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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Tichondrius-US Unique Pets
1Sawajiri InsomniaTichondrius-US611Not updated
2Jaxxitz Pants OptionalTichondrius-US610Not updated
3Stikkman BadaclysmTichondrius-US605Not updated
4Seldy NurfedTichondrius-US603Not updated
5Hodgetwins NurfedTichondrius-US602Not updated
6Spinalreaper Death AngelsTichondrius-US601Not updated
6Tigerlady  Tichondrius-US601Not updated
8Dungbeetle InsomniaTichondrius-US597Not updated
9Jhoey EvolutionTichondrius-US594Not updated
10Atramp NocturnalTichondrius-US593Not updated
10Syah C H A O STichondrius-US593Not updated
12Indebt MexicansTichondrius-US592Not updated
13Opteron  Tichondrius-US591Not updated
14Eskímö DiscreteTichondrius-US590Not updated
14Xenir Malevolent IntentTichondrius-US590Not updated
16Abazure ExileTichondrius-US587Not updated
16Kawaii  Tichondrius-US587Not updated
18Thuglifé A S Y L U MTichondrius-US586Not updated
19ßoøm Prideful GladiatorTichondrius-US585Not updated
20Tob NurfedTichondrius-US584Not updated
20Discopapa Eminent ElitistTichondrius-US584Not updated
22Omgnia FundationTichondrius-US582Not updated
22Bullcrop  Tichondrius-US582Not updated
22Shimia EnigmaTichondrius-US582Not updated
22Freshtodeath oh god its themTichondrius-US582Not updated
26Mintjuleps opinionatedTichondrius-US580Not updated
26Boodizzle Ariana GrandeTichondrius-US580Not updated
26Ixai SeriousPVPTichondrius-US580Not updated
29Xendu DiscreteTichondrius-US579Not updated
30Jarlann Team HawaiiTichondrius-US578Not updated
30Gankymcstab Shirley TemplarsTichondrius-US578Not updated
30Lethaltko Holy Moly GuacamoleTichondrius-US578Not updated
30Phydra  Tichondrius-US578Not updated
34Dropdeadpez GenesìsTichondrius-US577Not updated
34Boltzilla The Uprising LegionTichondrius-US577Not updated
34Drbones Fellowship of the RingTichondrius-US577Not updated
34Nickdanger urfedTichondrius-US577Not updated
34Ipawd GenesìsTichondrius-US577Not updated
39Bodofraggins  Tichondrius-US576Not updated
39Ekklesïa Gohzt LegionTichondrius-US576Not updated
39Happybunny HarmoniumTichondrius-US576Not updated
39Snippa InnkeeperTichondrius-US576Not updated
43Aquam The Monkey CultTichondrius-US574Not updated
43Donnab Old GuardTichondrius-US574Not updated
45Babyhealz Forced EntryTichondrius-US573Not updated
45Bebochuckles ProfaneTichondrius-US573Not updated
45Sapph DarkÑTwistedTichondrius-US573Not updated
48Quirk CadenzaTichondrius-US572Not updated
48Rainbowmes SmilesTichondrius-US572Not updated
48Gearnotskill ClarifyTichondrius-US572Not updated
48Aspirix CadenzaTichondrius-US572Not updated
48Kleophus Apple CoreTichondrius-US572Not updated
53Caceres  Tichondrius-US571Not updated
53Aevdk NurfedTichondrius-US571Not updated
53Kdog InsomniaTichondrius-US571Not updated
53Bowbforhoes Forced EntryTichondrius-US571Not updated
53Meichi Bajroidz Swole PatrolTichondrius-US571Not updated
53Kolodion  Tichondrius-US571Not updated
53Halfassin StunningTichondrius-US571Not updated
53Alaylaria Monkey ClustersTichondrius-US571Not updated
61Discojen Fallen IITichondrius-US570Not updated
62Gwyneira Punch And PieTichondrius-US569Not updated
62Ridlei  Tichondrius-US569Not updated
62Misled candy shopTichondrius-US569Not updated
62Nightsongz C NTichondrius-US569Not updated
62Slowbro  Tichondrius-US569Not updated
62Praypal  Tichondrius-US569Not updated
68Aevale Divine InterventionTichondrius-US568Not updated
68Qzburn  Tichondrius-US568Not updated
68Haddigh HybridTichondrius-US568Not updated
71Hewty  Tichondrius-US567Not updated
71Elfhuntress The Monkey CultTichondrius-US567Not updated
73Cerylidae EclipsedTichondrius-US566Not updated
73Draenikki DiscreteTichondrius-US566Not updated
75Leyvakûl EclipsedTichondrius-US565Not updated
75Anacarinina Endless PossibilityTichondrius-US565Not updated
77Amorfirion Up in SmokeTichondrius-US564Not updated
77Afkuheal  Tichondrius-US564Not updated
77Inwei  Tichondrius-US564Not updated
77Thunderflame  Tichondrius-US564Not updated
81Bitcritz Tough BusinessTichondrius-US563Not updated
82Vodkuo Mongolian ThundersauceTichondrius-US562Not updated
82Huhsupomgosh Your DemiseTichondrius-US562Not updated
82Focusfired CAREBEARS DONT CARETichondrius-US562Not updated
82Dænerys Goofy Goobers Wanna RaidTichondrius-US562Not updated
82Calliee Best BudsTichondrius-US562Not updated
87Morthias Gods of ThunderTichondrius-US561Not updated
87Deathinlace The Golden ArmadaTichondrius-US561Not updated
87Mogreazzy  Tichondrius-US561Not updated
87Slovest Midlife crisisTichondrius-US561Not updated
91Tialeigh  Tichondrius-US560Not updated
91Avacyne BushídoTichondrius-US560Not updated
93Aus NurfedTichondrius-US559Not updated
93Seliirix Endgame TheoryTichondrius-US559Not updated
93Bubblegum club moneyTichondrius-US559Not updated
93Coffeefix PREMADETichondrius-US559Not updated
93Doomsinger Skeleton CrewTichondrius-US559Not updated
93Zaida  Tichondrius-US559Not updated
99Blitzkrieg Lost LegendsTichondrius-US558Not updated
99Crewshall DisputedTichondrius-US558Not updated

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