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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Smolderthorn-US Unique Pets
1Shyft RemorselessSmolderthorn-US596Not updated
2Seidhr Elemental DestructionSmolderthorn-US581Not updated
3Negativity NeglectSmolderthorn-US573Not updated
4Tamera AmplifiedSmolderthorn-US572Not updated
5Deathknïght MeatWadDeathSquadSmolderthorn-US571Not updated
6Tayka GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US565Not updated
6Brooklin GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US565Not updated
8Eirny Almost HeroesSmolderthorn-US562Not updated
9Flybynite MooPowerSmolderthorn-US561Not updated
10Deadtoni U n r e a lSmolderthorn-US560Not updated
10Runabi ShenanigansSmolderthorn-US560Not updated
12Tigerzfury  Smolderthorn-US559Not updated
12Swagnificent SeductionSmolderthorn-US559Not updated
14Poundz GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US558Not updated
15Bobobuttface Beware of SpoonSmolderthorn-US556Not updated
16Prettypoison ExecuteSmolderthorn-US555Not updated
17Sammira  Smolderthorn-US551Not updated
18Dragonsmoke Path to ExileSmolderthorn-US548Not updated
19Redthorns Mean KittiesSmolderthorn-US541Not updated
20Superturk Beware of SpoonSmolderthorn-US540Not updated
21Jarryd DreamfallSmolderthorn-US539Not updated
22Parrtz Dyeu DevorareSmolderthorn-US536Not updated
23Farmerjack Dyeu DevorareSmolderthorn-US535Not updated
24Machixe  Smolderthorn-US533Not updated
25Untapped The Knights Have RisenSmolderthorn-US529Not updated
26Wtfnow  Smolderthorn-US527Not updated
27Admire  Smolderthorn-US523Not updated
28Enduro GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US519Not updated
29Ský DreamfallSmolderthorn-US516Not updated
30Kälí DisHorderly ConductSmolderthorn-US515Not updated
31Bolen End of DaysSmolderthorn-US511Not updated
32Kyndriia The ImmortalSmolderthorn-US509Not updated
33Gnojoke  Smolderthorn-US507Not updated
33Aylaelizabet Guardian HeroesSmolderthorn-US507Not updated
33Kegnapper Twilight CrusadersSmolderthorn-US507Not updated
33Lít frostwolfclan noblesSmolderthorn-US507Not updated
37Ffion Courage and WisdomSmolderthorn-US506Not updated
37Boeingz DivinitySmolderthorn-US506Not updated
39Celésx GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US505Not updated
39Alesea SeductionSmolderthorn-US505Not updated
41Valkeria  Smolderthorn-US504Not updated
42Morginna Pallet TownSmolderthorn-US501Not updated
42Taliani The DisownedSmolderthorn-US501Not updated
44Blizzsucksdk quit typin start killinSmolderthorn-US500Not updated
45Simpeljack quit typin start killinSmolderthorn-US498Not updated
45Loveisevol I have candy in my vanSmolderthorn-US498Not updated
45Korom WrithenSmolderthorn-US498Not updated
48Whren The RedeemersSmolderthorn-US495Not updated
49Doug  Smolderthorn-US491Not updated
50Sunstriker NeglectSmolderthorn-US490Not updated
50Terryn SeductionSmolderthorn-US490Not updated
50Nalv Noggenfogger AddictionSmolderthorn-US490Not updated
53Brucexleeroy WrithenSmolderthorn-US489Not updated
54Katjira WrithenSmolderthorn-US488Not updated
55Cily DisHorderly ConductSmolderthorn-US486Not updated
56Tolee Guardian HeroesSmolderthorn-US484Not updated
57Zamacoyahuac  Smolderthorn-US482Not updated
58Wonkz GloryhogsSmolderthorn-US481Not updated
59Deathwalk RoninsSmolderthorn-US480Not updated
60Seloch ParadigmSmolderthorn-US479Not updated
61Redviper SmileSmolderthorn-US475Not updated
62Trappette VicariousSmolderthorn-US474Not updated
63Liaalian Guardian HeroesSmolderthorn-US472Not updated
63Smoky Shallow and PedanticSmolderthorn-US472Not updated
65Supernovae The StickyIckySmolderthorn-US471Not updated
66Vilatea RoninsSmolderthorn-US469Not updated
66Jharthanalis  Smolderthorn-US469Not updated
68Elecshock  Smolderthorn-US467Not updated
69Edumacation Ðark HørizønSmolderthorn-US466Not updated
70Teaganpresly Blue Oasis BuccaneersSmolderthorn-US460Not updated
71Deakonfrost Phantom LordsSmolderthorn-US459Not updated
71Dithemia Blue Oasis BuccaneersSmolderthorn-US459Not updated
73Jeniul Mean KittiesSmolderthorn-US455Not updated
73Zangis Factory of SadnessSmolderthorn-US455Not updated
75Nemamiah DisHorderly ConductSmolderthorn-US453Not updated
75Peebs  Smolderthorn-US453Not updated
77Chakrill I Wrestled A Bear OnceSmolderthorn-US451Not updated
78Buddist Darkmoon KingsSmolderthorn-US450Not updated
79Dithmia DysfunctíonalSmolderthorn-US449Not updated
80Praxidikai DisHorderly ConductSmolderthorn-US448Not updated
81Velidea BadtouchSmolderthorn-US446Not updated
82Beyta Dyeu DevorareSmolderthorn-US442Not updated
83Rokokoki ParadigmSmolderthorn-US441Not updated
84Skinn RoninsSmolderthorn-US440Not updated
85Fupah  Smolderthorn-US439Not updated
86Fantasmagori We R SoldiersSmolderthorn-US437Not updated
86Cuity The Knights Have RisenSmolderthorn-US437Not updated
88Barkalot Semper FíSmolderthorn-US432Not updated
88Adonria  Smolderthorn-US432Not updated
90Cvs  Smolderthorn-US431Not updated
91Grumnok  Smolderthorn-US430Not updated
92Knola SeductionSmolderthorn-US429Not updated
93Ardan SmileSmolderthorn-US427Not updated
93Shivã Cariosus AngelusSmolderthorn-US427Not updated
95Valric Unholy NemesisSmolderthorn-US426Not updated
95Blacqout Hat TrickSmolderthorn-US426Not updated

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