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Thunderlord-US Unique Pets
1Aneta The Mediocre MenThunderlord-US589
2Vladdrac Frostwolf ClanThunderlord-US588
3Slipnacht The Mediocre MenThunderlord-US583
4Renja Tomorrow I Really QuitThunderlord-US581
5Violentzro ÓverRaidedThunderlord-US578
6Evenflow ÓverRaidedThunderlord-US576
7Infidelic ÓverRaidedThunderlord-US572
8Air Romance ExplosionThunderlord-US568
8Smallshay Tomorrow I Really QuitThunderlord-US568
10Leruda ÓverRaidedThunderlord-US567
11Myfurion ReforgedThunderlord-US562
12Mulson Romance ExplosionThunderlord-US558
13Razzeldazzle Forgotten HordeThunderlord-US557
14Striker ReforgedThunderlord-US554
14Aryastark ReforgedThunderlord-US554
14Audrid Legion of DarknessThunderlord-US554Not updated
14Skye Motley FoolsThunderlord-US554Not updated
14Blightbomb PrimeThunderlord-US554Not updated
14Vitusek  Thunderlord-US554Not updated
20Zephyy The Mediocre MenThunderlord-US549
20Plagious  Thunderlord-US549Not updated
22Hagbane ShatteredThunderlord-US546
23Erotika Frostwolf ClanThunderlord-US544
23Alorah Hello Kitty Tea PartyThunderlord-US544
23Nekogami Frostwolf ClanThunderlord-US544
26Zafira Into EternityThunderlord-US543
27Hammerhorn Amylols Fabulous FanclubThunderlord-US542
27Abante ÓverRaidedThunderlord-US542
27Quartrpoundr FusedThunderlord-US542Not updated
30Abathe ÓverRaidedThunderlord-US541
31Njlewb Amylols Fabulous FanclubThunderlord-US539
32Keyley ReforgedThunderlord-US538
33Aloe  Thunderlord-US535Not updated
33Daelerion The Mediocre MenThunderlord-US535
35Mythri ReforgedThunderlord-US533
36Jorley The Mediocre MenThunderlord-US531
36Orlexion Unsung HeróesThunderlord-US531Not updated
38Killermynx VexThunderlord-US529
39Nightpheonix VexThunderlord-US528
40Phoenixbeard Amylols Fabulous FanclubThunderlord-US527
40Katille  Thunderlord-US527Not updated
42Redgrin Hallowed be Thy GameThunderlord-US524Not updated
43Dulag Live Free Or DontThunderlord-US521Not updated
44Yaten Drama UnitThunderlord-US519Not updated
45Crysania No QuarterThunderlord-US518Not updated
46Itzmurda FusedThunderlord-US517Not updated
47Dryder Amylols Fabulous FanclubThunderlord-US516
48Stabbymagee Kittens of DoomThunderlord-US515
49Puonurshoe Maelstrom SyndicateThunderlord-US511Not updated
50Cydonia Drama UnitThunderlord-US510Not updated
51Andorac Mew Mew Pew PewThunderlord-US509
51Limekoolaid ShatteredThunderlord-US509
51Felamuñe FusedThunderlord-US509Not updated
54Thechieve Team UFAThunderlord-US508Not updated
54Samoanmixers Team UFAThunderlord-US508Not updated
54Kateyuptop I GOT MONEY IN THE BANKThunderlord-US508Not updated
54Somebigguy Team UFAThunderlord-US508Not updated
54Samoanpanda Team UFAThunderlord-US508Not updated
59Joejoedru  Thunderlord-US507Not updated
60Darkthundar Team MANHAMMERThunderlord-US504Not updated
61Wildnative Druids Gone WildThunderlord-US503Not updated
62Gorgon Live Free Or DontThunderlord-US500Not updated
62Akkaba Live Free Or DontThunderlord-US500Not updated
64Anaura Into EternityThunderlord-US494
65Kactus and my Imaginary FriendsThunderlord-US493Not updated
65Sohal Black Axe ClanThunderlord-US493
65Intriken Amylols Fabulous FanclubThunderlord-US493
65Maelztrom ComplexityThunderlord-US493
65Spadefoot ComplexityThunderlord-US493
70Gundor VexThunderlord-US491
71Tiadulma Legion of DarknessThunderlord-US490
72Marduke Frostwolf ClanThunderlord-US487
73Chestrknight ComplexityThunderlord-US485
73Beanzilla FocusThunderlord-US485Not updated
75Lezzi Black Axe ClanThunderlord-US484Not updated
76Shamanses ÓverRaidedThunderlord-US481
77Valewalker ÓverRaidedThunderlord-US480Not updated
78Lau ReforgedThunderlord-US478
79Nilrem VexThunderlord-US477
80Sunastina Bro JobsThunderlord-US476
80Wolfz FocusThunderlord-US476
80Levanger Drama UnitThunderlord-US476Not updated
83Rufiolah BanishedThunderlord-US475Not updated
84Greekgodzeus Maelstrom SyndicateThunderlord-US473
84Emmiebear CorruptThunderlord-US473Not updated
86Catraciany Tomorrow I Really QuitThunderlord-US470
86Düke ÓverRaidedThunderlord-US470Not updated
88Empower ReforgedThunderlord-US469

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