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Aggramar-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Laminas Deeprun Pest ControlAggramar-EU98
2Dhamule WTB LifeAggramar-EU92Not updated
3Druff VIS HONORAggramar-EU87
4Traven E X O D U SAggramar-EU86
5Gazhel QUEEN LOLOAggramar-EU84Not updated
6Booey DreamweaversAggramar-EU83
7Jeycé E X O D U SAggramar-EU82
7Camí GAME OVERAggramar-EU82Not updated
9Pusheen NefaríousAggramar-EU81
10Assassia Anger ManagementAggramar-EU80
10Tjurskalln Unleashed ChaosAggramar-EU80Not updated
12Paxy Final EquilibriumAggramar-EU79
12Rofly Anger ManagementAggramar-EU79Not updated
12Nekon  Aggramar-EU79Not updated
15Despot Friends of the GrummleAggramar-EU78Not updated
16Chikage VIS HONORAggramar-EU77
16Lexustheone Soldiers of AzerothAggramar-EU77
16Hitandrun E X O D U SAggramar-EU77
16Stlex Soldiers of AzerothAggramar-EU77Not updated
20Delanu Anger ManagementAggramar-EU76
20Combatwombat The GarrisonAggramar-EU76
20Althorus Facebook FamousAggramar-EU76Not updated
23Zephi InsanityAggramar-EU75
23Faithless Cult of the Old OnesAggramar-EU75
23Chamois Soldiers of AzerothAggramar-EU75Not updated
23Levenworth  Aggramar-EU75Not updated
23Quathan DreamweaversAggramar-EU75Not updated
28Millecollin E X O D U SAggramar-EU74
28Deedee E X O D U SAggramar-EU74
28Confusehed VertigoAggramar-EU74Not updated
28Lidae Anger ManagementAggramar-EU74
28Sewagelash E X O D U SAggramar-EU74Not updated
33Legato The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU73
33Crossbow The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU73
33Fearotica The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU73
33Sirwos  Aggramar-EU73Not updated
37Lowman E X O D U SAggramar-EU72
37Jigsaw E X O D U SAggramar-EU72Not updated
37Undeadzdk The AscensionAggramar-EU72
37Sixthy Wipe In ProgressAggramar-EU72Not updated
37Debts E X O D U SAggramar-EU72
37Swagglebarry Anger ManagementAggramar-EU72
37Viskah Sine CuraAggramar-EU72Not updated
44Shom The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU71
44Eutomos VIS HONORAggramar-EU71
44Floppydog Auditor Fortuna JuvatAggramar-EU71
44Tryy Final EquilibriumAggramar-EU71
44Dabih Auditors of UnrealityAggramar-EU71
44Sangor The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU71
44Raîkou Deeprun Pest ControlAggramar-EU71
44Mixine The AscensionAggramar-EU71Not updated
52Morpheosbad VIS HONORAggramar-EU70
52Hairyplague E X O D U SAggramar-EU70
52Zelphy The Alliance ArmyAggramar-EU70
55Quarkdk BlackmoonzAggramar-EU69
55Dawnwalkér CasualAggramar-EU69
55Fliz The Obsidian OrderAggramar-EU69
55Frigidtouchx Sundered HorizonAggramar-EU69
55Valrell  Aggramar-EU69Not updated
55Kelrell DreamweaversAggramar-EU69Not updated
55Thraldoz  Aggramar-EU69Not updated
55Steiner TDETAggramar-EU69Not updated
55Daddlarn  Aggramar-EU69Not updated
55Slows  Aggramar-EU69Not updated
65Charlisangel InsanityAggramar-EU68
65Alrenya The ExodusAggramar-EU68
65Sleel The GarrisonAggramar-EU68

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