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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Tanaris-US Unique Pets
1Rekari SlainteTanaris-US604Not updated
2Kazenchi  Tanaris-US603Not updated
3Dojainnyn JadedTanaris-US596Not updated
4Maiysa Edge of MadnessTanaris-US593Not updated
5Talestial Majestic DragonsTanaris-US591Not updated
6Xiohiohina The UnnamedTanaris-US588Not updated
7Pegi DHARMA InitiativeTanaris-US585Not updated
7Oöm  Tanaris-US585Not updated
7Fainri DHARMA InitiativeTanaris-US585Not updated
10Noduka JadedTanaris-US584Not updated
11Shiia Binary SoloTanaris-US582Not updated
12Touli Enduring VisionTanaris-US581Not updated
12Kobayashi Get Off My LawnTanaris-US581Not updated
14Zauberine The TalismanTanaris-US578Not updated
15Erytheia  Tanaris-US577Not updated
16Kissmenot Chaos in MotionTanaris-US576Not updated
17Kylar The TalismanTanaris-US574Not updated
18Skycrumb SlainteTanaris-US573Not updated
19Ambika The UnnamedTanaris-US572Not updated
20Caladain The UnnamedTanaris-US570Not updated
21Ooneerr Righteous and WickedTanaris-US569Not updated
22Pmsoutoo Break the BankTanaris-US568Not updated
23Tameta DefianceTanaris-US567Not updated
24Grammage Sua SponteTanaris-US565Not updated
24Sutureself Righteous and WickedTanaris-US565Not updated
24Cathleriya Enduring VisionTanaris-US565Not updated
27Muckluckchuk No Guild For UsTanaris-US563Not updated
28Iatrogenic TitanTanaris-US562Not updated
28Cindee Wave of MutilationTanaris-US562Not updated
28Celia Wave of MutilationTanaris-US562Not updated
28Sandrai Wave of MutilationTanaris-US562Not updated
28Keian Wave of MutilationTanaris-US562Not updated
33Geullah South of HeavenTanaris-US561Not updated
33Lunarblade The Exiled FewTanaris-US561Not updated
35Amonet The UnforsakenTanaris-US559Not updated
35Pandarawr Break the BankTanaris-US559Not updated
35Debelf LockDownTanaris-US559Not updated
38Maps The UnnamedTanaris-US557Not updated
38Jachyra TitanTanaris-US557Not updated
38Nickilee The Exiled FewTanaris-US557Not updated
41Freckleface JadedTanaris-US556Not updated
41Iøl Burning RageTanaris-US556Not updated
41Lunaheals The UntamedTanaris-US556Not updated
44Memnochshunt SecessionTanaris-US554Not updated
45Selenay Get Off My LawnTanaris-US553Not updated
46Adrinaria AnubisTanaris-US551Not updated
46Angor Furry PocketsTanaris-US551Not updated
46Tyramisu SolitudeTanaris-US551Not updated
49Halfcocked Get Off My LawnTanaris-US550Not updated
49Demonà Righteous and WickedTanaris-US550Not updated
51Vanevea Martyrdom ParadeTanaris-US549Not updated
51Fiznab Righteous and WickedTanaris-US549Not updated
51Demína Righteous and WickedTanaris-US549Not updated
54Drezzlok Seraph SlayersTanaris-US547Not updated
54Velynda The HordersTanaris-US547Not updated
56Zarla  Tanaris-US544Not updated
57Shugsie The UnnamedTanaris-US543Not updated
58Babycats The UnnamedTanaris-US542Not updated
58Shezzam  Tanaris-US542Not updated
60Lorius WoWTanaris-US541Not updated
60Mirosa Get Off My LawnTanaris-US541Not updated
60Stephanie AbsolutionTanaris-US541Not updated
63Missbessie JadedTanaris-US540Not updated
64Sacrolash Casually AddictedTanaris-US539Not updated
64Disenchanted  Tanaris-US539Not updated
66Fenrìr The Exiled SentinelsTanaris-US538Not updated
67Aeriscats The UnnamedTanaris-US537Not updated
67Badmonkey Edge of MadnessTanaris-US537Not updated
67Sukriyau Eighty SixTanaris-US537Not updated
67Berrieboo JadedTanaris-US537Not updated
71Petris Living Is OptionalTanaris-US536Not updated
71Aphell Majestic DragonsTanaris-US536Not updated
71Schaduwen Enduring VisionTanaris-US536Not updated
74Jokylhaups Le Pacte de LoupsTanaris-US535Not updated
74Cannedcuba The UnnamedTanaris-US535Not updated
74Psyscape South of HeavenTanaris-US535Not updated
74Calypso Eighty SixTanaris-US535Not updated
78Morebeer Majestic DragonsTanaris-US534Not updated
78Captnmoregun Majestic DragonsTanaris-US534Not updated
78Majesticone Majestic DragonsTanaris-US534Not updated
78Locomonje Majestic DragonsTanaris-US534Not updated
78Tankastyles Majestic DragonsTanaris-US534Not updated
78Snizzles Get Off My LawnTanaris-US534Not updated
84Calicia  Tanaris-US533Not updated

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