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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Turalyon-US Unique Pets
1Roheryn Mostly HarmlessTuralyon-US604Not updated
2Rabelle The ForgottenTuralyon-US603Not updated
3Alanee Hordeland SecurityTuralyon-US600Not updated
3Labyrinthe Mostly HarmlessTuralyon-US600Not updated
3Pudge Mostly HarmlessTuralyon-US600Not updated
6Papatree DaybreakTuralyon-US598Not updated
7Paisley only the gnomelyTuralyon-US596Not updated
7Gyrren KumpaniaTuralyon-US596Not updated
9Taliya ImpetusTuralyon-US595Not updated
9Anakinra ÀbsolutionTuralyon-US595Not updated
11Jadepaws FoETuralyon-US592Not updated
12Tasha FoETuralyon-US590Not updated
12Hereszin Veda KuusiTuralyon-US590Not updated
14Jeschalen PortalTuralyon-US589Not updated
14Mozonee Clan Redundancy ClanTuralyon-US589Not updated
14Purrhaps A Life CorruptTuralyon-US589Not updated
17Knellszin The MistakenTuralyon-US588Not updated
17Eclipsedsoul Scarlet CrusaderTuralyon-US588Not updated
19Charletta UnimpressedTuralyon-US587Not updated
20Jourgensen MassacreTuralyon-US586Not updated
20Kiggo Shake Weight RaidersTuralyon-US586Not updated
20Volatar Immortal DreamsTuralyon-US586Not updated
20Eyereen Veda KuusiTuralyon-US586Not updated
20Dengshi Veda KuusiTuralyon-US586Not updated
20Prodeus Veda KuusiTuralyon-US586Not updated
20Treiszin Veda KuusiTuralyon-US586Not updated
20Baeldorian Veda KuusiTuralyon-US586Not updated
28Pardalis DaybreakTuralyon-US585Not updated
28Aranyszin Veda KuusiTuralyon-US585Not updated
28Vivitroll Death and DecayTuralyon-US585Not updated
28Oggra UnreliableTuralyon-US585Not updated
32Volpes Veda KuusiTuralyon-US584Not updated
32Mortlorica Veda KuusiTuralyon-US584Not updated
32Ijust MassacreTuralyon-US584Not updated
35Mstrssraven  Turalyon-US583Not updated
35Michalea Clan Redundancy ClanTuralyon-US583Not updated
35Serhawk NevermoreTuralyon-US583Not updated
38Recyclabull CriticalMassTuralyon-US582Not updated
38Plunkett CriticalMassTuralyon-US582Not updated
40Stormageddon NeolutumTuralyon-US581Not updated
40Andhrímnir MassacreTuralyon-US581Not updated
40Eclipsa  Turalyon-US581Not updated
43Raxal Sanctum of DreamsTuralyon-US580Not updated
43Todesengel  Turalyon-US580Not updated
45Bozgor The Phoenix RebornTuralyon-US579Not updated
45Vyscababy In the MountainsTuralyon-US579Not updated
45Leesìn  Turalyon-US579Not updated
48Coffa only the gnomelyTuralyon-US578Not updated
49Cyruz The Fighting MongoosesTuralyon-US577Not updated
49Gimdolian Dragons FangTuralyon-US577Not updated
49Mòón Rage QuitTuralyon-US577Not updated
49Zyvox Warlords of ChaosTuralyon-US577Not updated
53Daèlm NephilimTuralyon-US576Not updated
53Algthebeast ConfinementTuralyon-US576Not updated
53Styks BeyondTuralyon-US576Not updated
53Dulcet FusionTuralyon-US576Not updated
57Arghyle Harmony of SoulzTuralyon-US575Not updated
57Ryxo DaybreakTuralyon-US575Not updated
57Kangreil  Turalyon-US575Not updated
60Ilsea Hordeland SecurityTuralyon-US574Not updated
60Wuotan KumpaniaTuralyon-US574Not updated
60Juliannae Shameless OnesTuralyon-US574Not updated
60Chugatsubu Skulls and KrossbonesTuralyon-US574Not updated
60Cymaril Dragons FangTuralyon-US574Not updated
65Kayliah SupermassiveTuralyon-US573Not updated
65Âlicex IneptTuralyon-US573Not updated
65Boropwns The MistakenTuralyon-US573Not updated
65Althalos StoicTuralyon-US573Not updated
65Dantheo  Turalyon-US573Not updated
65Wirewolf Care BearsTuralyon-US573Not updated
65Fuang NekromantixTuralyon-US573Not updated
72Slowhip The ForgottenTuralyon-US572Not updated
72Wildcherry ViralTuralyon-US572Not updated
72Kilika  Turalyon-US572Not updated
72Vapouria Scarlet CrusaderTuralyon-US572Not updated
76Bownie Hordeland SecurityTuralyon-US571Not updated
76Møjoe Twilight BrigadeTuralyon-US571Not updated
76Raspathe Vanguard of TuralyonTuralyon-US571Not updated
76Ratherbtankn Hordeland SecurityTuralyon-US571Not updated
76Soli SWCTuralyon-US571Not updated
81Spellthief Stone Axe ClanTuralyon-US570Not updated
81Seppu MassacreTuralyon-US570Not updated
83Zyzilla The Phoenix RebornTuralyon-US569Not updated
83Marzza The Elders of TuralyonTuralyon-US569Not updated

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