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Tanaris-US Unique Pets
1Turbine The UnnamedTanaris-US596
1Dojainnyn JadedTanaris-US596
3Rekari SlainteTanaris-US594
4Zeryph Edge of MadnessTanaris-US588
5Talindrah Enduring VisionTanaris-US583
6Schizix Get Off My LawnTanaris-US581
7Xiohiohina The UnnamedTanaris-US579
8Aalicya JadedTanaris-US578
9Kobayashi Get Off My LawnTanaris-US576
10Touli Enduring VisionTanaris-US571
11Antheia  Tanaris-US570Not updated
12Zascha The UnnamedTanaris-US569
12Shiia Binary SoloTanaris-US569
14Pangurrban DHARMA InitiativeTanaris-US568
14Pegi DHARMA InitiativeTanaris-US568
16Shandrace Chaos in MotionTanaris-US567
17Zzoe The TalismanTanaris-US566
18Ooneerr Righteous and WickedTanaris-US565
19Grammelf Sua SponteTanaris-US563
19Muckluckchuk No Guild For UsTanaris-US563
21Pmsoutoo Break the BankTanaris-US562
21Mohann The TalismanTanaris-US562
21Zeeze Martyrdom ParadeTanaris-US562Not updated
24Caladaon The UnnamedTanaris-US560
25Tameta DefianceTanaris-US558
26Iøl Burning RageTanaris-US556Not updated
26Lunaheals The UntamedTanaris-US556
28Cathaleria Enduring VisionTanaris-US555
28Iatrogenic Wave of MutilationTanaris-US555
28Jinxcat The Exiled FewTanaris-US555
31Cait Righteous and WickedTanaris-US554
32Selenay Get Off My LawnTanaris-US553Not updated
33Angor Furry PocketsTanaris-US551Not updated
34Supneet The UnforsakenTanaris-US548
34Keian Wave of MutilationTanaris-US548Not updated
34Melmo  Tanaris-US548
34Memnochscow  Tanaris-US548Not updated
38Demína Righteous and WickedTanaris-US547
38Cende Wave of MutilationTanaris-US547Not updated
38Sandrai Wave of MutilationTanaris-US547Not updated
38Celia Wave of MutilationTanaris-US547Not updated
38Drezzlok Seraph SlayersTanaris-US547Not updated
38Velynda The HordersTanaris-US547Not updated
44Jachyra Wave of MutilationTanaris-US546
44Dagmar AbsolutionTanaris-US546Not updated
46Virtudes Righteous and WickedTanaris-US544
46Zarla  Tanaris-US544Not updated
48Rasputia Binary SoloTanaris-US542
48Maps The UnnamedTanaris-US542
48Meps The UnnamedTanaris-US542
48Adrinaria AnubisTanaris-US542
52Chíll Righteous and WickedTanaris-US541Not updated
52Stephanie AbsolutionTanaris-US541Not updated
54Sterrling  Tanaris-US540Not updated
55Disenchanted Edge of MadnessTanaris-US539Not updated
55Míaa Righteous and WickedTanaris-US539Not updated
57Aeriscats The UnnamedTanaris-US536
57Ankoi Eighty SixTanaris-US536
57Evaedathir The UnnamedTanaris-US536Not updated
57Smellycatz The UnnamedTanaris-US536
61Missbessie JadedTanaris-US534
61Déborah Keep What You KillTanaris-US534Not updated
61Dahdah Edge of MadnessTanaris-US534
61Toastette Rubber Room PsychosTanaris-US534
65Freckleface JadedTanaris-US533
65Feline  Tanaris-US533Not updated
67Lorius WoWTanaris-US532
67Psyscape South of HeavenTanaris-US532
69Kanikuba The UnnamedTanaris-US530
69Aminon Living Is OptionalTanaris-US530
69Rævyn  Tanaris-US530Not updated
72Gavriella SolitudeTanaris-US529
73Mirosa Get Off My LawnTanaris-US528Not updated
73Antistita EvilTanaris-US528Not updated
75Allindra AbsolutionTanaris-US527Not updated
76Morgarisa Rubber Room PsychosTanaris-US526
77Runesparrow Righteous and WickedTanaris-US525
78Rolnrock Chaos in MotionTanaris-US524Not updated
78Kotrak OVER NINE THOUSANDTanaris-US524Not updated
80Deathmonki AnubisTanaris-US523
80Deevuh ProstTanaris-US523Not updated
82Pollundo Enduring VisionTanaris-US522
82Charmkin HulkamaniacsTanaris-US522Not updated
84Cová Dark LibertyTanaris-US521Not updated
84Mookely Depths of LunacyTanaris-US521Not updated

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