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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thaurissan-US Unique Pets
1Maduke The ELITEZThaurissan-US551Not updated
2Dynuss The ELITEZThaurissan-US529Not updated
3Smackysmack The ELITEZThaurissan-US491Not updated
4Pinkitteh The ELITEZThaurissan-US419Not updated
5Microheals The ELITEZThaurissan-US406Not updated
6Aegidius The ELITEZThaurissan-US386Not updated
7Windknightx The ELITEZThaurissan-US374Not updated
8Yufi The ELITEZThaurissan-US368Not updated
9Zophy The ELITEZThaurissan-US357Not updated
10Erinys The ELITEZThaurissan-US345Not updated
11Misszcutiex The ELITEZThaurissan-US333Not updated
12Keiirâ The ELITEZThaurissan-US315Not updated
13Iceleaf The ELITEZThaurissan-US278Not updated
14Yùyong The ELITEZThaurissan-US242Not updated
15Kaiserken The ELITEZThaurissan-US232Not updated
16Cyrisa The ELITEZThaurissan-US223Not updated
17Babytron The ELITEZThaurissan-US204Not updated
18Monoz The ELITEZThaurissan-US202Not updated
18Datukloon The ELITEZThaurissan-US202Not updated
18Ntth The ELITEZThaurissan-US202Not updated
21Memiz The ELITEZThaurissan-US199Not updated
22Wawadoink The ELITEZThaurissan-US197Not updated
23Sorrowbelial The ELITEZThaurissan-US188Not updated
24Chenlong The ELITEZThaurissan-US183Not updated
25Jibai The ELITEZThaurissan-US182Not updated
26Graffias The ELITEZThaurissan-US179Not updated
27Maeyumi The ELITEZThaurissan-US177Not updated
27Eque The ELITEZThaurissan-US177Not updated
29Nohealskill The ELITEZThaurissan-US171Not updated
30Elmajico The ELITEZThaurissan-US167Not updated
31Tinúviel The ELITEZThaurissan-US162Not updated
32Bloodyash The ELITEZThaurissan-US160Not updated
33Pepsicolas The ELITEZThaurissan-US158Not updated
33Theanie The ELITEZThaurissan-US158Not updated
33Zandalia The ELITEZThaurissan-US158Not updated
36Pinkonly The ELITEZThaurissan-US157Not updated
37Loraniden The ELITEZThaurissan-US155Not updated
38Dominø The ELITEZThaurissan-US147Not updated
39Mascqt The ELITEZThaurissan-US146Not updated
40Raoph The ELITEZThaurissan-US143Not updated
41Deltorois The ELITEZThaurissan-US142Not updated
42Xpc The ELITEZThaurissan-US133Not updated
43Hunterling The ELITEZThaurissan-US130Not updated
43Chunlie The ELITEZThaurissan-US130Not updated
45Nikomedes The ELITEZThaurissan-US129Not updated
45Kyø The ELITEZThaurissan-US129Not updated
47Malubolo The ELITEZThaurissan-US123Not updated
48Darkchinos The ELITEZThaurissan-US118Not updated
49Rabak The ELITEZThaurissan-US117Not updated
49Lightweet The ELITEZThaurissan-US117Not updated
51Paladinangel The ELITEZThaurissan-US116Not updated
52Littleteeth The ELITEZThaurissan-US113Not updated
53Sunnymara The ELITEZThaurissan-US112Not updated
54Qlexisse The ELITEZThaurissan-US111Not updated
55Profeus The ELITEZThaurissan-US108Not updated
56Firesphere The ELITEZThaurissan-US106Not updated
57Rhàsta The ELITEZThaurissan-US105Not updated
58Kanninia The ELITEZThaurissan-US102Not updated
58Lalalenglui The ELITEZThaurissan-US102Not updated
60Gwiyomi The ELITEZThaurissan-US101Not updated
61Anmóon The ELITEZThaurissan-US99Not updated
62Messiahx The ELITEZThaurissan-US98Not updated
63Rainsword The ELITEZThaurissan-US97Not updated
63Ïmpression The ELITEZThaurissan-US97Not updated
65Yifae The ELITEZThaurissan-US94Not updated
65Ázráel The ELITEZThaurissan-US94Not updated
65Ambrosinez The ELITEZThaurissan-US94Not updated
68Arrody The ELITEZThaurissan-US92Not updated
69Salarama The ELITEZThaurissan-US91Not updated
69Hyacinthe The ELITEZThaurissan-US91Not updated
71Hine The ELITEZThaurissan-US90Not updated
71Horrorknîght The ELITEZThaurissan-US90Not updated
73Pri The ELITEZThaurissan-US89Not updated
73Junsupra The ELITEZThaurissan-US89Not updated
75Xelga The ELITEZThaurissan-US88Not updated
75Ksnowy The ELITEZThaurissan-US88Not updated
77Agravain The ELITEZThaurissan-US87Not updated
78Nerdanel The ELITEZThaurissan-US84Not updated
78Khung The ELITEZThaurissan-US84Not updated
78Kysx The ELITEZThaurissan-US84Not updated
78Lázy The ELITEZThaurissan-US84Not updated
82Fiorlyna The ELITEZThaurissan-US83Not updated
82Mirrine The ELITEZThaurissan-US83Not updated
82Ironcrossbow The ELITEZThaurissan-US83Not updated
85Boomstout The ELITEZThaurissan-US81Not updated
86Khairul The ELITEZThaurissan-US73Not updated
87Néxs The ELITEZThaurissan-US71Not updated
88Zinez The ELITEZThaurissan-US69Not updated
88Naladath The ELITEZThaurissan-US69Not updated
88Poisonfox The ELITEZThaurissan-US69Not updated
91Kaisercow The ELITEZThaurissan-US68Not updated
91Azufeuer The ELITEZThaurissan-US68Not updated
93Tedia The ELITEZThaurissan-US67Not updated
93Helborn The ELITEZThaurissan-US67Not updated
95Ivan The ELITEZThaurissan-US64Not updated
95Masochistic The ELITEZThaurissan-US64Not updated
97Caezioshade The ELITEZThaurissan-US62Not updated
97Raesona The ELITEZThaurissan-US62Not updated
99Incredibullz The ELITEZThaurissan-US61Not updated
100Megadeath The ELITEZThaurissan-US60Not updated

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