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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-US Unique Pets
1Puerile Deadly AssassinsStormrage-US611Not updated
2Ryken Southern ComfortStormrage-US609Not updated
3Spug Southern ComfortStormrage-US607Not updated
3Drrum Militis JusticaStormrage-US607Not updated
5Silken  Stormrage-US606Not updated
6Ataxus vodkaStormrage-US605Not updated
7Gemlore World TreeStormrage-US604Not updated
8Guåritore ViralStormrage-US603Not updated
8Galluccio The DynastyStormrage-US603Not updated
10Falconbc I N S A N EStormrage-US602Not updated
10Rankinstein CoreStormrage-US602Not updated
10Raazzor Organized ChaøsStormrage-US602Not updated
13Chibimage Before The FallStormrage-US601Not updated
13Xella  Stormrage-US601Not updated
13Mezmaron  Stormrage-US601Not updated
16Minnier EmpathyStormrage-US600Not updated
16Kalán IndulgenceStormrage-US600Not updated
16Tinky Southern ComfortStormrage-US600Not updated
16Rycos Southern ComfortStormrage-US600Not updated
20Ravnstorm WarcraftPetsStormrage-US599Not updated
21Jeguebauer DissonanceStormrage-US598Not updated
21Frozenhope The InfinitiesStormrage-US598Not updated
21Crazzii Dragon HawksStormrage-US598Not updated
21Roisen Riders of the ApocalypseStormrage-US598Not updated
21Zaenerys ObsessiveStormrage-US598Not updated
26Colaye DissonanceStormrage-US597Not updated
27Zarhunter OpponentStormrage-US596Not updated
27Bluberries OpponentStormrage-US596Not updated
27Badrach  Stormrage-US596Not updated
27Punnisherr Organized ChaøsStormrage-US596Not updated
31Røsz Elegant NightmaresStormrage-US595Not updated
31Aigern No Helmet RequiredStormrage-US595Not updated
31Wildseed Interesting PeopleStormrage-US595Not updated
34Karahan Exiles of LordaeronStormrage-US594Not updated
35Iiladyraven BloodlessStormrage-US593Not updated
35Fyreflyz Land of NymphosStormrage-US593Not updated
35Hannia The WatchersStormrage-US593Not updated
35Marvie ProgressionStormrage-US593Not updated
35Arthalt PandasStormrage-US593Not updated
35Tsetse PremeditatedStormrage-US593Not updated
35Ekans MelioraStormrage-US593Not updated
35Mistrezz  Stormrage-US593Not updated
35Maddigirl Crits and GigglesStormrage-US593Not updated
44Naviia OpponentStormrage-US592Not updated
44Dakotawar Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US592Not updated
44Nerria OpponentStormrage-US592Not updated
44Layaela StratificationStormrage-US592Not updated
44Serephem Eternal AfflictionStormrage-US592Not updated
49Tigersfûry War CouncilStormrage-US591Not updated
49Maxime Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US591Not updated
49Cavinalle  Stormrage-US591Not updated
49Starbride  Stormrage-US591Not updated
53Backfu Paradigm ShiftStormrage-US590Not updated
53Elannii Chaotic KlownsStormrage-US590Not updated
53Chaqi Knights of AlárStormrage-US590Not updated
53Prayermeetin Alpha and the OmegaStormrage-US590Not updated
53Keylogga LamentStormrage-US590Not updated
53Jiaya OpponentStormrage-US590Not updated
53Monkmanmili ProdigÿStormrage-US590Not updated
53Maylèn  Stormrage-US590Not updated
53Havalock Avatars ImmortalStormrage-US590Not updated
53Bzzkill Pixelated ChaosStormrage-US590Not updated
63Rostetche  Stormrage-US589Not updated
63Aspectofmag Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US589Not updated
63Guinevere Bombay SapphireStormrage-US589Not updated
63Henimaddy  Stormrage-US589Not updated
63Pinkcupcake MythicalStormrage-US589Not updated
63Caramía MythicalStormrage-US589Not updated
69Lirchy Death JestersStormrage-US588Not updated
69Sibenice Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US588Not updated
69Lorelai MythicalStormrage-US588Not updated
69Morriggs CerberusStormrage-US588Not updated
69Plp TirasStormrage-US588Not updated
69Dreadløcks UnyieldingStormrage-US588Not updated
69Nikai Angels of AzerothStormrage-US588Not updated
69Samolass ProgressionStormrage-US588Not updated
69Zeusie The CommonwealthStormrage-US588Not updated
78Shiyyaan Tabüla RasaStormrage-US587Not updated
78Xoutcojj Death JestersStormrage-US587Not updated
78Heapstack DissonanceStormrage-US587Not updated
78Alzado MelioraStormrage-US587Not updated
78Natima  Stormrage-US587Not updated
78Gnoless Shadow HunterzStormrage-US587Not updated
78Chilala Dawning NemesisStormrage-US587Not updated
78Dipzlol Death JestersStormrage-US587Not updated
78Speew No Life GamingStormrage-US587Not updated
87Kentonn Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US586Not updated
87Wermhat PremeditatedStormrage-US586Not updated
87Midgette MetroStormrage-US586Not updated
87Jentai CrossFireStormrage-US586Not updated
87Doomstarë SYMMETRYStormrage-US586Not updated
87Direclarese Dark Side of OpponentStormrage-US586Not updated
87Kantharjr Chaotic KlownsStormrage-US586Not updated
87Landuz Dark TrinityStormrage-US586Not updated
87Xahira Alpha and the OmegaStormrage-US586Not updated
87Shyyren ELITE SPAWNStormrage-US586Not updated
97Vivix ProgressionStormrage-US585Not updated
97Niamm LOTIONStormrage-US585Not updated
97Hillie  Stormrage-US585Not updated
97Starlyss EtërnalStormrage-US585Not updated

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