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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sylvanas-EU Unique Pets
1Vegi Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU607Not updated
1Immortääl TemplariuszeSylvanas-EU607Not updated
3Nínjä TemplariuszeSylvanas-EU598Not updated
4Vegarr Casual MurlocsSylvanas-EU588Not updated
4Gabzz SkilIedSylvanas-EU588Not updated
6Archeops RatedSylvanas-EU587Not updated
6Ironoak Crusaders from the PastSylvanas-EU587Not updated
6Fennekin Barney and FriendsSylvanas-EU587Not updated
6Beldum Untamed SoulsSylvanas-EU587Not updated
10Warufu CluelessSylvanas-EU586Not updated
10Slarith  Sylvanas-EU586Not updated
12Kikoutou AftermathSylvanas-EU584Not updated
13Frostywind was merely a setbackSylvanas-EU583Not updated
13Beastgirll ExciteSylvanas-EU583Not updated
13Uppsis EmpyreanSylvanas-EU583Not updated
16Shinukishi Total InsanitySylvanas-EU581Not updated
17Bluetsunami Societas DraconistrarumSylvanas-EU580Not updated
17Ironalli ProvenSylvanas-EU580Not updated
19Shivvers In ProgressSylvanas-EU579Not updated
19Myöös ElementaSylvanas-EU579Not updated
19Stevejobs Invalid ArgumentSylvanas-EU579Not updated
22Pyjamas SamuraiSylvanas-EU578Not updated
22Docwho PepsiTwistSylvanas-EU578Not updated
24Lokeh AnointedSylvanas-EU577Not updated
24Sparck Sugar RushSylvanas-EU577Not updated
26Lynnore NemuritoriiSylvanas-EU576Not updated
27Dalmasca Nulli SecundusSylvanas-EU575Not updated
27Thannya Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU575Not updated
27Elmillos MyceliumSylvanas-EU575Not updated
27Grumsk A Human Stole My BikeSylvanas-EU575Not updated
31Lianhua Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU574Not updated
31Mumapãdurii NemuritoriiSylvanas-EU574Not updated
31Sangana SkilIedSylvanas-EU574Not updated
34Samuelz EmeritusSylvanas-EU573Not updated
35Zerraz OxicaSylvanas-EU572Not updated
35Säfy Nemetos OrderSylvanas-EU572Not updated
35Patrona Order of the SunSylvanas-EU572Not updated
38Santoria Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU571Not updated
39Fastcap Divine GardenSylvanas-EU570Not updated
39Nöy has left the guildSylvanas-EU570Not updated
39Goremaw TEAM KOREASylvanas-EU570Not updated
42Sickjackenn SamuraiSylvanas-EU569Not updated
42Kinzen SkilIedSylvanas-EU569Not updated
44Kungpang The Power RangersSylvanas-EU568Not updated
44Kettumylläri Beach Bar Poker ClubSylvanas-EU568Not updated
44Hoggert The Power RangersSylvanas-EU568Not updated
47Maximuu Ashes of InfernoSylvanas-EU567Not updated
47Narqull  Sylvanas-EU567Not updated
49Bloodfire Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU566Not updated
49Natallia End of DiscussionSylvanas-EU566Not updated
49Dimitrov Little Guild of HorrorsSylvanas-EU566Not updated
49Pauladin Disguised IntelligenceSylvanas-EU566Not updated
49Arwym The Archavon LegacySylvanas-EU566Not updated
54Corneilia iPuGSylvanas-EU565Not updated
54Kosturdude  Sylvanas-EU565Not updated
54Cynie IntuitionSylvanas-EU565Not updated
57Decy Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU564Not updated
57Morìarty Martine fait du PvPSylvanas-EU564Not updated
57Jiesaj District XVISylvanas-EU564Not updated
60Conanraulxd NemuritoriiSylvanas-EU563Not updated
60Kilay BaylifeSylvanas-EU563Not updated
62Iamkapa ELEMENTSSylvanas-EU562Not updated
62Alythee DepthcoreSylvanas-EU562Not updated
62Thunderconan NemuritoriiSylvanas-EU562Not updated
62Assargal SamuraiSylvanas-EU562Not updated
62Intaed Hardmode CrewSylvanas-EU562Not updated
67Aerissa PerplexitySylvanas-EU561Not updated
67Pantzakos Crown of BloodSylvanas-EU561Not updated
67Nalíah Cold FusionSylvanas-EU561Not updated
67Zoorabi The Unusual SuspectsSylvanas-EU561Not updated
67Miaka Dark AwesomenessSylvanas-EU561Not updated
72Aiona  Sylvanas-EU560Not updated
72Kylíe PolandSylvanas-EU560Not updated
74Fantozzi Ancient ChampionsSylvanas-EU559Not updated
75Iluminatul PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU558Not updated
75Thelassa Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU558Not updated
75Roksara  Sylvanas-EU558Not updated
78Ponkbeb GAME OF TROLLSSylvanas-EU557Not updated
78Thebuhuhuu aKa OvErPoWeReDSylvanas-EU557Not updated
78Varjohaltia B A S K E N TSylvanas-EU557Not updated
78Násha InhaleSylvanas-EU557Not updated
82Eilie Game is HardSylvanas-EU556Not updated
82Stoie PerplexitySylvanas-EU556Not updated
82Zephyloth Legends of LordaeronSylvanas-EU556Not updated
82Æthelred SamuraiSylvanas-EU556Not updated
82Sïc Unholy OnesSylvanas-EU556Not updated
82Groenhuid  Sylvanas-EU556Not updated
88Glädos The Imperial GuardSylvanas-EU555Not updated
88Surimlocka  Sylvanas-EU555Not updated
90Castiél PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU554Not updated
90Kidate ELEMENTSSylvanas-EU554Not updated
90Lukechadwick  Sylvanas-EU554Not updated
90Iodíne  Sylvanas-EU554Not updated
90Toeter Exploding SheepSylvanas-EU554Not updated
90Khaalesy InvasiónSylvanas-EU554Not updated
90Psychodru Congenitally StupidsSylvanas-EU554Not updated
90Pami GHERILASylvanas-EU554Not updated
98Kristen Cold FusionSylvanas-EU553Not updated
98Isyengrath  Sylvanas-EU553Not updated
98Alfeard  Sylvanas-EU553Not updated

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