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Uldaman-US Unique Pets
1Roarey Misfit MayhemUldaman-US595
2Belladonna Two PercentUldaman-US573
3Amnon OuroborosUldaman-US571
3Mingyao Heroes and FriendsUldaman-US571Not updated
5Hugsnstitchs MillenniumUldaman-US569
6Biomass El Pollo DiabloUldaman-US568
7Azlian Knights of FortuneUldaman-US567
8Almostlucky Two PercentUldaman-US564
8Eikenella JuiceUldaman-US564Not updated
10Mechastorm Masochistic TendenciesUldaman-US562Not updated
11Motzerella BlackoutUldaman-US560
11Feredìr Candy and a VanUldaman-US560
13Xahle Shield of ValorUldaman-US558
14Selini GloriousUldaman-US556
15Hairygrogan NexusUldaman-US555
15Yàngus  Uldaman-US555
15Pawbird Known to Cause DeathUldaman-US555
15Koreberita Bad MedicineUldaman-US555Not updated
19Pdori MillenniumUldaman-US553Not updated
20Gigglecups NexusUldaman-US550
20Lykaon ParadoxUldaman-US550
22Gekreuzigt Let it RideUldaman-US549
22Grim Down For LifeUldaman-US549
24Shadowkaizen Eventide RaidersUldaman-US548
25Greatdot Sacred DivinityUldaman-US547Not updated
25Slashdelete  Uldaman-US547Not updated
27Sneakywisp MillenniumUldaman-US546
27Zakuroichi Knights of FortuneUldaman-US546
29Minilock Who Put That ThereUldaman-US545
29Quistis Candy and a VanUldaman-US545
29Tuktaba ITargetablesUldaman-US545Not updated
29Zarani Forty TwoUldaman-US545Not updated
33Dyguren Nox DementiaUldaman-US544Not updated
33Lukina  Uldaman-US544Not updated
35Autumnfire TalentedUldaman-US543
36Carnagé AuxileUldaman-US542
37Kaïna AuxileUldaman-US541
37Gnarlog Wardens of SufferingUldaman-US541Not updated
39Babaghanush Sacred DivinityUldaman-US540
39Hulkize OzUldaman-US540
39Averlena Shield of ValorUldaman-US540Not updated
39Abitbatty The SyndicateUldaman-US540
43Meanbeard Forty TwoUldaman-US539
43Seafood Candy and a VanUldaman-US539
45Tush Screaming for VengeanceUldaman-US538Not updated
46Milåmber Blooded DragonsUldaman-US537Not updated
47Fathergia Aggression ScaleUldaman-US536
47Palladonia Forty TwoUldaman-US536
47Xyalda Down For LifeUldaman-US536
47Stormhand OzUldaman-US536
47Creampuffs DeviantUldaman-US536Not updated
47Ðotz Primal SinUldaman-US536
53Ileah LithiumUldaman-US535Not updated
53Laheila SkazkaUldaman-US535Not updated
53Chysia Ez MoneyUldaman-US535Not updated
56Zarcinis Candy and a VanUldaman-US534Not updated
56Poisonívy Ancestral CurseUldaman-US534Not updated
56Randomly Masochistic TendenciesUldaman-US534
59Pookiebear Stuck on UldamanUldaman-US533
60Lauriania One Last StandUldaman-US532Not updated
61Slaith Shattered SoulsUldaman-US531Not updated
62Løve MillenniumUldaman-US530
62Beliayeva Technical DifficultiesUldaman-US530
62Chisteria Depths of WarUldaman-US530Not updated
65Cynfire OutkastUldaman-US529Not updated
65Autumnshots OutkastUldaman-US529Not updated
65Vicódin Ancestral CurseUldaman-US529Not updated
68Ðee DingUldaman-US528Not updated
68Catsu  Uldaman-US528Not updated
68Esmè Little MinionsUldaman-US528Not updated
71Sarat DragonwraithUldaman-US527
71Hrumn Toy BoxUldaman-US527
73Wedgietime Forty TwoUldaman-US526
73Jemhadar Candy and a VanUldaman-US526
75Zilldian Misfit MayhemUldaman-US525
75Öreö  Uldaman-US525
75Moobastank OzUldaman-US525
75Ryuki  Uldaman-US525Not updated
75Sladjana Bank of PainUldaman-US525Not updated
75Ubahsgoblin OzUldaman-US525Not updated
75Rainfur  Uldaman-US525
82Zizzerzoop Forty TwoUldaman-US524

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