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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Twilight's Hammer-EU Unique Pets
1Tinytankadin Chillers IncTwilight's Hammer-EU589Not updated
2Salamance Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU586Not updated
2Zandria The Spectral TigerTwilight's Hammer-EU586Not updated
4Quantumleapr AkvavitTwilight's Hammer-EU584Not updated
5Phasic  Twilight's Hammer-EU583Not updated
6Kruxien Sinister MinistryTwilight's Hammer-EU579Not updated
7Salazar Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU575Not updated
8Solensi gank and ill get my mainTwilight's Hammer-EU574Not updated
8Séreméla Drastic MeasuresTwilight's Hammer-EU574Not updated
8Jiandao Drastic MeasuresTwilight's Hammer-EU574Not updated
11Tourniquet  Twilight's Hammer-EU573Not updated
12Ironfart Cylon RulesTwilight's Hammer-EU571Not updated
13Nightfurie I Stab Your FaceTwilight's Hammer-EU569Not updated
14Dakotagr Crazy WatersTwilight's Hammer-EU567Not updated
15Vrajitoarea The PrimesTwilight's Hammer-EU563Not updated
16Drephard NinjaDolphs DojoTwilight's Hammer-EU562Not updated
17Tuskgarr SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU561Not updated
18Ntorothy ExileTwilight's Hammer-EU560Not updated
18Gretell  Twilight's Hammer-EU560Not updated
20Czarina NeedjaZTwilight's Hammer-EU559Not updated
20Irinim NinjaDolphs DojoTwilight's Hammer-EU559Not updated
20Noreak NinjaDolphs DojoTwilight's Hammer-EU559Not updated
23Descarte  Twilight's Hammer-EU558Not updated
24Gromaxe Insane In The MembraneTwilight's Hammer-EU556Not updated
25Stetheleh PRIMORDIALTwilight's Hammer-EU555Not updated
25Swaghetti SalemTwilight's Hammer-EU555Not updated
27Comemore InfernumTwilight's Hammer-EU554Not updated
27Swiftshroud SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU554Not updated
29Aïslyn ImmortalTwilight's Hammer-EU552Not updated
30Hunterbozz All HordeTwilight's Hammer-EU549Not updated
31Flúx Blood and ThunderTwilight's Hammer-EU547Not updated
32Blackbelief ReapersTwilight's Hammer-EU544Not updated
33Smrdex Crazy CroatsTwilight's Hammer-EU543Not updated
33Cráne Shadow OpsTwilight's Hammer-EU543Not updated
35Shadowangie  Twilight's Hammer-EU542Not updated
35Sháme Wear The Fox HatTwilight's Hammer-EU542Not updated
35Naturalpower GenesisTwilight's Hammer-EU542Not updated
38Beldak NinjaDolphs DojoTwilight's Hammer-EU541Not updated
39Alirion WafflesTwilight's Hammer-EU540Not updated
40Ziwax Cursed GuardiansTwilight's Hammer-EU537Not updated
41Terragelida MistbornTwilight's Hammer-EU536Not updated
41Kahlae PerniciousTwilight's Hammer-EU536Not updated
43Fealara AtaxiaTwilight's Hammer-EU534Not updated
44Strack SamuraiTwilight's Hammer-EU533Not updated
44Beliál ALLSTARSTwilight's Hammer-EU533Not updated
46Lazruk The CouncilTwilight's Hammer-EU532Not updated
47Vixation Happy Fun PandasTwilight's Hammer-EU531Not updated
47Malwynn  Twilight's Hammer-EU531Not updated
47Koprogatos Shadow of the Last OrderTwilight's Hammer-EU531Not updated
50Cinderwave Riders of NidhoggTwilight's Hammer-EU530Not updated
50Valkyzer Dirty MindsTwilight's Hammer-EU530Not updated
50Xueqin NinjaDolphs DojoTwilight's Hammer-EU530Not updated
53Tiarra AkadiansTwilight's Hammer-EU529Not updated
54Narany The TemptedTwilight's Hammer-EU528Not updated
55Nuugar Divided We FallTwilight's Hammer-EU526Not updated
55Andromáxh Daily SmokersTwilight's Hammer-EU526Not updated
57Thegabber Eternal OverwatchTwilight's Hammer-EU525Not updated
58Ot The MyrmidonesTwilight's Hammer-EU524Not updated
59Rhoswên VoltageTwilight's Hammer-EU523Not updated
59Nirë MistbornTwilight's Hammer-EU523Not updated
59Lethalmuffin CRO SQUADTwilight's Hammer-EU523Not updated
62Mâhluk  Twilight's Hammer-EU522Not updated
62Shew Team KickassTwilight's Hammer-EU522Not updated
64Katsura Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU521Not updated
65Buuney No promisesTwilight's Hammer-EU520Not updated
65Powermilk No promisesTwilight's Hammer-EU520Not updated
67Baleroc The CouncilTwilight's Hammer-EU518Not updated
67Huttemeier Two TentsTwilight's Hammer-EU518Not updated
67Anihog ClickClickBoomTwilight's Hammer-EU518Not updated
67Mamiko Circle of NerzhulTwilight's Hammer-EU518Not updated
67Gåre Outland AsylumTwilight's Hammer-EU518Not updated
72Glokta SalemTwilight's Hammer-EU517Not updated
72Telína ErazeRTwilight's Hammer-EU517Not updated
72Shutien  Twilight's Hammer-EU517Not updated
72Zinithra OriginTwilight's Hammer-EU517Not updated
72Devadoris  Twilight's Hammer-EU517Not updated
77Jajaca NIETYKALNITwilight's Hammer-EU515Not updated
77Ladda SorrowTwilight's Hammer-EU515Not updated
79Pyrrha Pap en VleisTwilight's Hammer-EU514Not updated
79Kirvec Reapers of the GrimmTwilight's Hammer-EU514Not updated
81Noobitsa Chillers IncTwilight's Hammer-EU513Not updated
82Silveraxe Eternal ShadowsTwilight's Hammer-EU512Not updated
82Bamoz DirtbagsTwilight's Hammer-EU512Not updated
82Hellish The BeastroTwilight's Hammer-EU512Not updated
82Thelmas  Twilight's Hammer-EU512Not updated
86Lauryl ResurgenceTwilight's Hammer-EU511Not updated
86Micromaten SorrowTwilight's Hammer-EU511Not updated

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