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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shattered Hand-EU Unique Pets
1Obey ChronicShattered Hand-EU602Not updated
2Yochi PostmortemShattered Hand-EU589Not updated
3Axtramage M O M OShattered Hand-EU584Not updated
4Pichoe  Shattered Hand-EU576Not updated
5Lilianna Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU573Not updated
5Originalmage D A W NShattered Hand-EU573Not updated
5Snotfacex Battle BaconsShattered Hand-EU573Not updated
8Eradícate ChronicShattered Hand-EU570Not updated
9Ikatti Reality DysfunctionShattered Hand-EU569Not updated
10Putrícíde Fury of the EliteShattered Hand-EU563Not updated
11Lillamor Midnight MadnessShattered Hand-EU562Not updated
12Missbehaven TURN DOWN FOR WAHTShattered Hand-EU561Not updated
12Fuzax  Shattered Hand-EU561Not updated
14Wárchief Ancient NationShattered Hand-EU560Not updated
15Larianna PostmortemShattered Hand-EU558Not updated
15Lillylolly PostmortemShattered Hand-EU558Not updated
15Satilda Ancient NationShattered Hand-EU558Not updated
18Mooherder Legalize TodayShattered Hand-EU556Not updated
18Shriva A s h e SShattered Hand-EU556Not updated
18Overdoze  Shattered Hand-EU556Not updated
21Anniestorm iCarryShattered Hand-EU555Not updated
21Veenana E V OShattered Hand-EU555Not updated
23Baagatoov IndefiniteShattered Hand-EU554Not updated
23Noytessa Ancient NationShattered Hand-EU554Not updated
25Hemera RepulsionShattered Hand-EU553Not updated
25Plagueis ExtaticShattered Hand-EU553Not updated
25Minmei TMNTShattered Hand-EU553Not updated
25Evilgit PostmortemShattered Hand-EU553Not updated
29Fasin  Shattered Hand-EU552Not updated
30Axtrahunterx Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU551Not updated
31Tidow No RegretsShattered Hand-EU549Not updated
31Dottish No RegretsShattered Hand-EU549Not updated
33Sharlek KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU548Not updated
33Panoramix  Shattered Hand-EU548Not updated
33Ventress J O U R N E YShattered Hand-EU548Not updated
33Lekar  Shattered Hand-EU548Not updated
37Jazzdàddy  Shattered Hand-EU547Not updated
37Chanya ShirvallahShattered Hand-EU547Not updated
37Anlea Middle Aged MadnessShattered Hand-EU547Not updated
40Spartxtrakia VictusShattered Hand-EU546Not updated
40Hazardous SPELShattered Hand-EU546Not updated
42Doel Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU545Not updated
42Igo E V OShattered Hand-EU545Not updated
42Zpel FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU545Not updated
45Whitewings Golden ArmyShattered Hand-EU544Not updated
45Rastòv VanguardShattered Hand-EU544Not updated
45Nímph UnlimitedShattered Hand-EU544Not updated
48Kucky  Shattered Hand-EU543Not updated
49Yleesha  Shattered Hand-EU542Not updated
50Erebus StormShattered Hand-EU541Not updated
51Zìhà Fan va kulShattered Hand-EU538Not updated
52Nicita KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU537Not updated
52Kazkak D A W NShattered Hand-EU537Not updated
54Lhina I need bankspaceShattered Hand-EU536Not updated
55Dödafaran PracticeShattered Hand-EU535Not updated
55Gnilyas Ring of FireShattered Hand-EU535Not updated
57Vain SPELShattered Hand-EU534Not updated
57Rintsuki The Secret CowlevelShattered Hand-EU534Not updated
57Hexikäs KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU534Not updated
60Aamenjr ProgressShattered Hand-EU533Not updated
60Wildstar Go ApeShattered Hand-EU533Not updated
60Dothack The Medusa CascadeShattered Hand-EU533Not updated
63Zòrdo Crimson Fellas UnitedShattered Hand-EU531Not updated
63Alícé Happy EndingsShattered Hand-EU531Not updated
65Jikziah FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU530Not updated
66Thaon KalmankaartiShattered Hand-EU525Not updated
67Epiceric D A W NShattered Hand-EU524Not updated
67Boogetty Order Of The HammerShattered Hand-EU524Not updated
67Narshe No LogicShattered Hand-EU524Not updated
70Razecog FatSharkYesShattered Hand-EU523Not updated
71Nattmannen The GuildShattered Hand-EU522Not updated
72Amiilo  Shattered Hand-EU521Not updated
73Meddk Fury of the EliteShattered Hand-EU519Not updated
74Froggzor Mickeys PlayhouseShattered Hand-EU518Not updated
75Mephilia The Azeroth KnightsShattered Hand-EU516Not updated
76Selesniya Original SinShattered Hand-EU514Not updated
77Kouzuki E V OShattered Hand-EU513Not updated
78Odibilis Titan LegacyShattered Hand-EU512Not updated
79Duba PracticeShattered Hand-EU509Not updated
79Sutka Propheta AbandonedShattered Hand-EU509Not updated
81Furial No LogicShattered Hand-EU508Not updated
82Sein Loco MotivesShattered Hand-EU507Not updated
83Bompibjørnen PracticeShattered Hand-EU506Not updated
84Balrim ShadeShattered Hand-EU505Not updated
85Spearcow Fist of Cute Fluffy RageShattered Hand-EU504Not updated
85Gorgosh Dark AlignmentShattered Hand-EU504Not updated
85Fusho Dark AlignmentShattered Hand-EU504Not updated

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