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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aegwynn-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Rothstein  Aegwynn-EU172Not updated
2Loki  Aegwynn-EU163Not updated
3Finnexxa Dark TemplarAegwynn-EU116Not updated
4Roxy pandoras boxAegwynn-EU109Not updated
5Megazwei Melk TruppAegwynn-EU108Not updated
5Gaalonxy Melk TruppAegwynn-EU108Not updated
7Shibesnipe Melk TruppAegwynn-EU104Not updated
8Hogotia High QualityAegwynn-EU103Not updated
9Näsh STARCLUBAegwynn-EU102Not updated
9Saturnos Lordaerons BündnisAegwynn-EU102Not updated
9Dco Apeboys INCAegwynn-EU102Not updated
12Cana  Aegwynn-EU101Not updated
13Maddonna  Aegwynn-EU100Not updated
13Hexxman Flieht Ihr NarrenAegwynn-EU100Not updated
13Yuvilia  Aegwynn-EU100Not updated
13Harmuhnie  Aegwynn-EU100Not updated
17Hunterling Face ValueAegwynn-EU99Not updated
17Pedronniall Modi VivendiAegwynn-EU99Not updated
19Elnordecay ResilientAegwynn-EU98Not updated
20Xyiu Zero Gravity Elite PVPAegwynn-EU97Not updated
20Eyu Armee der FinsternisAegwynn-EU97Not updated
20Morenah post mortemAegwynn-EU97Not updated
20Xacûry RäGäAegwynn-EU97Not updated
24Draisen  Aegwynn-EU96Not updated
25Kakashi exhaleAegwynn-EU95Not updated
25Trýni  Aegwynn-EU95Not updated
25Spéctral  Aegwynn-EU95Not updated
28Kuky  Aegwynn-EU94Not updated
28Atamiyu CyneticAegwynn-EU94Not updated
28Oomee CyneticAegwynn-EU94Not updated
28Akume  Aegwynn-EU94Not updated
32Delusivedoll GmbH und Co KGAegwynn-EU93Not updated
33Neferatem CyneticAegwynn-EU92Not updated
33Dárkar Flieht Ihr NarrenAegwynn-EU92Not updated
33Irmo ZergAegwynn-EU92Not updated
33Felosial RiddikulusAegwynn-EU92Not updated
33Tÿrel  Aegwynn-EU92Not updated
33Monbon  Aegwynn-EU92Not updated
39Shae placeholderAegwynn-EU91Not updated
39Ropold  Aegwynn-EU91Not updated
39Waýden  Aegwynn-EU91Not updated
42Nauree Melk TruppAegwynn-EU90Not updated
42Tayxz ResilientAegwynn-EU90Not updated
42Pozwo II ÐR IIAegwynn-EU90Not updated
42Kharmi placeholderAegwynn-EU90Not updated
42Lasharanda PandemicAegwynn-EU90Not updated
42Pyrobladex ElunariAegwynn-EU90Not updated
42Shínota ResilientAegwynn-EU90Not updated
49Collinna piRATSAegwynn-EU89Not updated
49Lerralol The Breakfast ClubAegwynn-EU89Not updated
49Lykatoa high VoltaGeAegwynn-EU89Not updated
49Cleavywonder NEVER TALK BETWEENAegwynn-EU89Not updated
49Streetcredz  Aegwynn-EU89Not updated
49Iradjs  Aegwynn-EU89Not updated
49Juhle  Aegwynn-EU89Not updated
56Velvin Bleed it outAegwynn-EU88Not updated
56Chrystî TenguAegwynn-EU88Not updated
56Zathrian  Aegwynn-EU88Not updated
56Spuker Gilde von Quell DanasAegwynn-EU88Not updated
60Sennyar ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU87Not updated
60Konsti ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU87Not updated
60Elezwei High SocietyAegwynn-EU87Not updated
60Sertanyo Novus ordo seclorumAegwynn-EU87Not updated
60Zyqt Blood and SandAegwynn-EU87Not updated
65Tumili  Aegwynn-EU86Not updated
65Bradok VielfraßeAegwynn-EU86Not updated
67Exido SkillmutationAegwynn-EU85Not updated
67Rhazod The Origins of piRATSAegwynn-EU85Not updated
67Fummeljango effortlessAegwynn-EU85Not updated
67Oliwania AnabolicAegwynn-EU85Not updated
67Wurzelgnomie chicks n onionAegwynn-EU85Not updated
72Tòxy Communitas AureaAegwynn-EU84Not updated
72Almöhi Modi VivendiAegwynn-EU84Not updated
72Myriena  Aegwynn-EU84Not updated
72Falconkick CyneticAegwynn-EU84Not updated
72Märrox  Aegwynn-EU84Not updated
72Rostic Flieht Ihr NarrenAegwynn-EU84Not updated
72Toppolino Higher StandardAegwynn-EU84Not updated
79Tollifant  Aegwynn-EU83Not updated
79Ukya CyneticAegwynn-EU83Not updated
79Ñecrøtic  Aegwynn-EU83Not updated
79Asheín EODEMAegwynn-EU83Not updated
79Nashadine A State of TranceAegwynn-EU83Not updated
79Type The Origins of piRATSAegwynn-EU83Not updated
79Scôôby  Aegwynn-EU83Not updated
79Jimryder  Aegwynn-EU83Not updated
79Ceciná InsurrectionAegwynn-EU83Not updated
79Nobolein Twinki and the MainAegwynn-EU83Not updated
89Wooty CyneticAegwynn-EU82Not updated
89Rynx NachtschwärmerAegwynn-EU82Not updated
89Toboye Melk TruppAegwynn-EU82Not updated
89Malvred Order OrbisAegwynn-EU82Not updated
89Dejaliciouz Fluffys FanclubAegwynn-EU82Not updated
89Zeppo one of a kindAegwynn-EU82Not updated
89Satsu TeadybearssAegwynn-EU82Not updated
89Deathfíghter Federal Reserve SystemAegwynn-EU82Not updated
97Gutty ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU81Not updated
97Pentéx The Breakfast ClubAegwynn-EU81Not updated
97Ashy DeadlyMindsAegwynn-EU81Not updated
97Hitløl DrachensilberAegwynn-EU81Not updated

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