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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormreaver-EU Unique Pets
1Cjamango The MagnificentStormreaver-EU613Not updated
1Brummbär The MagnificentStormreaver-EU613Not updated
1Gekkó The MagnificentStormreaver-EU613Not updated
4Agonija The MagnificentStormreaver-EU611Not updated
4Lote The MagnificentStormreaver-EU611Not updated
6Bauk The MagnificentStormreaver-EU605Not updated
7Hoohraw EliittiStormreaver-EU592Not updated
8Maarre EliittiStormreaver-EU591Not updated
9Rorken Apocalypse LaterStormreaver-EU590Not updated
10Arienne The MagnificentStormreaver-EU589Not updated
10Pladepus KraftverkStormreaver-EU589Not updated
12Marieke ColourStormreaver-EU588Not updated
13Rottengore EbriusStormreaver-EU583Not updated
14Tiralin The Shadow CouncilStormreaver-EU581Not updated
15Gnocky Dark RitualStormreaver-EU579Not updated
16Leipaq Karpon ParhaatStormreaver-EU577Not updated
16Xaritha ArcticaStormreaver-EU577Not updated
18Poronpurija Hyvät YstävätStormreaver-EU574Not updated
18Sangokunha Tavern of VikingsStormreaver-EU574Not updated
18Purrbabe OldSchoolRaidersStormreaver-EU574Not updated
21Magemoon Brotherhood of the WolfStormreaver-EU573Not updated
21Hopeatassu Valmistettu SuomessaStormreaver-EU573Not updated
23Litledeath The Shadow CouncilStormreaver-EU572Not updated
23Waãtide  Stormreaver-EU572Not updated
23Fallaxisalli ColourStormreaver-EU572Not updated
26Etraigann ReignitedStormreaver-EU569Not updated
27Zam Brotherhood of the WolfStormreaver-EU567Not updated
27Sturmii Penguin MagicStormreaver-EU567Not updated
29Hekata InsurgencyStormreaver-EU566Not updated
30Rrarru YOLOStormreaver-EU565Not updated
30Sinkin Warlords of HellStormreaver-EU565Not updated
30Pokayoke  Stormreaver-EU565Not updated
33Offtopic  Stormreaver-EU561Not updated
33Oya  Stormreaver-EU561Not updated
35Envií VersusStormreaver-EU560Not updated
36Vilsenbror Fight ClubStormreaver-EU559Not updated
37Arletta Viimeiset MohikaanitStormreaver-EU558Not updated
37Kheldorn On The RailStormreaver-EU558Not updated
39Sioviel Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU557Not updated
39Cherinda Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU557Not updated
39Eshari  Stormreaver-EU557Not updated
39Darkkie The Evil OnesStormreaver-EU557Not updated
43Drakali AquilaStormreaver-EU556Not updated
43Shaotana AvansiaStormreaver-EU556Not updated
45Wuppy RegulatorsStormreaver-EU555Not updated
45Taradia AquilaStormreaver-EU555Not updated
45Greenplague The Shadow CouncilStormreaver-EU555Not updated
48Vertipä KunnianloukkausStormreaver-EU554Not updated
49Metalium  Stormreaver-EU553Not updated
49Gliin AquilaStormreaver-EU553Not updated
51Liufen tissien löylykauhaStormreaver-EU551Not updated
52Bâttery Brilliance and InsanityStormreaver-EU550Not updated
53Burdumi SynergiaStormreaver-EU547Not updated
54Hâvoc Rocket Fuel LeakStormreaver-EU544Not updated
55Shanden Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU543Not updated
55Hanell Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU543Not updated
55Shelor Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU543Not updated
55Torgo snickerietStormreaver-EU543Not updated
59Monkss EbriusStormreaver-EU541Not updated
59Burenia VäkívaltakuntaStormreaver-EU541Not updated
59Hanoe Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU541Not updated
62Lithariel Brotherhood of the WolfStormreaver-EU540Not updated
62Babatsu Hyvät YstävätStormreaver-EU540Not updated
64Mycena InsurgencyStormreaver-EU538Not updated
65Tifi Penguin MagicStormreaver-EU537Not updated
66Elanëssé Epic BaconStormreaver-EU536Not updated
67Gnomespank Life AfterStormreaver-EU535Not updated
67Pryncess Without ReasonStormreaver-EU535Not updated
69Jeppoh hey im sweStormreaver-EU534Not updated
69Ursaring CrimsonBattleBunniesStormreaver-EU534Not updated
71Nuharoo TrolltygStormreaver-EU533Not updated
71Miü Penguin MagicStormreaver-EU533Not updated
73Ptr PohjasakkaStormreaver-EU532Not updated
73Felane Exploding LabratsStormreaver-EU532Not updated
75Cathalya TavernaStormreaver-EU529Not updated
75Elerial TavernaStormreaver-EU529Not updated
75Jðel TrolltygStormreaver-EU529Not updated
75Screwless  Stormreaver-EU529Not updated
79Jønsson TrolltygStormreaver-EU528Not updated
79Thungphung TrolltygStormreaver-EU528Not updated
79Djogurt TrolltygStormreaver-EU528Not updated
79Calithil DarksunStormreaver-EU528Not updated
83Greyhoff Arctic VikingsStormreaver-EU527Not updated
83Seagul DisharmonyStormreaver-EU527Not updated
85Micimaci GehennaStormreaver-EU526Not updated
85Daphney TavernaStormreaver-EU526Not updated
85Ayakar Arctic VikingsStormreaver-EU526Not updated
85Dübbe  Stormreaver-EU526Not updated
85Digitaali  Stormreaver-EU526Not updated
90Jayneera What is loveStormreaver-EU525Not updated
90Cormia The Shadow CouncilStormreaver-EU525Not updated
90Moonshade Brotherhood of the WolfStormreaver-EU525Not updated
93Ameria GehennaStormreaver-EU524Not updated
94Murikana KansandiktatuuriStormreaver-EU523Not updated
95Galdhr AquilaStormreaver-EU522Not updated
96Jõnsson TrolltygStormreaver-EU521Not updated
96Jðnsson TrolltygStormreaver-EU521Not updated
98Lancehead  Stormreaver-EU520Not updated
98Badcindy ColourStormreaver-EU520Not updated
100Schriker Mellow FellowsStormreaver-EU519Not updated

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