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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Uther-US Unique Pets
1Gardakan  Uther-US605Not updated
2Keatile Sharp Pointy TeethUther-US604Not updated
3Pheeguh Pirates With No PantsUther-US600
4Misstic Akai SoubiUther-US597Not updated
5Tinibubbles HavokUther-US596
6Marlee The Irken EmpireUther-US594Not updated
7Katannah RisenUther-US593
8Telperion Red FiveUther-US591Not updated
8Irtastypanda Collected SoulsUther-US591Not updated
10Nickdanger AscendanceUther-US590
11Soudonia The Crusaders of ApathyUther-US588Not updated
12Gekijou Peaceful ViolenceUther-US584
12Kdee  Uther-US584
14Wintercloak AtonementUther-US583
15Galthariel Dark Dragon MinistryUther-US582Not updated
15Bryarra Ghosts of RetributionUther-US582
17Adorina The Blueberry BrigadeUther-US581
17Ajaah Stargaze WanderersUther-US581
19Adrenna Emissary of FateUther-US578
20Dandaratikii AtonementUther-US577
21Anastera Virtual InsanityUther-US576Not updated
22Sharí Kamikaze PenguinsUther-US575Not updated
22Analt ApathyUther-US575Not updated
24Moklech Pirates With No PantsUther-US574Not updated
25Underpantz Raiders ofthe Lost PantsUther-US573Not updated
26Nyqzoo AtonementUther-US572
27Kurkai The Irken EmpireUther-US571Not updated
28Laninda Emissary of FateUther-US570
29Texico AscendanceUther-US569
30Vlaid  Uther-US568Not updated
30Baiynne Competent CasualsUther-US568Not updated
30Xueya No MercyUther-US568Not updated
33Convectess We Hate Us TooUther-US567Not updated
33Murphie Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Capnmurphy Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Miji Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Lakph Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Khaafenn Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Michinnom Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Kongju Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Grimstar InsensitiveUther-US567Not updated
33Mcyoinks Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Wangja Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Thoggthang Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Stormywaters Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Nazthea Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Hyoli Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Gouger Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Maltesa Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
33Reynolds Chapter ZeroUther-US567Not updated
51Teilani Aurora AeternumUther-US566
51Zarkus LethalUther-US566Not updated
51Adaphne Chapter ZeroUther-US566Not updated
51Jege InsensitiveUther-US566Not updated
51Recalcitrant InsensitiveUther-US566Not updated
51Harujongil InsensitiveUther-US566Not updated
51Bizzaromurph Chapter ZeroUther-US566Not updated
51Myoungsu InsensitiveUther-US566Not updated
51Aji Chapter ZeroUther-US566Not updated
60Iscylla Mything PersonsUther-US565Not updated
60Rotheart EquilibriumUther-US565
62Zulania HavokUther-US564
63Salika ReduxUther-US562
63Enessa  Uther-US562
65Martyr Akai SoubiUther-US561
66Matatzu ImproviseUther-US560
67Lyundlin Mything PersonsUther-US559Not updated
68Vickie Kung Fu TreacheryUther-US558Not updated
69Magoofus Reign From HellUther-US557
70Wanji We Hate Us TooUther-US556Not updated
70Espeon Chapter ZeroUther-US556Not updated
72Xephyr Dark Dragon MinistryUther-US555Not updated
72Evilcore Peaceful ViolenceUther-US555
72Imathorn  Uther-US555Not updated
72Retbullslag Legacy of PainUther-US555Not updated
76Minxinpink We Hate Us TooUther-US554Not updated
77Bvee Common SenseUther-US553
77Seebass Disciples of The HordeUther-US553Not updated
77Kirasakura Kamikaze PenguinsUther-US553
77Tolenthor DistinctionUther-US553Not updated
81Joshy Consumed by HatredUther-US552
81Snapkick AtonementUther-US552
81Daeroth Edge of InsanityUther-US552Not updated
81Tuatha The WanderersUther-US552Not updated
85Akathor Pirates With No PantsUther-US551Not updated
85Bethanyb Circle of SteelUther-US551Not updated
87Lurieldine A New AdventureUther-US550
87Lokoron  Uther-US550Not updated
87Docogre HavokUther-US550
87Poggle Defending the FaithUther-US550Not updated

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