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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thrall-EU Unique Pets
1Fiatpandâ ConvocaThrall-EU612Not updated
2Caoilinn DEVICEThrall-EU610Not updated
3Bobandrews New ChaosThrall-EU607Not updated
4Saferaxe  Thrall-EU603Not updated
5Corbyn  Thrall-EU602Not updated
5Kearah  Thrall-EU602Not updated
5Flotsam  Thrall-EU602Not updated
5Alecto  Thrall-EU602Not updated
5Niqesse  Thrall-EU602Not updated
5Auroranna  Thrall-EU602Not updated
11Rainbowrose CookieMonsterzThrall-EU601Not updated
11Lyzidas NoobConnÄctionThrall-EU601Not updated
11Noshtan OrcestraThrall-EU601Not updated
14Layard Gens der AllianzThrall-EU600Not updated
15Lovexcia RaidclanThrall-EU598Not updated
15Nio FrequencyThrall-EU598Not updated
15Hodor TouchThrall-EU598Not updated
15Pàn TouchThrall-EU598Not updated
19Mârtri KyrillThrall-EU597Not updated
20Lilowanders Mag MorThrall-EU595Not updated
20Hispida TimelostThrall-EU595Not updated
22Deadleff TephraThrall-EU594Not updated
23Meriellis Vision QuestThrall-EU593Not updated
23Goldmox Tor ins FegefeuerThrall-EU593Not updated
25Kýl TouchThrall-EU592Not updated
25Layss TouchThrall-EU592Not updated
27Galênya the chosen fewThrall-EU590Not updated
27Nachtsense Grey CouncilThrall-EU590Not updated
29Hamalutum TimelostThrall-EU589Not updated
30Kirschê Chapel of restThrall-EU588Not updated
30Kemry TimelostThrall-EU588Not updated
32Hurrok Infected HordeThrall-EU587Not updated
32Bernylein TimelostThrall-EU587Not updated
32Metzgerbaby Vision QuestThrall-EU587Not updated
35Pantheropis NaitomeaThrall-EU586Not updated
36Jackycoke AcheronThrall-EU584Not updated
36Zippsa The Banana KingsThrall-EU584Not updated
36Chaîni NaitomeaThrall-EU584Not updated
36Lýki TouchThrall-EU584Not updated
40Mirakuline The Banana KingsThrall-EU583Not updated
41Cupcakeqtlol W H FThrall-EU582Not updated
41Topp Family and FriendsThrall-EU582Not updated
41Îcecream TimelostThrall-EU582Not updated
41Yucca  Thrall-EU582Not updated
45Zuzhi senseThrall-EU581Not updated
45Jaelle Drakkar NoirThrall-EU581Not updated
45Nêetya the chosen fewThrall-EU581Not updated
48Seiyaru NoobConnÄctionThrall-EU580Not updated
48Windspiel UnnamedThrall-EU580Not updated
48Polatorix Friends ReloadedThrall-EU580Not updated
48Spiderrico NeroThrall-EU580Not updated
52Chunglii TimelostThrall-EU579Not updated
53Vunashi  Thrall-EU577Not updated
53Tensugar  Thrall-EU577Not updated
55Teliana KyrillThrall-EU576Not updated
55Asuka NeroThrall-EU576Not updated
55Tautos  Thrall-EU576Not updated
58Veridiana pentaxThrall-EU575Not updated
59Îzy press S for successThrall-EU574Not updated
59Harrk UnnamedThrall-EU574Not updated
59Tâubchen FOXThrall-EU574Not updated
62Pwny TimelostThrall-EU573Not updated
62Lyenor SarissaThrall-EU573Not updated
62Nihke Gimps UnitedThrall-EU573Not updated
65Muline OrcestraThrall-EU572Not updated
65Joarel TrustNoOneThrall-EU572Not updated
65Onodera  Thrall-EU572Not updated
68Kuov TouchThrall-EU571Not updated
68Yunaja The Rising PhoenixThrall-EU571Not updated
68Krausam TouchThrall-EU571Not updated
68Bløndie  Thrall-EU571Not updated
72Kraftkuh  Thrall-EU570Not updated
72Mêlyssa Thousand SinsThrall-EU570Not updated
74Rorschach BraindeadThrall-EU569Not updated
74Astate  Thrall-EU569Not updated
74Shùn  Thrall-EU569Not updated
77Holychris TouchThrall-EU568Not updated
78Breshnosh NeroThrall-EU567Not updated
78Cupcakes Sweet and EasyThrall-EU567Not updated
78Kisaya Nightmare of CreaturesThrall-EU567Not updated
81Línora Drakkar NoirThrall-EU566Not updated
81Innolia STORMThrall-EU566Not updated
81Xanatu Arta AmacitiaThrall-EU566Not updated
84Nausicáä Original mit UntertitelThrall-EU565Not updated
84Nostradamite ExoBrainThrall-EU565Not updated
84Plaguebone CookieMonsterzThrall-EU565Not updated
84Chîana corruptedThrall-EU565Not updated
84Zerin ArtaAmicitiaThrall-EU565Not updated
84Zepi OhanaThrall-EU565Not updated
84Pandéla Spirit of DawnThrall-EU565Not updated
91Starcrush Krieger der FinsternisThrall-EU564Not updated
91Aniviâ  Thrall-EU564Not updated
91Minesa WechselstubeThrall-EU564Not updated
91Alp Anathema sitThrall-EU564Not updated
95Grider Team MistralThrall-EU563Not updated
95Saenná W H FThrall-EU563Not updated
95Tarkor ConvocaThrall-EU563Not updated
95Draxuras AscensionThrall-EU563Not updated
95Caele  Thrall-EU563Not updated
95Móória CruelChallengerThrall-EU563Not updated

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