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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-US Unique Pets
1Kelerenis Dawning NemesisStormrage-US598Not updated
2Chilala Dawning NemesisStormrage-US587Not updated
3Ayrel Dawning NemesisStormrage-US573Not updated
4Cernaco Dawning NemesisStormrage-US535Not updated
4Eleadora Dawning NemesisStormrage-US535Not updated
6Mayjestik Dawning NemesisStormrage-US505Not updated
7Ingla Dawning NemesisStormrage-US504Not updated
8Vizharan Dawning NemesisStormrage-US494Not updated
9Vanyalota Dawning NemesisStormrage-US491Not updated
10Shortthand Dawning NemesisStormrage-US481Not updated
11Smackinghot Dawning NemesisStormrage-US477Not updated
12Reñesmee Dawning NemesisStormrage-US476Not updated
13Ramloc Dawning NemesisStormrage-US473Not updated
14Healingvixen Dawning NemesisStormrage-US469Not updated
15Stars Dawning NemesisStormrage-US454Not updated
16Paradigma Dawning NemesisStormrage-US443Not updated
17Cattbree Dawning NemesisStormrage-US435Not updated
18Lerah Dawning NemesisStormrage-US429Not updated
19Dindellea Dawning NemesisStormrage-US425Not updated
20Moonskald Dawning NemesisStormrage-US423Not updated
21Äyame Dawning NemesisStormrage-US421Not updated
22Vahalu Dawning NemesisStormrage-US410Not updated
23Danski Dawning NemesisStormrage-US409Not updated
24Mysterieuxx Dawning NemesisStormrage-US405Not updated
25Evdog Dawning NemesisStormrage-US402Not updated
26Aceadnrayo Dawning NemesisStormrage-US392Not updated
27Vakuwizard Dawning NemesisStormrage-US372Not updated
27Preeya Dawning NemesisStormrage-US372Not updated
29Stabberation Dawning NemesisStormrage-US366Not updated
30Floriann Dawning NemesisStormrage-US356Not updated
31Naeoko Dawning NemesisStormrage-US351Not updated
32Kabambam Dawning NemesisStormrage-US349Not updated
33Rindail Dawning NemesisStormrage-US338Not updated
34Lumará Dawning NemesisStormrage-US321Not updated
35Baseddukker Dawning NemesisStormrage-US313Not updated
36Liannya Dawning NemesisStormrage-US302Not updated
37Wildprowler Dawning NemesisStormrage-US288Not updated
38Icculous Dawning NemesisStormrage-US286Not updated
39Thejaz Dawning NemesisStormrage-US269Not updated
39Karish Dawning NemesisStormrage-US269Not updated
41Valkenhiem Dawning NemesisStormrage-US254Not updated
42Fawbaphobia Dawning NemesisStormrage-US242Not updated
43Warilon Dawning NemesisStormrage-US236Not updated
44Faehawk Dawning NemesisStormrage-US234Not updated
44Drudown Dawning NemesisStormrage-US234Not updated
46Valinora Dawning NemesisStormrage-US226Not updated
47Gaskette Dawning NemesisStormrage-US217Not updated
48Kelmvor Dawning NemesisStormrage-US207Not updated
49Kahlysta Dawning NemesisStormrage-US205Not updated
50Kenyawn Dawning NemesisStormrage-US201Not updated
51Starbreiker Dawning NemesisStormrage-US199Not updated
52Hunts Dawning NemesisStormrage-US198Not updated
53Roscario Dawning NemesisStormrage-US190Not updated
54Aristiff Dawning NemesisStormrage-US189Not updated
54Oakslab Dawning NemesisStormrage-US189Not updated
56Staindknight Dawning NemesisStormrage-US184Not updated
57Omnignome Dawning NemesisStormrage-US183Not updated
58Ryotenchi Dawning NemesisStormrage-US182Not updated
59Ryndank Dawning NemesisStormrage-US181Not updated
60Inmypanties Dawning NemesisStormrage-US176Not updated
61Zaldorz Dawning NemesisStormrage-US174Not updated
62Rosallie Dawning NemesisStormrage-US169Not updated
63Saldeyas Dawning NemesisStormrage-US168Not updated
64Tonofbricks Dawning NemesisStormrage-US167Not updated
65Gobblezg Dawning NemesisStormrage-US165Not updated
65Obbliette Dawning NemesisStormrage-US165Not updated
67Mälafide Dawning NemesisStormrage-US162Not updated
67Purplekiwi Dawning NemesisStormrage-US162Not updated
69Leiret Dawning NemesisStormrage-US160Not updated
69Gootecks Dawning NemesisStormrage-US160Not updated
71Nadiaa Dawning NemesisStormrage-US159Not updated
71Winterhelm Dawning NemesisStormrage-US159Not updated
73Fox Dawning NemesisStormrage-US157Not updated
74Braterstwo Dawning NemesisStormrage-US152Not updated
75Böwnd Dawning NemesisStormrage-US146Not updated
76Kanarie Dawning NemesisStormrage-US145Not updated
77Icecoldcuda Dawning NemesisStormrage-US144Not updated
78Avelanie Dawning NemesisStormrage-US142Not updated
79Randpaul Dawning NemesisStormrage-US141Not updated
79Ðevilyn Dawning NemesisStormrage-US141Not updated
81Zòdò Dawning NemesisStormrage-US137Not updated
81Wülfa Dawning NemesisStormrage-US137Not updated
83Tyestian Dawning NemesisStormrage-US135Not updated
84Tokiko Dawning NemesisStormrage-US134Not updated
85Lykosword Dawning NemesisStormrage-US133Not updated
86Ashbizzle Dawning NemesisStormrage-US131Not updated
87Boomshika Dawning NemesisStormrage-US130Not updated
88Ferniss Dawning NemesisStormrage-US122Not updated
89Chévere Dawning NemesisStormrage-US121Not updated
90Conductor Dawning NemesisStormrage-US120Not updated
91Sonrís Dawning NemesisStormrage-US119Not updated
92Lazersight Dawning NemesisStormrage-US117Not updated
92Talak Dawning NemesisStormrage-US117Not updated
92Hateráde Dawning NemesisStormrage-US117Not updated
95Runandshoot Dawning NemesisStormrage-US114Not updated
95Rangeon Dawning NemesisStormrage-US114Not updated
95Feasible Dawning NemesisStormrage-US114Not updated
98Arshh Dawning NemesisStormrage-US112Not updated
98Redshadow Dawning NemesisStormrage-US112Not updated
100Dratear Dawning NemesisStormrage-US111Not updated

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