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Aerie Peak-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Lenorien  Aerie Peak-US104Not updated
2Troyan AloneAerie Peak-US103
3Hiricine AloneAerie Peak-US101
4Kathel  Aerie Peak-US99Not updated
5Aerumas My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US92
6Vex AloneAerie Peak-US91
6Yeskaj Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US91
6Tux AloneAerie Peak-US91
9Kaotick UprisingAerie Peak-US90
10Ranikotar AloneAerie Peak-US89
11Multini UprisingAerie Peak-US87Not updated
12Silverz My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US86
13Eckzun AloneAerie Peak-US85
14Serendipty My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US84
14Waambulance Convert to Raid NalakAerie Peak-US84
16Totemrider AloneAerie Peak-US83Not updated
16Sapphic  Aerie Peak-US83Not updated
18Zamboozle AloneAerie Peak-US82
18Siendel Darkness WithinAerie Peak-US82
18Adonias Frontline OffendersAerie Peak-US82
18Argeneau UprisingAerie Peak-US82Not updated
22Vuel  Aerie Peak-US81Not updated
23Clovinn SHENANIGANZAerie Peak-US80Not updated
24Zoezazu Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US79
24Microcosm The SeraphimAerie Peak-US79Not updated
24Capuchin AloneAerie Peak-US79
24Azypriest Convert to Raid MobusAerie Peak-US79
24Czm AloneAerie Peak-US79
24Captured ResolvedAerie Peak-US79Not updated
24Parsnips Duck Duck GooseAerie Peak-US79
24Graveforce The SeraphimAerie Peak-US79Not updated
32Cloveresque AloneAerie Peak-US78
32Manethak InsanityAerie Peak-US78
32Staghoff Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US78
32Reightons InvictusAerie Peak-US78Not updated
32Sciatika  Aerie Peak-US78Not updated
32Papatony  Aerie Peak-US78Not updated
32Kumahat Something Really DumbAerie Peak-US78Not updated
32Digitalghost Ancient LegionsAerie Peak-US78Not updated
40Ilane AloneAerie Peak-US77
41Necrò My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US76
41Devá Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US76Not updated
41Katnip AloneAerie Peak-US76
41Elloria The SeraphimAerie Peak-US76
41Happyhooves Tabula RazaAerie Peak-US76
41Shuttlez RebellionAerie Peak-US76Not updated
47Hudson Convert to Raid MobusAerie Peak-US75
47Tyrael Convert to Raid GalleonAerie Peak-US75
47Evarmore Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US75
47Wastinghate  Aerie Peak-US75Not updated
47Illeyna  Aerie Peak-US75Not updated
47Dakh Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US75
47Wasteland PERVERSIONAerie Peak-US75Not updated
47Moneyforheal Knights of OblivionAerie Peak-US75Not updated
55Marleficent  Aerie Peak-US74
55Nazuvious AloneAerie Peak-US74
55Legnadercas Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US74
55Suffocating PERVERSIONAerie Peak-US74Not updated
55Grimes Burnt By HonorAerie Peak-US74Not updated
60Tiberria AloneAerie Peak-US73
60Baelrah AloneAerie Peak-US73
60Priv AloneAerie Peak-US73
60Keibler Convert to Raid AzuregosAerie Peak-US73
60Muskoka Convert to Raid EmerissAerie Peak-US73
60Bamboozelle Convert to Raid MobusAerie Peak-US73
66Apples AloneAerie Peak-US72
66Felecia EndureAerie Peak-US72
66Vaso UnrivaledAerie Peak-US72
66Amoramune Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US72
66Shardik AloneAerie Peak-US72Not updated
71Rank AloneAerie Peak-US71
71Murdertramp Convert to Raid KazzakAerie Peak-US71
71Athôs  Aerie Peak-US71Not updated
74Scuz Convert to Raid OmenAerie Peak-US70
74Fizzl Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US70
74Kuppó InsanityAerie Peak-US70
74Rabbimoses Dodge ThisAerie Peak-US70
74Jeffdaheff My Other Mount is TaurenAerie Peak-US70
74Firebrnd Duck Duck GooseAerie Peak-US70
74Perillica PeachesAerie Peak-US70
74Lexiar AloneAerie Peak-US70
74Ephdisk PeachesAerie Peak-US70
74Unkremzeek RebornAerie Peak-US70Not updated
74Murdersteín AdelphiaAerie Peak-US70Not updated
74Lireal OutlandersAerie Peak-US70Not updated
74Jetpally Convert to Raid ShaAerie Peak-US70

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