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Terenas-US Unique Pets
1Nocando No Gold For YouTerenas-US596Not updated
2Rosie VortexTerenas-US588
2Marsanno FateTerenas-US588
4Orphic LegendTerenas-US585
5Alti No Gold For YouTerenas-US582
6Faeldruid Really Bad PlayersTerenas-US581
7Zengesta No Gold For YouTerenas-US580Not updated
8Natur LegendTerenas-US579
9Vathy The UnresolvedTerenas-US578
10Gobligamishi HordestarzTerenas-US576Not updated
11Rubyfire HoradrimTerenas-US575Not updated
11Casidy Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US575
11Samitsu LegendTerenas-US575
14Darkrob CrewTerenas-US574
15Starscreamer Gnome RavagersTerenas-US573
16Blameseanna Eternal KeggersTerenas-US566
16Bowshunter NgchantTerenas-US566Not updated
18Khildan Requiem of NightmaresTerenas-US565Not updated
18Bigbamboo LegendTerenas-US565
18Gnobegnees Happy TownTerenas-US565Not updated
21Nightmoo Shadow SquirrelsTerenas-US564
21Menghuo Warlords of DraenorTerenas-US564Not updated
23Orlandeau SkyShatterTerenas-US561
24Roadrunnerss Aut Vincere Aut MoriTerenas-US558Not updated
25Beyondliving Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US557
25Sinsalot Honor Among FriendsTerenas-US557Not updated
27Shylie Zombie Ant UprisingTerenas-US555
27Fatkid LegendTerenas-US555
27Cinderella HavinFunTerenas-US555Not updated
27Kisümé Trade SpammersTerenas-US555Not updated
31Darsen Surgeon Generals WarningTerenas-US554
32Trancegemini Politically IncorrectTerenas-US553
32Reanna Shadow of the Red BaronTerenas-US553
34Ilikecheese SynTerenas-US552Not updated
34Awanik LegionTerenas-US552Not updated
36Chuutriit Zombie Ant UprisingTerenas-US551
37Bacura SkyShatterTerenas-US550
37Odoo  Terenas-US550Not updated
39Nyme Wicked WithinTerenas-US549
40Flexmetallo Order of the GoatTerenas-US548
41Silverswift Lights RaidersTerenas-US547
41Pawprints Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US547
43Gaul Gnome RavagersTerenas-US545
43Mesocute  Terenas-US545Not updated
45Grounded The Nights WatchTerenas-US544Not updated
46Balst Opera non VerbaTerenas-US543
46Larna BlasphemyTerenas-US543
46Crowngarde Order of the Ebon HandTerenas-US543Not updated
49Breelynn Eyes of JusticeTerenas-US542
50Firestander the sound of timeTerenas-US541Not updated
51Majus Gladius de DeusTerenas-US540
52Marino  Terenas-US537
53Fivepointslo FateTerenas-US536Not updated
54Discnips Gladius de DeusTerenas-US535
55Oiche  Terenas-US533
55Rynthiel Talon of the PhoenixTerenas-US533Not updated
57Cabowabo Gnome RavagersTerenas-US532
58Qai Shadow SquirrelsTerenas-US531
58Kamia Thats How We RollTerenas-US531Not updated
60Vula Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US530
60Husque Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US530Not updated
62Etherealgeni Wicked WithinTerenas-US529
62Frowsy Gladius de DeusTerenas-US529
62Solemnlyt Trade SpammersTerenas-US529Not updated
65Elysianna Celestial UprisingTerenas-US528Not updated
65Shongsoo Guild EdoTerenas-US528Not updated
67Pestenoire Midnight RaiderTerenas-US527Not updated
67Illpalazzo SkyShatterTerenas-US527Not updated
69Pharune Opera non VerbaTerenas-US526Not updated
70Archaon Zombie Ant UprisingTerenas-US525
70Grenmoor Victoria non PraedaTerenas-US525
70Kunillia Order of the GoatTerenas-US525
70Yoürwowisfat Opera non VerbaTerenas-US525
74Mieu Syndicate of LightTerenas-US524
74Meresitina Opera non VerbaTerenas-US524Not updated
74Holyjoe Opera non VerbaTerenas-US524
74Tidesx The DesecratedTerenas-US524Not updated
74Alacer LegendTerenas-US524

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