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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Spinebreaker-EU Unique Pets
1Njamnjam Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU582Not updated
2Pandoman VooDoo ZoBoRSpinebreaker-EU576Not updated
3Lalle HomageSpinebreaker-EU567Not updated
4Arieen The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU564Not updated
5Torrture Team WastedSpinebreaker-EU558Not updated
6Buhaki The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU556Not updated
6Flappies AscensionSpinebreaker-EU556Not updated
8Donimo North LegionSpinebreaker-EU554Not updated
8Sxualhrsmnt  Spinebreaker-EU554Not updated
10Takitoku Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU542Not updated
11Sharda Spinebreaker UnitedSpinebreaker-EU540Not updated
12Nadesh AscensionSpinebreaker-EU534Not updated
13Rynanne LaldSpinebreaker-EU533Not updated
13Pljackas Laid BackSpinebreaker-EU533Not updated
15Vánhelsing HomageSpinebreaker-EU530Not updated
16Xcerety HomageSpinebreaker-EU529Not updated
16Nitrius World EclipseSpinebreaker-EU529Not updated
18Mooga Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU517Not updated
19Shash HomageSpinebreaker-EU516Not updated
19Goodtauren  Spinebreaker-EU516Not updated
21Zalost Death In EyesSpinebreaker-EU513Not updated
22Nicòl The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU512Not updated
23Zahidem AzotSpinebreaker-EU509Not updated
24Tikho Horde Royal GuardsSpinebreaker-EU508Not updated
25Emilith HomageSpinebreaker-EU507Not updated
26Taíga Cosmic CatsSpinebreaker-EU506Not updated
26Eiwia Cosmic CatsSpinebreaker-EU506Not updated
26Lohcca  Spinebreaker-EU506Not updated
29Yuhi RejectedSpinebreaker-EU502Not updated
30Fupss North LegionSpinebreaker-EU501Not updated
31Xyff  Spinebreaker-EU494Not updated
32Missmisty TigersillysSpinebreaker-EU492Not updated
33Drankeren Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU491Not updated
33Taniexx MadeSpinebreaker-EU491Not updated
35Rokker ONSLAUGHTSpinebreaker-EU489Not updated
36ßeeastie Tears of ßloodSpinebreaker-EU487Not updated
37Colthas The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU486Not updated
38Varkens IRISHPRIDESpinebreaker-EU485Not updated
38Bloodskull LaldSpinebreaker-EU485Not updated
38Tilduska FlakaciSpinebreaker-EU485Not updated
41Drakelordun LaldSpinebreaker-EU483Not updated
42Botoxbaby Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU479Not updated
42Daimler Final DestinationSpinebreaker-EU479Not updated
44Aoeadin Meatball of WarSpinebreaker-EU477Not updated
45Periklos HomageSpinebreaker-EU476Not updated
45Guzmann HomageSpinebreaker-EU476Not updated
45Rosebeauty The Eternal StruggleSpinebreaker-EU476Not updated
48Chokoballs HomageSpinebreaker-EU475Not updated
49Eviltiti Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU469Not updated
49Roguine Headless ChickensSpinebreaker-EU469Not updated
51Edwiina Fuzzy TentaclesSpinebreaker-EU468Not updated
51Svetakrava  Spinebreaker-EU468Not updated
53Astrayus Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU467Not updated
53Xelxgai TigersillysSpinebreaker-EU467Not updated
55Sorryhoney The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU465Not updated
56Zippli  Spinebreaker-EU463Not updated
57Devoon The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU461Not updated
57Xandér MonksOfPandariaSpinebreaker-EU461Not updated
57Manifold Lords of BaconSpinebreaker-EU461Not updated
60Sîouxsîe HomageSpinebreaker-EU459Not updated
60Joydivision HomageSpinebreaker-EU459Not updated
62Gridor Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU458Not updated
62Alvinaki GreenpeaceSpinebreaker-EU458Not updated
62Puppybrothel The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU458Not updated
65Jaram  Spinebreaker-EU457Not updated
66Lezì  Spinebreaker-EU456Not updated
67Nymphie Highwind LegacySpinebreaker-EU454Not updated
67Nyte De FactoSpinebreaker-EU454Not updated
67Andurin  Spinebreaker-EU454Not updated
70Drumark North LegionSpinebreaker-EU453Not updated
71Prakh Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU452Not updated
72Cowsdk  Spinebreaker-EU451Not updated
73Lorsan Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU450Not updated
74Slaughtaur LaldSpinebreaker-EU449Not updated
75Fizzleshock Not quite MVPSpinebreaker-EU448Not updated
76Sorciere The Rare HuntersSpinebreaker-EU443Not updated
77Taurentony Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU436Not updated
77Hienohelma SublimeSpinebreaker-EU436Not updated
79Lajle Lost GuardsSpinebreaker-EU434Not updated
79Makemydäy  Spinebreaker-EU434Not updated
81Decandion AscensionSpinebreaker-EU430Not updated
82Galrenien AscensionSpinebreaker-EU428Not updated
83Neimie Defenders of the WeakSpinebreaker-EU427Not updated
84Snowpoke TrashwipeSpinebreaker-EU425Not updated
85Dies Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU424Not updated
86Wox The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU423Not updated
87Milorg The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU421Not updated
88Dutchgirl Revenge Of The HordesSpinebreaker-EU419Not updated
89Psychotropic North LegionSpinebreaker-EU418Not updated
90Mossynoass IRISHPRIDESpinebreaker-EU416Not updated
91Blacklela Lost GuardsSpinebreaker-EU413Not updated
92Æthelstan The Hand Of ShadowSpinebreaker-EU408Not updated
92Zusjuh Shepherds of the HordeSpinebreaker-EU408Not updated
94Oopsiod Highwind LegacySpinebreaker-EU404Not updated
95Ninjaflake Tears of ßloodSpinebreaker-EU403Not updated
96Sulfurice S Z P A N O W N I ASpinebreaker-EU402Not updated
97Brinx North LegionSpinebreaker-EU401Not updated
98Krenon VooDoo ZoBoRSpinebreaker-EU394Not updated
99Ràfiki Nil Sine LaboreSpinebreaker-EU388Not updated
100Predátór HomageSpinebreaker-EU384Not updated

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