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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormscale-EU Unique Pets
1Glitterpoes AgitatedStormscale-EU607Not updated
2Sambalkoning CruentusStormscale-EU601Not updated
3Ghostkíllah BooterangStormscale-EU594Not updated
4Fenrïz Advanced Target DummysStormscale-EU591Not updated
5Hëki YoloGaming IncStormscale-EU589Not updated
6Gãb Earthbound EaglesStormscale-EU588Not updated
7Hotlusts eZgameStormscale-EU587Not updated
8Smultringa Canus MaximusStormscale-EU586Not updated
9Deephollow As Shadows AriseStormscale-EU585Not updated
9Tiveden Earthbound EaglesStormscale-EU585Not updated
11Zwtje Wonderful WeatherStormscale-EU583Not updated
12Karaninjax Man of FeelStormscale-EU581Not updated
13Bv Canus MaximusStormscale-EU580Not updated
13Röcknar  Stormscale-EU580Not updated
13Kalhiria smylsStormscale-EU580Not updated
16Ymirjarl AwoLStormscale-EU579Not updated
17Jessechester ZOMGKITTYMEWMEWStormscale-EU577Not updated
18Visham YoloGaming IncStormscale-EU576Not updated
18Blâster AwoLStormscale-EU576Not updated
18Vilock YoloGaming IncStormscale-EU576Not updated
18Vidin YoloGaming IncStormscale-EU576Not updated
18Botamon Go Gnome Go HomeStormscale-EU576Not updated
23Brandnew Best Guild EUStormscale-EU574Not updated
24Rottkäppchen namStormscale-EU573Not updated
24Dryden  Stormscale-EU573Not updated
24Atlantica Ðynamic ÐuoStormscale-EU573Not updated
27Immortãl ExhaleStormscale-EU572Not updated
27Fthrdjjaro  Stormscale-EU572Not updated
29Troem Nine Inches UnbuffedStormscale-EU571Not updated
30Itsap HallaStormscale-EU570Not updated
30Maybeh Close upStormscale-EU570Not updated
30Jaspmilla The Big BangStormscale-EU570Not updated
30Marlian Phase ShiftStormscale-EU570Not updated
30Skarecrow  Stormscale-EU570Not updated
35Orubia The FoundationStormscale-EU569Not updated
36Valthar Dancing StonesStormscale-EU568Not updated
36Antagonistic Them BonesStormscale-EU568Not updated
38Retaenan Sick SenseStormscale-EU567Not updated
38Navan  Stormscale-EU567Not updated
38Torrë ShadowLegionStormscale-EU567Not updated
38Michiea  Stormscale-EU567Not updated
38Casadora Svenska soldaterStormscale-EU567Not updated
38Holyfall Back in ControlStormscale-EU567Not updated
44Hiraklitos namStormscale-EU566Not updated
44Narqull Best Guild EUStormscale-EU566Not updated
46Ikey RedditStormscale-EU565Not updated
46Caithy Heartless CrewStormscale-EU565Not updated
46Sötnallie Super Fun Advénture ClubStormscale-EU565Not updated
49Sly MLSFOTMLOLStormscale-EU564Not updated
49Emochick EximiusStormscale-EU564Not updated
49Sjoemek Immortal SunriseStormscale-EU564Not updated
49Lindisfarne  Stormscale-EU564Not updated
49Scarybarry The Logical Cube XIIStormscale-EU564Not updated
49Ratatatatatá Legends of ApocalypseStormscale-EU564Not updated
55Hioemsvol Brotherhood Of DeathStormscale-EU562Not updated
55Moonstruck I N F I N I T OStormscale-EU562Not updated
55Radoom gadlikeStormscale-EU562Not updated
55Lehet  Stormscale-EU562Not updated
55Váv Eat My CritStormscale-EU562Not updated
55Dennari E N I G M AStormscale-EU562Not updated
61Turboskløtta YoloGaming IncStormscale-EU561Not updated
61Scylla Clan SeppukuStormscale-EU561Not updated
61Ravenouz Fluffy Kittens of DoomStormscale-EU561Not updated
61Hairydot RedditStormscale-EU561Not updated
61Matsodonk PappadrickaStormscale-EU561Not updated
61Sickjackenn  Stormscale-EU561Not updated
61Zcrybe RedditStormscale-EU561Not updated
68Thulgvar  Stormscale-EU559Not updated
68Aurka lmagineStormscale-EU559Not updated
68Ikesh Make Them RememberStormscale-EU559Not updated
68Bravio OblivionStormscale-EU559Not updated
68Arhionvar ManiacStormscale-EU559Not updated
68Thegodone  Stormscale-EU559Not updated
74Peace SkyfallStormscale-EU558Not updated
74Houñd AlternateStormscale-EU558Not updated
76Rutjake  Stormscale-EU557Not updated
76Almelo Mystic RealmStormscale-EU557Not updated
76Aelish WargodsStormscale-EU557Not updated
76Fraigor AnticsStormscale-EU557Not updated
80Starlet After DawnStormscale-EU556Not updated
80Pride RipSpawnStormscale-EU556Not updated
82Mortati Fallen StarStormscale-EU555Not updated
82Wrêck EchoStormscale-EU555Not updated
82Queecia DynastyStormscale-EU555Not updated
82Øverdøsê ParadoxStormscale-EU555Not updated
82Vuldran Wife Aggro BrbStormscale-EU555Not updated
87Wifebloom SteveStormscale-EU554Not updated
87Knárf Shadow AuraStormscale-EU554Not updated
89Gujasna Plan B Sheep The DruidStormscale-EU553Not updated
89Ebayde CøntærStormscale-EU553Not updated
91Grenvile Wait For ItStormscale-EU552Not updated
91Weez MonsterStormscale-EU552Not updated
91Unelle OblivionStormscale-EU552Not updated
91Nethriel  Stormscale-EU552Not updated
91Absolutmonk MonsterStormscale-EU552Not updated
91Evirake The Cheezier GuildStormscale-EU552Not updated
97Prisjägaren EnqounterStormscale-EU551Not updated
97Kalifá BooterangStormscale-EU551Not updated
97Iskaandar Close upStormscale-EU551Not updated
97Salep Flagged Guild NameStormscale-EU551Not updated

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