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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Deathwraith Blood FuryAzralon-US177Not updated
2Isaî THE LAWTichondrius-US174Not updated
2Fortalsorsha Inner FocusElune-US174Not updated
4Nitrex  Mal'Ganis-US168Not updated
5Tigerlady  Tichondrius-US158Not updated
5Rykuns AvailedAnvilmar-US158Not updated
7Ataxus Blood LegionIllidan-US156Not updated
8Dpsgodz WORLDSTARHIPHOPKel'Thuzad-US150Not updated
9Rhandal  Sargeras-US149Not updated
10Promagus Alliance GuardiansAnvilmar-US148Not updated
10Teamnlquiks Blood Legion Spec OpsMal'Ganis-US148Not updated
12Beelo ObliviousEmerald Dream-US144Not updated
13Saracens GongshowMal'Ganis-US143Not updated
14Entropqt  Stormrage-US141Not updated
15Durtyb PrometheanStormreaver-US139Not updated
16Namespace  Kil'jaeden-US137Not updated
17Vaffral PathogenLightbringer-US136Not updated
17Feeasco DeliriumIllidan-US136Not updated
19Vanas AggressionGilneas-US134Not updated
19Thelf DefenestrateBlackrock-US134Not updated
21Rabid TempestBleeding Hollow-US133Not updated
22Cashcash AvailedAnvilmar-US132Not updated
23Enfeeblement Lords of the HordeThe Venture Co-US131Not updated
24Zaelia Months BehindEredar-US130Not updated
25Songokapow Eternal ReignLightbringer-US129Not updated
26Hewty  Tichondrius-US128Not updated
27Fortch PathogenLightbringer-US126Not updated
27Blkfacedmage DualityZul'jin-US126Not updated
27Marsold Tang DynastyIllidan-US126Not updated
27Spot Ascend GamingIllidan-US126Not updated
27Trogi DerisionMadoran-US126Not updated
32Ignitetus ImperviousSargeras-US125Not updated
32Aldariclol VigilMal'Ganis-US125Not updated
32Ðina  Bleeding Hollow-US125Not updated
35Itzmurda ReckoningMannoroth-US124Not updated
36Sarky WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US123Not updated
36Ahbsan VigilMal'Ganis-US123Not updated
38Absalom Blood LegionIllidan-US122Not updated
38Bairdy Friend ZoneDarkspear-US122Not updated
38Gigantomachy ReminenceDemon Soul-US122Not updated
38Bamboodance Wombat and PandaKilrogg-US122Not updated
38Drakora MeridianGhostlands-US122Not updated
43Konductive PrometheanStormreaver-US121Not updated
43Madawk VulgarSargeras-US121Not updated
43Baramoz  Frostmourne-US121Not updated
43Lumiwoos  Frostmourne-US121Not updated
43Songoyay Fighting SpiritTichondrius-US121Not updated
48Yalp ModestKilrogg-US120Not updated
48Vrys ContingencyAlexstrasza-US120Not updated
48Dannycareyz  Tichondrius-US120Not updated
48Piaopiao We Got GKickedKel'Thuzad-US120Not updated
52Yukio AngryIllidan-US119Not updated
52Kns  Mug'thol-US119Not updated
54Tostitos NurfedTichondrius-US118Not updated
54Cecilia License and RegistrationMug'thol-US118Not updated
54Vellektra ImbaLightning's Blade-US118Not updated
54Method The CoalitionLightbringer-US118Not updated
54Mukkalukka hustle gangTichondrius-US118Not updated
54Socold The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US118Not updated
60Arkadu The HorsemenShadowmoon-US117Not updated
60Hurukaï OdysseyMal'Ganis-US117Not updated
60Rorhn ApotheosisGnomeregan-US117Not updated
60Alvaro Emberblade SyndicateWyrmrest Accord-US117Not updated
60Rykunz  Mal'Ganis-US117Not updated
65Scorcher EntropiZul'jin-US116Not updated
65Brightleaf Blood LegionIllidan-US116Not updated
65Chairmanmao Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US116Not updated
65Teq CrispBaelgun-US116Not updated
65Mes TsunamiTichondrius-US116Not updated
65Maxe MossadSargeras-US116Not updated
65Swix PacifistMal'Ganis-US116Not updated
72Jasmirras ReckoningMannoroth-US115Not updated
72Dapizzaman Did it for WhitneyBleeding Hollow-US115Not updated
72Rammys vodkaStormrage-US115Not updated
72Judicas Last AttemptThaurissan-US115Not updated
72Gorexarz  Greymane-US115Not updated
72Spothel Evidence of EvolutionMok'Nathal-US115Not updated
72Riou Elitist JerksMal'Ganis-US115Not updated
72Sweetcheekks Mongolian Chop SquadMedivh-US115Not updated
72Scorch  Lothar-US115Not updated
81Dyveriate Blood LegionIllidan-US114Not updated
81Speakz Something WickedWhisperwind-US114Not updated
81Annalisse Post MortemKilrogg-US114Not updated
81Phaeron  Frostmourne-US114Not updated
81Psamtik MidwinterSargeras-US114Not updated
81Metsuki Something WickedWhisperwind-US114Not updated
81Eloderung Eternal ReignLightbringer-US114Not updated
81Pouncecinius  Sargeras-US114Not updated
89Camikins StaticArthas-US113Not updated
89Klausnomi  Jaedenar-US113Not updated
89Ivanetta Carry to VictorySargeras-US113Not updated
89Cybbella AscensionBlackwater Raiders-US113Not updated
93Syrynity Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US112Not updated
93Vantro MightZul'jin-US112Not updated
93Tob NurfedTichondrius-US112Not updated
93Xahll DualityZul'jin-US112Not updated
93Martencar Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US112Not updated
93Xwn PALS FOR LIFEKel'Thuzad-US112Not updated
93Metztli a little too RaphStormreaver-US112Not updated
93Shunkõ Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US112Not updated

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