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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thrall-US Unique Pets
1Fyro Succession of QuantitiesThrall-US609Not updated
2Aldmeri EchoThrall-US607Not updated
3Faelar The SelectedThrall-US606Not updated
3Gizmi Succession of QuantitiesThrall-US606Not updated
5Earnor AscentThrall-US604Not updated
6Idoübledip Play it SimpleThrall-US603Not updated
7Allègra  Thrall-US602Not updated
8Rawrsatyou Phase IllThrall-US601Not updated
8Rhoiptelea Sweet VictoryThrall-US601Not updated
10Cruelladame Sweet VictoryThrall-US600Not updated
10Dryaade Sweet VictoryThrall-US600Not updated
10Sylameraee Sweet VictoryThrall-US600Not updated
10Zkut Sweet VictoryThrall-US600Not updated
10Cermait Sweet VictoryThrall-US600Not updated
10Phouka Sweet VictoryThrall-US600Not updated
10Mingzhu Sweet VictoryThrall-US600Not updated
10Seidh Sweet VictoryThrall-US600Not updated
10Athenie Sweet VictoryThrall-US600Not updated
19Bellamorte Sweet VictoryThrall-US598Not updated
20Drizzi Into the FrayThrall-US596Not updated
20Gooniegoogoo NakamaThrall-US596Not updated
22Annatâr CrossfireThrall-US594Not updated
22Xzàar Sparkle MotionThrall-US594Not updated
22Ofire Lethal DoseThrall-US594Not updated
22Rayvne Sweet VictoryThrall-US594Not updated
22Milizzle The SandboxThrall-US594Not updated
22Tazr Sweet VictoryThrall-US594Not updated
22Phoukaa Sweet VictoryThrall-US594Not updated
22Melmö The SelectedThrall-US594Not updated
22Kafàkota BushídoThrall-US594Not updated
31Nymphanei Grandmaster GodsThrall-US593Not updated
32Charmander IntentThrall-US591Not updated
32Domintrix IntentThrall-US591Not updated
32Willowmoon Unbowed AshesThrall-US591Not updated
35Ramsidious Clan sidiousThrall-US590Not updated
35Darkwatcher Half FastThrall-US590Not updated
35Kugragurga DNAThrall-US590Not updated
38Durell Obsidian SpurThrall-US589Not updated
38Melizz IntentThrall-US589Not updated
40Dagodzeus Phase IllThrall-US588Not updated
40Kitorie DivergentThrall-US588Not updated
40Evilmel Sweet VictoryThrall-US588Not updated
40Valyr Warsong NationThrall-US588Not updated
44Crystalle RelentlessThrall-US587Not updated
44Desaad EverbaneThrall-US587Not updated
44Bellé RelentlessThrall-US587Not updated
47Radiance Unspoken InsanityThrall-US586Not updated
47Veritable Reign in PowerThrall-US586Not updated
49Luminescence Bottom LineThrall-US585Not updated
49Tuskzer SuppressionThrall-US585Not updated
49Biskin NakamaThrall-US585Not updated
49Aabaacus BenevolentThrall-US585Not updated
49Sees  Thrall-US585Not updated
54Tuskmelter AscentThrall-US584Not updated
54Jenroze  Thrall-US584Not updated
54Penelopii AuraThrall-US584Not updated
57Spütnik  Thrall-US582Not updated
58Mutzmage YOU DONT EVEN LIFTThrall-US581Not updated
59Confusêd Void if RemovedThrall-US580Not updated
59Orcadefire Happy Hour TherapyThrall-US580Not updated
59Kyln RelentlessThrall-US580Not updated
62Firefox The AnbuThrall-US579Not updated
62Solara RelentlessThrall-US579Not updated
62Endofdaze HGTPWThrall-US579Not updated
62Dayadael  Thrall-US579Not updated
62Boola HOHAThrall-US579Not updated
62Munkiz InsanityThrall-US579Not updated
62Exized  Thrall-US579Not updated
69Messenjah AscentThrall-US578Not updated
69Gryzlie whatsittoyouThrall-US578Not updated
69Sumpinz Spartan ScorpionsThrall-US578Not updated
69Dragomir IntentThrall-US578Not updated
69Livewirex United DawnThrall-US578Not updated
69Voidfreeze  Thrall-US578Not updated
69Vikzen Blatent DisregardThrall-US578Not updated
69Dadozzie GrievanceThrall-US578Not updated
77Basillica Ctrl Alt EliteThrall-US577Not updated
77Gothos KILLTHEMEThrall-US577Not updated
77Zhangxiaojie Ctrl Alt EliteThrall-US577Not updated
77Vaettr Ctrl Alt EliteThrall-US577Not updated
81Aishlinn Sweet VictoryThrall-US576Not updated
81Orbîtaround Introducing The BeatlesThrall-US576Not updated
81Kyríya Tempest NoctumThrall-US576Not updated
81Skrike Introducing The BeatlesThrall-US576Not updated
81Duskglow  Thrall-US576Not updated
86Tumn PrevailThrall-US575Not updated
86Devilsfurry Capt Morgans CrewThrall-US575Not updated
86Mystris is a cutieThrall-US575Not updated
86Brahu Molten Core Swim TeamThrall-US575Not updated
86Arcalas Fallen From GraceThrall-US575Not updated
86Croward AscentThrall-US575Not updated
86Sharonda Capt Morgans CrewThrall-US575Not updated
86Malyanna  Thrall-US575Not updated
94Sayj Sparkle MotionThrall-US574Not updated
94Suedama Fate SealedThrall-US574Not updated
94Klymus  Thrall-US574Not updated
94Spûtnik  Thrall-US574Not updated
94Kátnis GrievanceThrall-US574Not updated
94Ereekerema ILLUMINATIThrall-US574Not updated
94Ldb DulceBellumThrall-US574Not updated

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