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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Wildhammer-EU Unique Pets
1Naouda Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU559
2Crosta Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU550
3Leastath Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU529
4Neeson Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU515
5Zoisite Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU505
6Kamked Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU498
7Terravita Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU476Not updated
8Vanessahh Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU414Not updated
9Kogoleczyc Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU311Not updated
10Tyrannosaur Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU310
11Kyoukotsu Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU302
12Bogart Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU277Not updated
13Yukunkunova Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU245
14Avimlól Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU225Not updated
15Steelbreaker Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU223Not updated
16Amberoth Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU204
17Neresia Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU196Not updated
18Sparkhawn Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU183
19Megas Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU179
20Moyahe Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU166
21Sarilman Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU162
22Eshinshadow Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU160
23Blacil Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU159
24Nuyuko Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU158Not updated
25Øzyrys Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU149
26Diterlizzi Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU147Not updated
27Hød Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU145Not updated
28Wempa Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU136
28Rathma Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU136Not updated
30Healkan Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU127
31Yemmaya Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU126Not updated
32Rezo Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU123
33Nerfmonk Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU121Not updated
33Dzierzba Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU121Not updated
35Miziak Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU119
35Chrobry Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU119Not updated
37Skotos Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU116
38Cipowons Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU112Not updated
39Froststriker Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU111Not updated
40Bialobrody Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU108Not updated
41Kawesuko Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU94
42Lagertha Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU88Not updated
43Palji Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU83Not updated
43Ergoproxy Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU83Not updated
45Kraouli Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU77Not updated
46Neradni Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU74Not updated
47Vesack Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU70Not updated
48Czopek Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU67Not updated
49Kanciara Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU65Not updated
50Onessa Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU62
51Wrzicikopek Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU61Not updated
52Chrickert Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU60Not updated
53Gwozdzik Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU57Not updated
54Oomkinung Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU52Not updated
55Guzz Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU49Not updated
56Nimfomanka Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU48
57Kaer Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU44Not updated
58Vení Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU43
59Juzoslaw Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU40Not updated
60Misiomysza Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU38
60Tritius Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU38Not updated
62Qkimonster Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU36
63Sadrill Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU35Not updated
63Ashtaroth Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU35Not updated
65Gorgiasz Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU34Not updated
66Torni Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU31
67Joszu Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU30Not updated
68Freegun Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU29Not updated
69Kubuzandil Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU28Not updated
70Krig Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU27
70Gokash Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU27
70Zlixto Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU27Not updated
73Milivanili Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU26Not updated
73Mnre Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU26Not updated
73Hahakel Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU26Not updated
76Bartinon Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU24
77Maresur Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU19
78Jimcarried Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU17
79Darthone Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU16Not updated
80Sajmoon Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU12Not updated
81Jia Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU11Not updated
82Kalapooya Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU10Not updated
83Drongal Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU7Not updated
84Illilili Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU5Not updated
84Czesiek Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU5
86Jackets Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU3
86Furiel Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU3
86Mustafaa Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU3
89Trybson Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU0Not updated

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