72Hellbg DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU12Not updated
72Sablezub DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU12Not updated
74Tzarkiro DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU11
74Rismor DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU11Not updated
74Gatzul DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU11Not updated
77Sattana DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU10
77Hellcho DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU10
79Recount DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU9Not updated
80Bowfurion DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU8Not updated
80Stunkata DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU8Not updated
82Shizzak DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU7
82Dancwithme DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU7Not updated
82Xironbg DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU7Not updated
85Derkd DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU6
85Legonias DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU6Not updated
87Zarela DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU5
87Meanmachinne DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU5Not updated
87Alexdark DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU5Not updated
90Carllos DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU4
90Kalataa DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU4
90Grimyz DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU4Not updated
90Xanu DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU4Not updated
94Mssmit DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU3
94Tooxicc DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU3
94Batka DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU3Not updated
94Bokotikvata DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU3Not updated
94Jather DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU3Not updated
94Pxln DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU3Not updated
94Callipsus DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU3Not updated

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