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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Spirestone-TW Unique Pets
1幻影無雙 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW599Not updated
2木頭兔兔 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW592Not updated
3筱薇 RevoltSpirestone-TW590Not updated
4玥芽兔兔 ElantrisSpirestone-TW586Not updated
5稚命喵 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW573Not updated
6Ahbi Over The TopSpirestone-TW568Not updated
6繁雷 光之羽翼Spirestone-TW568Not updated
8冰之心語 戰歌咆哮Spirestone-TW567Not updated
9風羽天穆 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW565Not updated
10血翼皇 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW564Not updated
11暮色凝華 湮滅神跡Spirestone-TW563Not updated
11部落宅急便 Free countrySpirestone-TW563Not updated
13蔡小贱  Spirestone-TW562Not updated
14塔爾斯 ElantrisSpirestone-TW560Not updated
15Ulysse ElantrisSpirestone-TW558Not updated
16風靈絮語 秘境旅團Spirestone-TW557Not updated
17武魄謙君 乂 鬥魂派 乂Spirestone-TW556Not updated
18Testaros  Spirestone-TW552Not updated
19灼焉 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW551Not updated
20黑巔之風 EternitySpirestone-TW549Not updated
21神塵 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW547Not updated
21娥眉 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW547Not updated
21關若櫻 惡魔的秘密Spirestone-TW547Not updated
21豺華 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW547Not updated
21羽根 光之羽翼Spirestone-TW547Not updated
21艾芸 水上煙霧Spirestone-TW547Not updated
27容嘉 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW545Not updated
28半打可樂 Orange parkSpirestone-TW544Not updated
28激空 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW544Not updated
30像瘋子 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW541Not updated
31暴力小術 惡魔的秘密Spirestone-TW540Not updated
31Gearbeasts 湮滅神跡Spirestone-TW540Not updated
33博斯的妖怪 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW537Not updated
33Calm The Requiem of RangersSpirestone-TW537Not updated
35小忍忍 Petit Salon de ThéSpirestone-TW536Not updated
35許記生煎包 無與倫比的自由Spirestone-TW536Not updated
37天寧 The Requiem of RangersSpirestone-TW535Not updated
37我摸過的松鼠 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW535Not updated
37Freyia 惡魔的秘密Spirestone-TW535Not updated
37熾影 惡魔的秘密Spirestone-TW535Not updated
37Rashnu 雪月工作室Spirestone-TW535Not updated
37燁兒 惡魔的秘密Spirestone-TW535Not updated
37Darkpeach Judgement of InsanitySpirestone-TW535Not updated
37澄羽 惡魔的秘密Spirestone-TW535Not updated
37米卡莎 雪月工作室Spirestone-TW535Not updated
46壹樓 ElantrisSpirestone-TW534Not updated
46基路亞祖迪 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW534Not updated
48夜空之希望 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW533Not updated
49莉婕 Eternal PeaceSpirestone-TW532Not updated
49漣漪青青 InsomniaSpirestone-TW532Not updated
49雪璐 惡魔的秘密Spirestone-TW532Not updated
52茉莉清兒 Turf CrowdSpirestone-TW531Not updated
52永遠的等待 AllianceSpirestone-TW531Not updated
54柱子叔 Turf CrowdSpirestone-TW530Not updated
54牛人德魯伊 死亡騎士團Spirestone-TW530Not updated
56阿肥牛 天幻Spirestone-TW529Not updated
56水蜻蜓 KGBSpirestone-TW529Not updated
56柚葉 惡魔的秘密Spirestone-TW529Not updated
59Soulessx AllianceSpirestone-TW528Not updated
60Davidroman Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW527Not updated
61踩不死的小強 Eternal PeaceSpirestone-TW526Not updated
61零度冰寒 武夫躍馬風雨為鞍Spirestone-TW526Not updated
61睡過頭 Eternal PeaceSpirestone-TW526Not updated
64魚曉默 Turf CrowdSpirestone-TW525Not updated
64亞迪斯月刃 青春之曉Spirestone-TW525Not updated
64素茉兒  Spirestone-TW525Not updated
67猛妞抱抱  Spirestone-TW524Not updated
67油子珠  Spirestone-TW524Not updated
69Hekate  Spirestone-TW523Not updated
69潔希林德  Spirestone-TW523Not updated
69保育人員  Spirestone-TW523Not updated
69醒不來  Spirestone-TW523Not updated
73星璇之翼 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW522Not updated
73可愛小阿姨 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW522Not updated
73牆角劃圈圈 Eternal PeaceSpirestone-TW522Not updated
76伍采克 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW521Not updated
76五月的鳳凰木 乂 鬥魂派 乂Spirestone-TW521Not updated
76Ponytail NoxSpirestone-TW521Not updated
79殘光 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW520Not updated
79歐密碼 惡魔的秘密Spirestone-TW520Not updated
79邀影伴月 InsomniaSpirestone-TW520Not updated
82鎂莉果 硬梆梆踹共酷辣部Spirestone-TW519Not updated
82緹歐 天幻Spirestone-TW519Not updated
84Broggen Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW518Not updated
84很有糞量的人 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW518Not updated
84谷川富郎 Petit Salon de ThéSpirestone-TW518Not updated
84東尼東尼 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW518Not updated
84丹生谷森夏 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW518Not updated
89小子在在 Against ALL AuthorizeSpirestone-TW517Not updated
89西莉卡 KGBSpirestone-TW517Not updated

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