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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Windrunner-KR Unique Pets
1산지직송특등급  Windrunner-KR577Not updated
2스크루바  Windrunner-KR576Not updated
3라이시엘 영웅의 전설Windrunner-KR575Not updated
3시엘라인 영웅의 전설Windrunner-KR575Not updated
3너기 아름다운 인연Windrunner-KR575Not updated
6밤만되면여우 영웅의 전설Windrunner-KR574Not updated
7만능제빵사 아름다운 인연Windrunner-KR572Not updated
7Saintofdark Blue and BerryWindrunner-KR572Not updated
7네쓰 LIFE GOES ONWindrunner-KR572Not updated
7간첩인데소같지 오그리마유나이티드Windrunner-KR572Not updated
11나니사  Windrunner-KR569Not updated
12사제엘다 The skyWindrunner-KR567Not updated
12드루사비 BustahzWindrunner-KR567Not updated
12강철호두 얼라이언스동맹Windrunner-KR567Not updated
15로뮤러스 죽은자의 검Windrunner-KR564Not updated
16주옥같은나 불꽃처럼Windrunner-KR563Not updated
17최강이야 BustahzWindrunner-KR562Not updated
18업적은저주섭에서  Windrunner-KR561Not updated
19Everya 가시버시Windrunner-KR558Not updated
20워든오브엔젤 THe BloSSomWindrunner-KR557Not updated
21전경앓이 할부지랑 쪼꼬어린이들Windrunner-KR555Not updated
22Rhymez BustahzWindrunner-KR553Not updated
22Halos BustahzWindrunner-KR553Not updated
22주우욱기이 아카시아Windrunner-KR553Not updated
25시아와세데스 어쩜 이리 귀여울까Windrunner-KR552Not updated
26신성한분노  Windrunner-KR551Not updated
27들판의봄 Pluie de EtoilesWindrunner-KR549Not updated
27동네아줌마콧물 Pluie de EtoilesWindrunner-KR549Not updated
27살짝쿵 Pluie de EtoilesWindrunner-KR549Not updated
27아닌데요 Pluie de EtoilesWindrunner-KR549Not updated
31헤이비치  Windrunner-KR548Not updated
31Rainboweye Death SquadWindrunner-KR548Not updated
31하늘피쉬 Death SquadWindrunner-KR548Not updated
31멋진날냥 Death SquadWindrunner-KR548Not updated
31노움하세요  Windrunner-KR548Not updated
36우연한행은 레드제플린Windrunner-KR547Not updated
36블랙스톤후프 LIFE GOES ONWindrunner-KR547Not updated
38뽀리지존 환상Windrunner-KR546Not updated
39죽음의신봉자 오그리마유나이티드Windrunner-KR545Not updated
39예술적인마법사  Windrunner-KR545Not updated
41아하바티 MatthewWindrunner-KR544Not updated
42크리스라샤 니똥꼬를오그리마Windrunner-KR543Not updated
42Aien S A V I O RWindrunner-KR543Not updated
42Eire S A V I O RWindrunner-KR543Not updated
42Eiren S A V I O RWindrunner-KR543Not updated
46노레보 Azeroth CastleWindrunner-KR542Not updated
46노루센 S eyesWindrunner-KR542Not updated
46까소봉 감자밭에갔는데등에흙이왜묻어Windrunner-KR542Not updated
49순듸 BustahzWindrunner-KR541Not updated
50도끼로패 함께하면 즐거운Windrunner-KR540Not updated
50삐강이 갓 구운 빵Windrunner-KR540Not updated
52Silverdragon GrowlerWindrunner-KR539Not updated
53Eirin S A V I O RWindrunner-KR538Not updated
53Erendia S A V I O RWindrunner-KR538Not updated
55스위티베리 마마Windrunner-KR537Not updated
55여기사라희 Death SquadWindrunner-KR537Not updated
55꼬꼬마라니 Death SquadWindrunner-KR537Not updated
55토실한궁딩 Death SquadWindrunner-KR537Not updated
55순수한라나 Death SquadWindrunner-KR537Not updated
60불뿜는용가리 LUX et VERITASWindrunner-KR535Not updated
60펄블랙라인 얼라이언스 청년회Windrunner-KR535Not updated
62브류엘라  Windrunner-KR534Not updated
62여가선용 확고한동맹Windrunner-KR534Not updated
64매직솔 가 우 리Windrunner-KR533Not updated
64Zizelle Greater FoolsWindrunner-KR533Not updated
64Xaphania Greater FoolsWindrunner-KR533Not updated
64Renata Greater FoolsWindrunner-KR533Not updated
64Serafina Greater FoolsWindrunner-KR533Not updated
64Shaoren Greater FoolsWindrunner-KR533Not updated
64Aglaia Greater FoolsWindrunner-KR533Not updated
71구름맛 레드제플린Windrunner-KR532Not updated
71유니비니 ViceWindrunner-KR532Not updated
71투명안 ViceWindrunner-KR532Not updated
71Nekoyuhki WannabEWindrunner-KR532Not updated
71이쁜내게감히 The skyWindrunner-KR532Not updated
76유키뽕 WannabEWindrunner-KR531Not updated
76브라운레인 AnCWindrunner-KR531Not updated
76팬더레인 AnCWindrunner-KR531Not updated
76로드레인 AnCWindrunner-KR531Not updated
76엔젤레인 AnCWindrunner-KR531Not updated
76대탱금 파란Windrunner-KR531Not updated
82Kirjava Greater FoolsWindrunner-KR530Not updated
82Aleithia Greater FoolsWindrunner-KR530Not updated
82Stelmaria Greater FoolsWindrunner-KR530Not updated
82Nausika Greater FoolsWindrunner-KR530Not updated
82Nephthys Greater FoolsWindrunner-KR530Not updated
82마이더스손 EBENEZERWindrunner-KR530Not updated
82주성치 The skyWindrunner-KR530Not updated
89네코유키뽕 WannabEWindrunner-KR529Not updated
89Isis Greater FoolsWindrunner-KR529Not updated
89티키뿅 WannabEWindrunner-KR529Not updated

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