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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Silvermoon-EU Unique Pets
1Kindri Gorilla WarfareSilvermoon-EU613Not updated
2Donpanda After HoursSilvermoon-EU612Not updated
3Nir AnathemaSilvermoon-EU607Not updated
3Seira WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU607Not updated
5Mãna  Silvermoon-EU605Not updated
5Bauk WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU605Not updated
7Xieje  Silvermoon-EU603Not updated
8Milune ObsidianSilvermoon-EU602Not updated
9Frituureend DecadenceSilvermoon-EU601Not updated
10Holytemplar JudgeSilvermoon-EU600Not updated
10Xoduz ChaosSilvermoon-EU600Not updated
10Acidgurl Hellenic PantheonSilvermoon-EU600Not updated
10Mixine WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU600Not updated
10Minilog  Silvermoon-EU600Not updated
15Luckys DesireSilvermoon-EU599Not updated
16Ororo GenesisSilvermoon-EU597Not updated
16Shalira WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU597Not updated
18Sanabank ДоминантаSilvermoon-EU596Not updated
19Xanth AnathemaSilvermoon-EU595Not updated
19Myssila Mortal HeartsSilvermoon-EU595Not updated
21Swordstar InsightSilvermoon-EU594Not updated
21Snowtap WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU594Not updated
23Oréó WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU593Not updated
23Bladerush WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU593Not updated
23Satyricon GenesisSilvermoon-EU593Not updated
23Nexdominus AnathemaSilvermoon-EU593Not updated
23Jarania  Silvermoon-EU593Not updated
28Rosebud AshkandiSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Yanna Rift WalkersSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Christel Rift WalkersSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Aelwen Rift WalkersSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Chandra Rift WalkersSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Chantale Rift WalkersSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Caitlynn Rift WalkersSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Chayanne Rift WalkersSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Lillyanne Rift WalkersSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Thaya Rift WalkersSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Christabel Rift WalkersSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Amberlynn Rift WalkersSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Zoyà Avatars of WarSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Ashlynn WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Chrystalia  Silvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Rayanne Rift WalkersSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Ravynn Rift WalkersSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Lindrra ExtremitySilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Chrisanne Rift WalkersSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
28Tayanu WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU592Not updated
48Pawilicious Carpe NoctemSilvermoon-EU591Not updated
48Eniron Inner SanctumSilvermoon-EU591Not updated
48Tirsk Mad Dying SkillzSilvermoon-EU591Not updated
48Dronthar WarsongSilvermoon-EU591Not updated
52Venommag MalorumSilvermoon-EU590Not updated
52Messiass AtheniansSilvermoon-EU590Not updated
54Agitay After HoursSilvermoon-EU589Not updated
54Simone Gorilla WarfareSilvermoon-EU589Not updated
54Miranha GenesisSilvermoon-EU589Not updated
54Demonya ImpunitySilvermoon-EU589Not updated
54Nimay  Silvermoon-EU589Not updated
54Sheella WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU589Not updated
54Tinyhuntard MiserySilvermoon-EU589Not updated
54Ierissa Elite OrderSilvermoon-EU589Not updated
54Páinstorm Colour CrewSilvermoon-EU589Not updated
54Avrilla WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU589Not updated
54Dovey AshkandiSilvermoon-EU589Not updated
65Túlipa UltravioletSilvermoon-EU588Not updated
65Symbadeath WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU588Not updated
65Mysticfairy ParallelSilvermoon-EU588Not updated
65Palaneem Faded DreamsSilvermoon-EU588Not updated
65Scarlyz Delights and AngersSilvermoon-EU588Not updated
65Legionary  Silvermoon-EU588Not updated
71Electrolash SilenceSilvermoon-EU587Not updated
71Killerbrew Hellenic PantheonSilvermoon-EU587Not updated
71Zuhal WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU587Not updated
71Seccotine WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU587Not updated
71Magicienne WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU587Not updated
71Malfious DisplacementSilvermoon-EU587Not updated
71Torturok  Silvermoon-EU587Not updated
71Glyphmaster Silent SinsSilvermoon-EU587Not updated
79Krystaluni Keepers of the OathSilvermoon-EU586Not updated
79Armand Better Than LifeSilvermoon-EU586Not updated
79Gryf Wyrd AnglesSilvermoon-EU586Not updated
79Laayala Wipe scene InvestigationSilvermoon-EU586Not updated
79Diyiv EpidemicSilvermoon-EU586Not updated
79Tanaika OffspringSilvermoon-EU586Not updated
79Daeny SublimeSilvermoon-EU586Not updated
79Monozeros PulseSilvermoon-EU586Not updated
79Giogal  Silvermoon-EU586Not updated
88Bedlock Rome in a DaySilvermoon-EU585Not updated
88Glaswegian Flawless ImperfectionSilvermoon-EU585Not updated
88Shawnae Ashen EmpireSilvermoon-EU585Not updated
88Cataplexy EpidemicSilvermoon-EU585Not updated
88Mistraal GenesisSilvermoon-EU585Not updated
88Zaroch  Silvermoon-EU585Not updated
88Arjicore WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU585Not updated
95Arktikken GenesisSilvermoon-EU584Not updated
95Daarr dragon worldSilvermoon-EU584Not updated
95Plisky WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU584Not updated
95Laj jydekompanietSilvermoon-EU584Not updated
95Dimona ImpunitySilvermoon-EU584Not updated
95Shadowtail InsightSilvermoon-EU584Not updated

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