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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Varimathras-EU Unique Pets
1Manaël La Dernière CroisadeVarimathras-EU591Not updated
2Cacauètes AnimaVarimathras-EU585Not updated
3Guiwen NabeulbeukDungeonVarimathras-EU579Not updated
4Andegis RebìrthVarimathras-EU569Not updated
4Irmé Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU569Not updated
6Anhaëlle  Varimathras-EU559Not updated
6Testone  Varimathras-EU559Not updated
8Pashmir  Varimathras-EU557Not updated
9Bbleue  Varimathras-EU556Not updated
10Hurlenuit Spirits Of MantraVarimathras-EU552Not updated
11Pacôm  Varimathras-EU551Not updated
12Spinaker MurmurVarimathras-EU550Not updated
12Dkalum  Varimathras-EU550Not updated
14Loader RebìrthVarimathras-EU546Not updated
15Cølette Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU543Not updated
16Cortuny Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU542Not updated
17Liudmila Les Poneys qui ToussentVarimathras-EU539Not updated
18Coupdefoudre Carpe DiemVarimathras-EU535Not updated
18Deliajin MurmurVarimathras-EU535Not updated
20Kromatik Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU534Not updated
20Fuyuka Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU534Not updated
20Pëach  Varimathras-EU534Not updated
23Malyçia  Varimathras-EU533Not updated
24Fondevalon Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU532Not updated
25Deedlïth Aurorae PredatorisVarimathras-EU531Not updated
26Nerdaanel Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU530Not updated
26Blondeoupas Brother in armsVarimathras-EU530Not updated
28Ãngie Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU528Not updated
28Lyaskiann MurmurVarimathras-EU528Not updated
28Missherpes Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU528Not updated
28Coupdefolie Carpe DiemVarimathras-EU528Not updated
32Igory Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU526Not updated
32Jetaimee Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU526Not updated
34Colocius RenaïssanceVarimathras-EU525Not updated
34Avatarlord  Varimathras-EU525Not updated
34Greenpriest  Varimathras-EU525Not updated
37Shaigan RebìrthVarimathras-EU524Not updated
37Vikkie Brother in armsVarimathras-EU524Not updated
37Doncorléone SWAT of Kîng VarianVarimathras-EU524Not updated
40Edhoen La Dernière CroisadeVarimathras-EU521Not updated
41Kanaîyou Chuck LegacyVarimathras-EU520Not updated
42Chilga No Stuff No SKillVarimathras-EU519Not updated
42Igøry La compagnie pourpreVarimathras-EU519Not updated
44Jolicoeür Carpe DiemVarimathras-EU518Not updated
44Viss Serment des ombresVarimathras-EU518Not updated
46Darkhuan azulVarimathras-EU517Not updated
47Althiya Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU516Not updated
47Ardaamir T RaidVarimathras-EU516Not updated
49Yovoïde SedrohVarimathras-EU515Not updated
50Ptitgirafon Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU513Not updated
51Cortarcimore BurstomaticVarimathras-EU512Not updated
52Imagine Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU510Not updated
53Théià  Varimathras-EU509Not updated
54Warclysm  Varimathras-EU508Not updated
55Magefir  Varimathras-EU506Not updated
56Wyclosas Les Bannis du SavoirVarimathras-EU505Not updated
56Koern Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU505Not updated
56Capricia Le Sang des DamnésVarimathras-EU505Not updated
59Krentos United FriendsVarimathras-EU504Not updated
60Nelinia  Varimathras-EU503Not updated
60Andrarielle Tout doux mon lapinouVarimathras-EU503Not updated
60Suntara  Varimathras-EU503Not updated
60Déferlante Destructeur du NéantVarimathras-EU503Not updated
60Enigmus Tout doux mon lapinouVarimathras-EU503Not updated
65Lubdhaka Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU502Not updated
65Ötwo InførtuneVarimathras-EU502Not updated
67Desvignes MagoriümVarimathras-EU501Not updated
67Samollio RebìrthVarimathras-EU501Not updated
67Lasca  Varimathras-EU501Not updated
67Astronomix Le Sang des JustesVarimathras-EU501Not updated
71Draixana MurmurVarimathras-EU500Not updated
71Khaal Servant of QueenVarimathras-EU500Not updated
71Priestine Oom RunVarimathras-EU500Not updated
71Beltzeane  Varimathras-EU500Not updated
75Sileane EtherealVarimathras-EU499Not updated
76Tamae  Varimathras-EU498Not updated
76Briselumière Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU498Not updated
76Samollia RebìrthVarimathras-EU498Not updated
79Bonbonfraise ShinsekaiVarimathras-EU497Not updated
79Ratafia Les Fils du MaelströmVarimathras-EU497Not updated
81Transac  Varimathras-EU495Not updated
81Komara Utopia SanctumVarimathras-EU495Not updated
81Zoliane La louveterieVarimathras-EU495Not updated
81Denning SunreaverVarimathras-EU495Not updated
85Mortelune Les Moustaches du LionVarimathras-EU494Not updated
85Iræðraconis Lux In TenebrisVarimathras-EU494Not updated
87Evannescence  Varimathras-EU493Not updated
88Arkhalis La ruée vers l orVarimathras-EU492Not updated
89Leonies The new pvpVarimathras-EU491Not updated
90Mallyca Al Loar LimestraVarimathras-EU490Not updated
90Xao MurmurVarimathras-EU490Not updated
90Mhorback  Varimathras-EU490Not updated
93Rasgad BurstomaticVarimathras-EU489Not updated
93Klipsch Serment des ombresVarimathras-EU489Not updated
93Rÿoko  Varimathras-EU489Not updated
96Mariateresa AstraëVarimathras-EU488Not updated
97Chiantös Oom RunVarimathras-EU487Not updated
97Yoreel Oom RunVarimathras-EU487Not updated

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