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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

US (OC) Unique Pets
1Icypaws BreakawayCaelestrasz-US612Not updated
2Turnip Alliance in WonderlandNagrand-US611
3Whackjob The SanctifiedKhaz'goroth-US609
3Melann LithiumFrostmourne-US609Not updated
5Sïan Monsters IncorporatedFrostmourne-US607Not updated
5Minndy FrostwolvesSaurfang-US607
7Squatters DestructionAman'Thul-US605
8Amaranthia Gíant Communíst RobotsDath'Remar-US604Not updated
9Demin BizarroKhaz'goroth-US603
9Valgardaen UnlimitedFrostmourne-US603
9Anthya The SanctifiedKhaz'goroth-US603
9Lissadar  Frostmourne-US603
13Goldash Creative JuicesBarthilas-US602
13Ryanpeter BatibotSaurfang-US602Not updated
13Chibixiao MalevolenceAman'Thul-US602Not updated
13Rallin War Rocket AjaxDath'Remar-US602
17Kaix AjantisSaurfang-US601
17Panetar ANARCHY IncDath'Remar-US601Not updated
17Miaoness Travelling TraderBarthilas-US601
17Pyy OblìvionFrostmourne-US601
21Karnak SiegeSaurfang-US600Not updated
21Wollongong HordeYakkaJubei'Thos-US600
21Sammiya The European TreatyAman'Thul-US600Not updated
21Zenobia  Saurfang-US600Not updated
21Felcandy  Khaz'goroth-US600Not updated
26Gavin ConvictionKhaz'goroth-US599
27Throatslit Standard NerdsSaurfang-US598Not updated
28Jnell Sad PandaCaelestrasz-US597
29Wain CoExistenceAman'Thul-US596Not updated
29Bejeweled make it soDath'Remar-US596
29Nortybutnice DefectionKhaz'goroth-US596
29Melmoki CoonAndFriendsKhaz'goroth-US596
29Oronnie VisionFrostmourne-US596Not updated
29Asymptotem Aggressive ProgressionFrostmourne-US596Not updated
35Rosera VortexBarthilas-US595
35Wipebringer HordeYakkaJubei'Thos-US595
35Kíriana Dead But RisingKhaz'goroth-US595Not updated
35Sithis Psych WardDreadmaul-US595Not updated
35Deathlegend Channel VIFrostmourne-US595Not updated
40Bekstar ExileNagrand-US594
40Keyzersoze Mass DestructionFrostmourne-US594
40Discarded VortexBarthilas-US594
40Luxy FrostwolvesSaurfang-US594Not updated
40Taxfraud DragonsbaneJubei'Thos-US594
40Lollie Ex TenebraCaelestrasz-US594Not updated
40Emberstorm Ex TenebraCaelestrasz-US594Not updated
47Catoblepas EquinoctisGundrak-US593Not updated
47Kimazui LCDBarthilas-US593Not updated
47Kandycrush  Frostmourne-US593Not updated
47Tay PinnacleNagrand-US593Not updated
47Embersky Ex TenebraCaelestrasz-US593Not updated
47Blackball AconiteGundrak-US593
47Deeptrance Gutter MindsCaelestrasz-US593
47Subêêj Molten Core Swim TeamCaelestrasz-US593Not updated
47Lightzgraece FrenzyFrostmourne-US593Not updated
47Msbehavin True BloodJubei'Thos-US593Not updated
47Jademyst Ex TenebraCaelestrasz-US593Not updated
47Dotaholic Ex TenebraCaelestrasz-US593Not updated
59Subzerodawg MomentúmFrostmourne-US592Not updated
59Confetti AjantisSaurfang-US592Not updated
59Thetaxman DragonsbaneJubei'Thos-US592
59Shredbull  Frostmourne-US592Not updated
59Xaeia EQ GamingSaurfang-US592Not updated
59ßatman Village IdiotsDath'Remar-US592Not updated
59Brynk FatigueNagrand-US592Not updated
66Alogagain CollusionSaurfang-US591
66Shinji Psych WardDreadmaul-US591Not updated
66Fearghail Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilas-US591Not updated
66Shepalute  Frostmourne-US591Not updated
70Japes huehuehueFrostmourne-US590
70Serenox Sinners SanctumNagrand-US590Not updated
70Djheisenberg Chaos LoungeSaurfang-US590Not updated
70Zxane Aggressive ProgressionFrostmourne-US590Not updated
70Wilbershade Mortem JuxtaNagrand-US590Not updated
70Sybii TenAman'Thul-US590
70Kalied DistortionCaelestrasz-US590
70Hematuria DistortionCaelestrasz-US590
70Gnashå InfusiönNagrand-US590Not updated
70Ånamnesis The Fallen sunNagrand-US590Not updated
70Vøldin The Fallen sunNagrand-US590Not updated
70Crît The Fallen sunNagrand-US590Not updated
70Stormpanda Pacific IslandersNagrand-US590Not updated
70Körgano Pulp FactionNagrand-US590Not updated
70Kiruna Electric Lady LoungeBarthilas-US590Not updated
70Grantina TwelveFrostmourne-US590Not updated
70Vitis Narwhal of DeathThaurissan-US590Not updated
87Methyl CrimsonCaelestrasz-US589Not updated
87Orrik SempiternusKhaz'goroth-US589
87Uji  Barthilas-US589Not updated
87Dannica GIRL WITHOUT A MICJubei'Thos-US589Not updated
87Silvermyst BountyCaelestrasz-US589Not updated
87Avadakedavra CrimsonDath'Remar-US589Not updated
87Kreayshawn Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US589Not updated
87Cordedbowl ChaosFrostmourne-US589Not updated
87Arxx Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US589Not updated
87Jadesky Ex TenebraCaelestrasz-US589Not updated
87Artemís GruntledCaelestrasz-US589Not updated
87Boneshanks ConvictionKhaz'goroth-US589Not updated
99Souglyy FrostwolvesSaurfang-US588Not updated
99Gongala Play SchoolBarthilas-US588

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