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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ysera-US Unique Pets
1Poap  Ysera-US609Not updated
2Malkil Breach of FaithYsera-US601Not updated
3Beseechia Impending Doom IIYsera-US599Not updated
4Terribellà The OverlordsYsera-US594Not updated
5Namic MyriadYsera-US593Not updated
6Nesrin I Do It For The LadiesYsera-US592Not updated
6Yaadra The Dreamers WardsYsera-US592Not updated
8Sinslay Anam CaraYsera-US591Not updated
9Tweak Para BellumYsera-US590Not updated
9Loshayden HSIOWYsera-US590Not updated
11Ghalle DeterminationYsera-US589Not updated
11Dominio MyriadYsera-US589Not updated
13Angellica PrivilegeYsera-US585Not updated
14Toddofcruz DraumalessYsera-US584Not updated
14Spaero Cloaca and DaggerYsera-US584Not updated
16Maaniirni InfectusYsera-US583Not updated
16Basspfeffer Queen Annes RevengeYsera-US583Not updated
18Olokhan Impending Doom IIYsera-US582Not updated
18Starblade DarkSideCarnivalYsera-US582Not updated
18Uglak  Ysera-US582Not updated
21Lysette I Do It For The LadiesYsera-US581Not updated
22Moonlia  Ysera-US580Not updated
23Yar Anam CaraYsera-US579Not updated
24Deanehulk Impending Doom IIYsera-US578Not updated
25Nem Impending Doom IIYsera-US577Not updated
25Shadowsstorm Omega Res NovaeYsera-US577Not updated
25Grue Impending Doom IIYsera-US577Not updated
25Rendigar RevelryYsera-US577Not updated
25Benighted Impending Doom IIYsera-US577Not updated
25Ultrin Impending Doom IIYsera-US577Not updated
25Mooscles Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US577Not updated
25Nizzre Impending Doom IIYsera-US577Not updated
25Sivakar Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US577Not updated
25Anaomin Red LoreYsera-US577Not updated
25Siivud The OverlordsYsera-US577Not updated
36Xansa Brawling BratsYsera-US575Not updated
36Zakirah Caster LewtzYsera-US575Not updated
38Boudicaa Eternal ForceYsera-US574Not updated
38Daestra  Ysera-US574Not updated
40Chiwhiz Impending Doom IIYsera-US573Not updated
40Abbil Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US573Not updated
42Mirakela Eternal ForceYsera-US570Not updated
42Pepiny CorsairsYsera-US570Not updated
44Clamick InfectusYsera-US567Not updated
45Healmebass Breach of FaithYsera-US566Not updated
46Paeshenc HecatombYsera-US564Not updated
46Deanebubble Ancient SeibwenYsera-US564Not updated
48Shiverina Forged in ShadowsYsera-US563Not updated
49Lilaia Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US562Not updated
49Allick Dazed and ConfusedYsera-US562Not updated
51Temujin Impending Doom IIYsera-US561Not updated
51Strolla  Ysera-US561Not updated
51Lobstertail Impending Doom IIYsera-US561Not updated
54Ninetyorbust SynergyYsera-US560Not updated
55Tensoon HavocYsera-US558Not updated
55Kyorl Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US558Not updated
57Zaafira UnleashedYsera-US557Not updated
57Scalawag UnleashedYsera-US557Not updated
57Nez PrivilegeYsera-US557Not updated
60Jelloshöt Zero RequiemYsera-US556Not updated
61Brasill PrivilegeYsera-US555Not updated
61Catteni UnleashedYsera-US555Not updated
63Sanctuari Caster LewtzYsera-US554Not updated
63Emmalee UnleashedYsera-US554Not updated
63Zargol  Ysera-US554Not updated
63Blackrickard Is Very RudeYsera-US554Not updated
67Bijinato SynergyYsera-US553Not updated
67Tharzidan Legend ChasersYsera-US553Not updated
69Qyja SunFallYsera-US552Not updated
69Ashúra DarkSideCarnivalYsera-US552Not updated
69Imurbabe NO QUARTERYsera-US552Not updated
69Moneygrubber  Ysera-US552Not updated
69Libby VileYsera-US552Not updated
69Bubbly Shadowed SoulYsera-US552Not updated
75Lanastarkova G kickDYsera-US550Not updated
75Rhyanan UnleashedYsera-US550Not updated
77Murielle PrimordiumYsera-US549Not updated
77Wingedheart PrimordiumYsera-US549Not updated
77Kirikiri PrimordiumYsera-US549Not updated
77Toccata PrimordiumYsera-US549Not updated
77Lunarfrost RegenesisYsera-US549Not updated
77Camisan PrimordiumYsera-US549Not updated
77Xanthippia PrimordiumYsera-US549Not updated
77Anina UnleashedYsera-US549Not updated
77Leifa  Ysera-US549Not updated
77Mongoose  Ysera-US549Not updated
87Makirog Forged in ShadowsYsera-US548Not updated
87Morelda Drunken HordeYsera-US548Not updated
87Sekhera Calamitous PetsYsera-US548Not updated
90Tawnney Para BellumYsera-US547Not updated
90Thaimaishu Avid IndoorsmenYsera-US547Not updated
90Bills Order Of The OutcastYsera-US547Not updated
90Lanfaer Restless SoulsYsera-US547Not updated
90Drägoness Porkchop ExpressYsera-US547Not updated
95Jazzberry The Fairies and GoblinsYsera-US546Not updated
95Humongous SynergyYsera-US546Not updated
95Hannabev User FriendlyYsera-US546Not updated
98Syman Breach of FaithYsera-US545Not updated
98Kharisa Vagabonds and ValliantsYsera-US545Not updated
98Tallic Alliance ElitesYsera-US545Not updated

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