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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Wildhammer-EU Unique Pets
1Nefernefer Power GirlsWildhammer-EU596Not updated
2Waif legion of the flameWildhammer-EU595Not updated
3Hoosdare Blood Wolves of the MoonWildhammer-EU594Not updated
4Lifli TeamworkDKWildhammer-EU592Not updated
5Macromp No skill just luckWildhammer-EU590Not updated
6Fortytwo Amor EternisWildhammer-EU589Not updated
6Wilanora  Wildhammer-EU589Not updated
6Ragnvald NightshiftWildhammer-EU589Not updated
9Nordar La ResistanceWildhammer-EU588Not updated
10Stsunniva Fallen AngelsWildhammer-EU587Not updated
10Xaconian La FamiliaWildhammer-EU587Not updated
12Eori Mieron TietäjätWildhammer-EU584Not updated
12Anyt La ResistanceWildhammer-EU584Not updated
12Diocese Posledni hlidkaWildhammer-EU584Not updated
15Zenya EvadeWildhammer-EU581Not updated
15Wakaru Da VooDooWildhammer-EU581Not updated
17Thelariel Blood Wolves of the MoonWildhammer-EU580Not updated
17Morienn Fallen AngelsWildhammer-EU580Not updated
17Acr The Braveheart SquadWildhammer-EU580Not updated
20Isopanda Mieron TietäjätWildhammer-EU579Not updated
20Ningnangnong La FamiliaWildhammer-EU579Not updated
22Vinha KovisjengiWildhammer-EU578Not updated
23Webdev No skill just luckWildhammer-EU576Not updated
23Sihaja Power GirlsWildhammer-EU576Not updated
25Adrien Power GirlsWildhammer-EU575Not updated
26Elixion DemiseWildhammer-EU574Not updated
26Daimi TeamworkDKWildhammer-EU574Not updated
26Kukkanen Mieron TietäjätWildhammer-EU574Not updated
29Aramie Casual GamersWildhammer-EU572Not updated
29Grimguzzler La FamiliaWildhammer-EU572Not updated
31Travel BankruptWildhammer-EU571Not updated
32Alunari No skill just luckWildhammer-EU570Not updated
33Daedur La ResistanceWildhammer-EU569Not updated
34Penelopka La ResistanceWildhammer-EU568Not updated
34Dawnrider The Swedish LegionWildhammer-EU568Not updated
34Wishteekull NightshiftWildhammer-EU568Not updated
34Elliese Casual GamersWildhammer-EU568Not updated
34Tikani Casual GamersWildhammer-EU568Not updated
34Verri Casual GamersWildhammer-EU568Not updated
34Evanne Casual GamersWildhammer-EU568Not updated
34Wrenna Casual GamersWildhammer-EU568Not updated
42Artego Aeria GlorisWildhammer-EU565Not updated
43Julia La ResistanceWildhammer-EU563Not updated
43Ellegil Fallen AngelsWildhammer-EU563Not updated
43Flisbeth Casual GamersWildhammer-EU563Not updated
43Morgan Casual GamersWildhammer-EU563Not updated
43Kathala Casual GamersWildhammer-EU563Not updated
43Twinny The Ice DrakesWildhammer-EU563Not updated
43Aleandra Casual GamersWildhammer-EU563Not updated
43Kaylen Casual GamersWildhammer-EU563Not updated
51Ninjaname EliteWildhammer-EU562Not updated
51Reorr NúmenorWildhammer-EU562Not updated
53Neilikka Fire BearsWildhammer-EU561Not updated
54Nenja  Wildhammer-EU560Not updated
55Naouda Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU559Not updated
55Ilusions NightshiftWildhammer-EU559Not updated
57Cbapal iPutOnMyRobeAndWizardHatWildhammer-EU558Not updated
58Sponti Raging BeastsWildhammer-EU557Not updated
58Victoriabeck AwakeningWildhammer-EU557Not updated
60Reven DemiseWildhammer-EU556Not updated
60Worglord The New DawnWildhammer-EU556Not updated
62Basisgek Silent EraWildhammer-EU554Not updated
62Harma AnimaWildhammer-EU554Not updated
64Gleech SangreWildhammer-EU553Not updated
64Arix  Wildhammer-EU553Not updated
66Ilo Mieron TietäjätWildhammer-EU552Not updated
66Paik Fallen AngelsWildhammer-EU552Not updated
66Sparkee  Wildhammer-EU552Not updated
66Milczy  Wildhammer-EU552Not updated
70Runasutaru Men of HonourWildhammer-EU551Not updated
71Crosta Caern MorghenWildhammer-EU550Not updated
72Torcho Lux PerpetuaWildhammer-EU549Not updated
72Kiluki Guilty PleasureWildhammer-EU549Not updated
72Ooósh FUBARWildhammer-EU549Not updated
72Mikiri  Wildhammer-EU549Not updated
76Celts AdunatumWildhammer-EU548Not updated
76Zimlin SynthesisWildhammer-EU548Not updated
78Xanatos AwakeningWildhammer-EU546Not updated
79Azyrii Optimus AmicitiaWildhammer-EU545Not updated
79Wych RavenswingWildhammer-EU545Not updated
79Boomkin The Ninth CircleWildhammer-EU545Not updated
82Fiamette Men of HonourWildhammer-EU544Not updated
82Jaesa Guilty PleasureWildhammer-EU544Not updated
84Xylurian Blood BrothersWildhammer-EU543Not updated
85Magtrol ThunderdomeWildhammer-EU542Not updated
85Flixotide just having funWildhammer-EU542Not updated
85Tuttifrutti For FunWildhammer-EU542Not updated
88Pankrác La ResistanceWildhammer-EU541Not updated
89ßritni No skill just luckWildhammer-EU540Not updated
89Athemar The ArgonautsWildhammer-EU540Not updated
89Burrhead It is just a GAMEWildhammer-EU540Not updated

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