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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Todeswache-EU Unique Pets
1Zimp ChaostheorieTodeswache-EU585Not updated
2Qumaira Lex NoctisTodeswache-EU583Not updated
2Faramy deathproofTodeswache-EU583Not updated
4Klingi Sâlvâ ÐignitateTodeswache-EU580Not updated
5Mornedhél  Todeswache-EU579Not updated
6Nadris Söldner AzerothsTodeswache-EU576Not updated
6Zigzigzillis Helden von AzérothTodeswache-EU576Not updated
8Jandira Amicum et ProspereTodeswache-EU567Not updated
9Grauwandler Die AussetzigenTodeswache-EU565Not updated
9Chrysta Hüter der alten SittenTodeswache-EU565Not updated
9Rineira Cohortes DraconisTodeswache-EU565Not updated
12Schatzl ElysiúmTodeswache-EU564Not updated
12Azetbur PhoenixTodeswache-EU564Not updated
12Xioxi Voima VériTodeswache-EU564Not updated
15Dralon ErfolgoholikerTodeswache-EU563Not updated
15Sylaia PerplexTodeswache-EU563Not updated
17Schamu Cheertrolls SchergenTodeswache-EU559Not updated
18Draxaria Angeli della morteTodeswache-EU558Not updated
18Frippsel Angeli della morteTodeswache-EU558Not updated
18Crysalia Angeli della morteTodeswache-EU558Not updated
21Mihâwk Der UntergrundTodeswache-EU557Not updated
22Gerrigolas Blutende KlingenTodeswache-EU556Not updated
22Seriana Tales of Fairy TailTodeswache-EU556Not updated
24Nuí Bund des BlutesTodeswache-EU554Not updated
24Zhameelah  Todeswache-EU554Not updated
26Elfenglanz Last Chaos TroopersTodeswache-EU553Not updated
26Moosmännchen Blutende KlingenTodeswache-EU553Not updated
26Ívy Die AussetzigenTodeswache-EU553Not updated
29Shadowhoney Die Erben der DrachenTodeswache-EU552Not updated
29Aselina Cupcake FactoryTodeswache-EU552Not updated
31Leyia  Todeswache-EU551Not updated
31Naga  Todeswache-EU551Not updated
33Wookie Finstere EngelTodeswache-EU549Not updated
33Mystïque Finstere EngelTodeswache-EU549Not updated
33Myrânón Sâlvâ ÐignitateTodeswache-EU549Not updated
33Aédân Sâlvâ ÐignitateTodeswache-EU549Not updated
33Kagamî Klingen des ErwachensTodeswache-EU549Not updated
38Senerian Voima VériTodeswache-EU548Not updated
39Elethuil Sâlvâ ÐignitateTodeswache-EU547Not updated
40Andramus PhoenixTodeswache-EU546Not updated
41Maidener Amicum et ProspereTodeswache-EU545Not updated
41Lillianah Bewahrer des alten KodexTodeswache-EU545Not updated
41Zoeshi Klingen des ErwachensTodeswache-EU545Not updated
44Hardralor NomicrosTodeswache-EU544Not updated
45Shivania Wolfsong ClanTodeswache-EU542Not updated
45Tilarya Llanes HeritageTodeswache-EU542Not updated
47Camela Wolfsong ClanTodeswache-EU538Not updated
47Alyne PegasusTodeswache-EU538Not updated
47Soriaa Testardo AlleanzaTodeswache-EU538Not updated
47Tuta MeineSchätzeTodeswache-EU538Not updated
47Ukobai Sâlvâ ÐignitateTodeswache-EU538Not updated
47Loumiinruh MeineSchätzeTodeswache-EU538Not updated
53Ángstháse Wolfsong ClanTodeswache-EU537Not updated
53Ursala MeineSchätzeTodeswache-EU537Not updated
53Bazzor NomicrosTodeswache-EU537Not updated
53Cherubina  Todeswache-EU537Not updated
57Antóinette PegasusTodeswache-EU536Not updated
58Ylvi Lex NoctisTodeswache-EU533Not updated
59Eraldiris ElysiúmTodeswache-EU531Not updated
60Felaria Amicum et ProspereTodeswache-EU530Not updated
60Denebola Llanes HeritageTodeswache-EU530Not updated
62Großmummrich UrgutTodeswache-EU529Not updated
62Ainuriel ElysiúmTodeswache-EU529Not updated
62Nevelyn  Todeswache-EU529Not updated
65Yanela Eastside OutlawsTodeswache-EU528Not updated
65Jelica Eastside OutlawsTodeswache-EU528Not updated
65Sonda Klingen des ErwachensTodeswache-EU528Not updated
65Ewora Untold TalesTodeswache-EU528Not updated
65Huldakra Tales from the PastTodeswache-EU528Not updated
65Taragall OakheartTodeswache-EU528Not updated
65Nepsek  Todeswache-EU528Not updated
72Sekhmeth Testardo AlleanzaTodeswache-EU527Not updated
72Pratchatt Die Sonnen LegendenTodeswache-EU527Not updated
72Fjodora Tales from the PastTodeswache-EU527Not updated
72Morazu Tales from the PastTodeswache-EU527Not updated
72Nexxie Tales from the PastTodeswache-EU527Not updated
72Ethendomir Herrschaft des FeuersTodeswache-EU527Not updated
72Casson Wölfe des NordensTodeswache-EU527Not updated
79Xehaa Klingen des ErwachensTodeswache-EU526Not updated
79Livien PegasusTodeswache-EU526Not updated
81Pearlie Sâlvâ ÐignitateTodeswache-EU525Not updated
81Kilgorin Bewahrer des alten KodexTodeswache-EU525Not updated
81Keldoril Engel der NachtTodeswache-EU525Not updated
81Sharielle Die AussetzigenTodeswache-EU525Not updated
81Nostraculpa Das kleine HausTodeswache-EU525Not updated
81Paxie Blutiger MondTodeswache-EU525Not updated
81Darjsha PhoenixTodeswache-EU525Not updated

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